Saturday, March 22, 2014

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Class heads down the trustworthy path

In honor of “March is Reading Month,” Ms. Polidori's third-grade class at Kinyon Elementary School chose the Lifelong Guideline of Trustworthiness to decorate the hallway.  

They will read the book, "The Talking Eggs" by Robert D. San Souci.  The students decorated his or her own "talking egg" and explained how he or she is trustworthy.

PAES LAB: Students make visit to The Home Depot

On March 19 students in the PAES Lab visited The Home Depot in Allen Park to learn first hand about the types of jobs that might be available to them upon leaving high school. 

Thanks go to Krissy for coordinating this event and also to Allison and Tim for the tours and work activities.  

The student had a great time!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Working hard on reading skills

Here is one of Randall Elementary School’s amazing students working with Mrs. Prunty -- one of the amazing staff members.

They are working on reading skills. Randall has an awesome staff!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Little ones pick up computer skills

Mr. Kaunelis came to visit the kindergarten at Randall Elementary School this week. They worked at multiple computer skills including how to use Paint and a fun time was had by all.

Friday, March 21, 2014

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Everyone enjoys 'Clifford Day'

These images show boys and girls in Mrs. Long's room at Blair Moody Elementary School on "Clifford Day."  They enjoyed making Clifford hats and wearing them.

The best part of the day was listening to stories of Emily Elizabeth and her Big Red Dog, Clifford. They talked about care for our pets. They made a graph and voted on our favorite type of pet.

And Mrs. Watts brought in King Louie, her pet snake. They enjoyed learning all about him.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Dentists make a visit

The "Mobil Dentist" visited Randall Elementary School this week. All of our students are smiling pretty. The hygentists and dentists were wonderful, according to staff at the school.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Everyone's monkeying around!

McDowell Elementary School classes got caught monkeying around recently!

They love celebrating  "March is Reading Month." Mrs. VanDerworp's class had a great time making monkeys with their reading buddies to add to the fun of the Jungle Genre theme.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Rep. Geiss discusses Lansing role

To enhance the West Middle School Social Studies curriculum, State Rep. Douglas Geiss met with eighth-grade students to discuss his governmental role and important issues including funding for education.  

Students asked interesting questions that were answered in a straight-forward manner by Geiss.  They learned that the Taylor School District is receiving monies to assist in managing the old Inkster School District properties.  

In addition, Geiss explained his involvement in getting laws passed.  And conversely, the students now understand why the motorcycle helmet law was repealed.  

A big West “thank you” to Rep. Geiss for his time and support.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Native American visits, tells of a difficult life

Brian Moore, a Native American from Michigan, visited West Middle School recently to talk with eighth graders about his role and responsibilities for his tribe and the history of the tribes in the state.  

Part of the Ojibwa tribe from Mackinaw Island, he spoke about his experiences as a Native American growing up.  When settlers came to this country, Indian children were sent to boarding schools for generations, which made them lose much of their culture and taught them it was bad to be a Native American.  

This brought much shame to their people who turned to drugs and alcohol to cope.  When he was sent to the boarding school he was terrified and wanted to get out.  The men running it were Monks and wanted him to cut his hair.  Native Americans grow their hair as a symbol of respect for life and usually only cut it if there is a death of a loved one, representing the loss of life.   But these men knew that he was terrified of cut off his hair, as they did to many of these children.

He also related what he knows and remembers to what our students are studying in history and mentioned that Native Americans are the only ethnicity that have to carry a card to prove they are actually Native American.  

He now works in Detroit at the Indian Center Support Service helping other Native Americans better their lives.  It was a very interesting and engaging discussion and students asked a lot of great questions.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY: Get ready for a 'Red Carpet Night'

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Poster contest advertises book fair

Kinyon Elementary School is celebrating “March is Reading Month” in many ways. One is a poster contest sponsored by The Kinyon PTO to advertise for the book fair in April. Wonderful job Kinyon students!


Andy the Armadillo visited McDowell Elementary School recently.

The Texas Road House sent the pupils there a great visitor. The kids were thrilled to hear a story and were gifted with the book "Otis and the Puppy" for the whole school to enjoy.

Shown here is Ms. Bohenek's kindergarten pupils enjoying themselves.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Bands bring the house down!

On March 14, the Hoover Middle School Bands competed in the MSBOA District 12 Band Festival held at Dearborn Heights Riverside Middle School.  

The Hoover Varsity Band performed at 8 a.m. and the Hoover Concert Band performed at 2 p.m.  Bands performed three selections on stage and were rated by three separate musical judges.  Afterward each group was required to site read a selection which they had never played.  

They were given comments and a rating by the site-reading judge.  Both groups from Hoover were awarded the highest overall first division rating.  The Hoover Varsity Band received all First Division Ratings.  The Concert Band received all First Division Ratings and one Second Division rating.  

Many parents were in attendance, and Band Director Jim Bergler was extremely proud of both groups.  The Hoover bands will perform their musical selections at an upcoming concert on March 27 at the Hoover Gymnasium.  The concert will also feature many smaller ensembles, and the Hoover Jazz Band.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Classes get ready to see Kylie and Chloe!

Six classes from Holland Elementary School will be going on a field trip to the Village Theater in Canton on March 24 to see the play Peter Pan, Jr.

Two of Holland's very own students are in the play. Kylie Scarpace, a fifth-grader, plays the part(s) of Iridessa the Fairy and an Indian. Her sister, Chloe, a second-grader, plays Cubby the Lost Boy.

When asked what the best part of the show was, Chloe responded, "I get to wear a microphone."

Kylie thinks the audience will enjoy watching Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fly (literally). The production company, Forever After Productions of Canton, is well-known throughout the metropolitan area for producing phenomenal youth theater shows. They have contracted with ZFX Flying Effects to fly the main characters, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, John and Michael.

With a little faith, trust and pixie dust this will no doubt be another magical show!


Mrs. Westfall and Mrs. Misko's kindergarten dads at Eureka Heights Elementary School came in recently to enjoy a donut and reading time with their children.