Tuesday, October 10, 2017

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL class makes trip to fire safety house

Fourth graders from Mrs. Westfall's class at Eureka Heights Elementary School visited the Taylor Fire Safety House this morning (October 10).

Chief Stephen Portis, Deputy Chief Stan Pochron and several other fire fighters were on hand. In addition, there were members of the Taylor CERT team, led by Blaine Honeycutt, the president of the Taylor School District.

The fire safety house offers a great hands-on approach to teaching fire safety, with an ability to pump harmless smoke into the building and give youngsters a real-life experience of what happens when a fire hits home.

The class also received some testing, a discussion and a question-and-answer session. After going through the entire program, the pupils understand what to do and when to do it should a fire occur.

This type of training saves lives. Once former school administrator, while visiting the safety house last year, remembered that a former student managed to save the life of a sibling after going through the program.

The fire department offers tours of the facility on a regular basis for school groups.

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