Saturday, January 11, 2014

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Top 10 things during snow days!

McDowell Elementary School students much enjoyed their snow days off!

Here  is their Top 10 things that they did:

10. Television/reading
9. Visited relatives
8. Played in snow
7. Ice Skating
6. Made a snowman
5. Played all day
4. Drank hot cocoa and got comfy
3. Sledding
2. Slept in

And the No. 1 thing they liked the best...

1. Video/Computer games!


McDowell Elementary School recently had a unique Book Fair!

The school was pleased to host a Scholastic Book Shop for the students to buy presents for the whole family. There were books and gifts for all ages and everyone enjoyed it very much.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: More photos from the Winter Concert series

More photos from the Hoover Middle School winter concert series.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Bands steal the show!

The Hoover Middle School bands performed their annual Winter Concert on December 12.  

The Hoover Concert Band, Varsity Band and Jazz Band were featured.

Mr. Bergler invited Ms. Kim Williams, the new band director at Truman High School, to conduct the eighth grade concert band in one of their selections.  

The host of the concert was Mrs. Tocco, the principal of Hoover.  

The bands and choirs put on three concerts the next day and did an excellent job entertaining parents, teachers and students.

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL: DECA Club makes its mark at EMU

By Carly Lundgren-Barnard
Truman DECA Advisor

The Truman High School DECA Club competed at Eastern Michigan University recently and, despite having 21 days off school including the four days before competition, it had 79 students show up on Friday January 21 to compete.

The students were deprived of getting their normal preparation time in the classroom for almost a month and still came out strong at the competition. The club usually spends the week before competition working during lunches and having afterschool practices. With school being closed for the week before competition and then two weeks before that for Christmas break, the students were not as prepared as they could have been, but yet you would have never known.

They were all dressed in business professional attire and represented Truman proudly with their behavior.

Truman had 26 kids qualify for the state competition and brought home 38 medals. Below is a list of kids who qualified and won medals.

Special thanks to:
  • My husband Daniel Barnard
  • Truman staff: Marie (mom of Brittany, Keyonna and Derrick Daniels), Mary Rita Zalewski and Mike Weaver, for coming as chaperones and volunteering their time and expertise and judges
  • The Taylor transportation department for getting the group to Eastern on time in crazy weather with days off
  • The Truman administration for supporting our club and communicating with me, even on days off, about getting this organized and put together

Students that will move on to the state competition March 14-16 in Detroit are the following:
  • Autumn Carson
  • Caprice Gonzalez
  • John Jabro
  • Ronald Richardson Jr
  • Roderick Peterson
  • Kendarius Slaughter
  • jacquii Tilley
  • Sydney Tripp
  • William Long
  • Tiffany Zoyiopoulos
  • Ryan Mccllough
  • Megan Dupree
  • Tresean Johnson
  • Monik Shepherd
  • Bianca Warner
  • Emily Mullins
  • John Byrd
  • Amber Wright
  • Devin Edwards
  • Megan Johnson
  • Cherokee Arnold
  • Tiffany Zurawski
  • Massaddiq Muhammed
  • William Darby
  • Katrina Potter
  • Sierra Hines

Justin Littleton and Quinn Wurmlinger also medaled in their events.

Carly Lundgren-Barnard of Truman High School is a Marketing teacher and DECA advisor.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LITTLE SNOWFLAKE: A simple song for the little ones

Here's a fun one for the little ones .... 


The Taylor Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force's next meeting is Monday, January 13. It will be held from 10-11:30 a.m. at the Journey of Hope Church, 8900 Pardee, in Taylor.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Partnership for Success update (TVLA and WCCC follow up)
  • Media campaign against underage drinking, billboards
  • Downriver children's program
  • Celebration for Drug Free Taylor
  • Rx abuse update (pharmacy roundtable in the spring)
  • Tobacco, Hookah pens, police compliance checks
  • Synthetic drug update

Sunday, January 5, 2014

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: HOSA students continue tradition

The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) organization, along with the Health Science classes, collected donations of mittens/gloves for the students at Myers Elementary School.

They have been doing this for many years. The Health Science students wanted to do something for the students in their school district. They collected money from other students at the Career Center and from workers at the Board Office Annex.

Students also brought in donations of gloves and mittens. They are excited and proud to say that we were able to donate over 200 pairs of gloves to Myers Elementary School.

The HOSA students presented the gloves to the students at Myers Elementary weekly tribe meeting on December 16.