Friday, March 25, 2016

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL celebrates reading under the sea

The students at Myers Elementary School celebrated “March is Reading Month” with an under-the-sea theme.  Throughout the month students participated in many fun activities. Students set reading goals.  If they met their goals they were invited to play book bingo and earn some yummy treats.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Congrats to reading month winners

March came to an end in the McDowell Elementary School Library and everyone celebrated by handing out all the prizes have been getting raffle tickets for "March is Reading Month!"

Every time you brought back your book, you got one more prize ticket.

Here are our winners, and congratulations to all of them: Wyatt Tinklenberg, Liliana Casares, Bradley Looper, Austin Jenkins, Breanna Celsi, Aidan Cardinal, Ashlyn Mullen, Alexis Stephenson, Lainie Gardner, Christopher Fuller, and Darion Conley.


At McDowell Elementary School, Mrs. Mullin's group of second-grade readers got a bit of a scare after reading “That Bear Is Back.”

The story describes a boy's encounter with a bear in his bedroom.

Each of the students created a monster hiding in their bedroom then wrote about their scary creature. The monsters and stories are displayed in the school hall under the warning "Danger, do not open!"

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL seconder grader go crazy over gum, er. book!

A group of sassy McDowell Elementary School second graders read the Giggler story, “Crazy Chewing Gum” and went crazy over the book!

Each Student selected a gum-covered character to "turn into" and wrote about what happened to them. This group, with ATA Ms. Donna's help, had fun doing this activity.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL names student of the month

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY hides teachers in the showcase!

The Sixth Grade Academy's front showcase has been decorated in honor of “March is Reading Month.” The display has the staff hiding their face behind a book and students have to guess who it is. The students are having a great time trying to figure out who is behind each book.


Here are photographs out of Eureka Heights Elementary School's second- and third-grade spring concert.


Eureka Heights Elementary School held its Egg Hunt recently with families donating candy and eggs. The PTA filled and organized the egg hunt and the baskets were donated by St. Constance Church.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL celebrates reading month with motorcycle ride

Ms. Sweet was given a ride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle by Mr. Chuck in celebration of all of the Kinyon Elementary School children reading the “Mouse and the Motorcycle” for March is Reading Month!

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students learn about perseverance

Professional wrestler and candidate for state representative Terrance Gerin (Rhyno) came to talk to the students at Myers Elementary School recently about setting goals and working hard to achieve them. 

He talked to the students about perseverance and that even when you get knocked down, or fail at something, you just need to work harder and try again.