Saturday, March 25, 2017

CHOPPING BLOCK winds down the month of March with some good eats

Don't forget that when you're hungry, it's time to check out the Chopping Box at the Taylor Career Center.

Here is March's calendar ... and Italian and Mexican are on the menu later this week!

SUPERINTENDENT SPEAKS of his own Boy Scout experiences during campaign launch

The Mahican District Boy Scouts of America held a meet and greet for Taylor Schools Supt. Ben Williams March 23 at the Lakes of Taylor Golf Course banquet facilities

The BSA has a goal of starting at least one new pack in each of the Taylor Schools this year.

Supt. Williams, a former Boy Scout, talked at length about the organization's importance in his life.

"Scouting taught me to be confident," he told the crowd of about 50, including Cub Scouts from Myers Elementary School. "I wasn't confident as a child, but getting involved in Boy Scouts changed that. And it taught me that if you don't succeed, you try again."

He told the crowd that his ties with BSA were also important because his family moved around so much.

"It gave me a set of friends, and we learned together," he said. "If I moved, I always had the Boy Scouts, and a new set of friends. I always had a network through scouting.

"Now that I'm in education, that's what I like about scouting -- the family piece. We like to promote that in our schools, and scouting promotes that in its organization."

Supt. Williams was one of several people to speak. He was introduced by Blaine Honeycutt, Board of Education president. Others attending from the Taylor Schools included Truman Principal Melissa Skopczynski, Blair Moody Principal Michelle Hernandez and and Myers Principal Tamara Jones-Jackson.

Justin Williams, COO of the Great Lakes Field Service Council of the BSA, pointed out that the group is serving 25,000 individuals in the tri-county area and is growing -- it's one of only 10 councils in the nation to earn a gold rating for 10 percent growth.

"We want to serve 100 percent of youth in our area," he said. "I know that's a lofty goal, but we're growing the program by 20 percent."

Aiding interest in the BSA are programs like "Exploring," which connects BSA members to possible career paths, and initiatives focusing on STEM programming.

Last year, the council had a record year for Eagle Scouts.

Representing the City of Taylor was Assessor Jerry Markey, a former Scout and now scoutmaster. His own son, Joshua, is an Eagle. Markey talked to the crowd about how simple projects like learning how to sell popcorn leave a lasting impression on youth, when it comes to leadership and credibility.

Anyone interested in scouting should call (313) 361-1269 or (313) 361-1284.

Also in attendance were Brownstown Township Clerk Brian Peters, Wayne County Commissioner Ray Basham, State Rep. Erika Geiss, Beacon Baptist Church's John Reilly, Wayne County Community College Downriver District President Anthony Arminiak and Jim Williams of the Southern Wayne County Chamber of Commerce

HEALTHY TAYLOR: Join the effort, and get the most out of yourself!

Are you paying attention to your eating habits? Are you doing what you can to stay healthy? Is the rest of your family? How about your students ... remember, they can't learn if they aren't eating correctly!

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REMEMBER THAT IT'S OK 2 SAY ... you can be someone's hero!

A hero doesn't necessarily have to wear a cape and tights.

Maybe a hero speaks up for what's right. Maybe that hero could be you. If you see or hear something that doesn't seem right, you can submit a confidential tip to OK2SAY.

OK2SAY allows anyone to confidentially report tips on criminal activities or potential harm directed at Michigan students, school employees, or schools.

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The most recent edition of the monthly Taylor Schools Alumni Association is online and its a good read.

Featured are Blaine Honeycutt, Kennedy High School graduate (1971) and now Board of Education president; Clair Wasil Conway (JFK); and Joan Cleveland Graham (Taylor Center).

Click on here and check it out


Ms. Danaj's kindergarten class at Kinyon Elementary School has their business up and running!

They have been busy making bookmarks, spirit necklaces and Kinyon snack mix to sell for $1 each.

All money raised will go to Muscular Dystrophy and the Taylor Animal Shelter.

Way to go kids!

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL classroom transform into Oz!

The Wizard of Oz has taken over Kinyon Elementary School and the ASD rooms have turned ordinary walls into a magical place!

ALVIN WHITED passes away at 85

Former Taylor School District employee Alvin Whited passed away last week. Mr. Whited was well known around the community, and in his prime, was one of the top amateur golfers in the State of Michigan.

To see his obituary, click here

FAMILY & COMMUNITY EXPO is scheduled March 30!

This year will mark the 15th year that Taylor has held its Family & Community Expo (formerly known as the Literacy Luau). It is scheduled for Thursday, March 30.  It will be held at Kennedy High School.  

The doors are open at 5:30 p.m. and it runs until 7:30.

The Enrichment Fair has changed over the years but the goal is the 
same: The schools want to connect the families of the district with resources available in the community.  At the same time they are taking the opportunity to showcase the schools and the resources students have while they attend the district.

Each of the Taylor School District schools is represented throughout the hallways at our exhibit tables.  Student music groups as well as student artists are highlighted as well.

At the Expo, each student will have the opportunity to visit the STEM Center, where they will be able to make an Arts & Scraps original creation and experiment building with Legos and Lego robotics.  

Also, students will receive a free non-fiction book to take home.

Parents will be able to have a free health screening from Beaumont Health Care Systems as well as connect with other community partners in Taylor.  

The event will have door prizes donated from local businesses: free movie tickets to Cinemark, a bowling part at Skore Lanes and tickets to the Henry Ford Museum, just to name a few.  

Free bagged dinners will be available to the first 400 people who attend.

DON'T FORGET TO TAKE the online lunch survey!

The Taylor School District is seeking parental feedback on its in-school lunch program.

Please click on and take this survey

The deadline to take the survey is March 31 -- so don't forget!


Mrs.Holstein's first graders at Randall Elementary School had fun on St Patrick's Day. Included was a scavenger hunt. The class read the clues and at the end found a treasure. Mrs. Holstein said her treasure is having awesome first grade students.


March is Reading Month, and State Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood recently read a book to Mrs. Long's class at the Johnson Early Childhood Center.

FIRST SUPERINTENDENT'S ROUNDTABLE discusses possibly merger of high schools

Supt. Ben Williams is joined by Truman High School Principal Melissa Skopczynski and Kennedy High School Principal Tommie Saylor. They discuss the pros and cons of a possible merger between the two high schools, which has been a topic of discussion in Taylor Schools' circles for some time.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL music program stands out

The Hoover Middle School Bands and Choir had an outstanding performance lat week. Great job by directors Jim Bergler and Rita Federle. They have done an outstanding job teaching young singers and musicians.

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL football players visit EMU

Seniors from the Truman High School varsity football program visited Eastern Michigan University recently. Some are interested in playing there. Pictured are James and John Fletcher, Jeremy Locklear, Christian DeGiulio, Myron Spencer, Terrance Norfolk and Raynard Curry.