Saturday, April 12, 2014

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Good behavior is rewarded

The students at Myers Elementary School who were responsible, respectful and safe for the whole month were able to attend a PBiS Celebration recently.  

The students who attended participated in "Minute to Win It" activities such as stacking doughnuts and dice, as well as sorting activities.  All students had a great time participating and cheering on their classmates.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Students take trip to Motown!

The third graders at Myers Elementary School went on a tour to  the Motown Museum recently.  

Students were able to listen to popular Motown music and tour the very popular Studio A. They learned about the famous musicians who performed in Studio A, including some of their favorites: The Jackson 5, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Students share special visit with rest of peers

Holland Elementary School recently received a visit from a special friend.

Even though Mr. Stewart's fifth graders and Mrs. Silva's third graders earned a pizza party for collecting Little Caesar's pizza points, they were not selfish and shared their visit from Caesar with the entire school.

The halls were filled with squeals from students who could not believe he was wandering from room to room. The school appreciates all of the great things Little Caesar's does for the students.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Students welcome storyteller

Kinyon Elementary School students welcomed storyteller Ivory Williams recently. His positive message was delivered through stories and kept the children engaged. Fun was had by all.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Students have $4,200 worth of heart!

The students at Holland Elementary School take care of themselves, as well as others.

Recently they held a "Jump for Heart" event for the American Heart Association.  The students collected pledges from family and friends and then got started jumping. The students raised over $4,200 to go to this worthy organization and were so excited when the prizes were awarded for their efforts.

Here is a picture of the student with the highest amount of donations with her prizes. The students had a great time and can't wait to jump again next year!


Smile, you’re on Candid Camera … er, at least you are at Eureka Heights Elementary School!

It was spring picture day at the school on April 10.

TVLA: Literacy Luau marks a great success

The recent Literacy Luau was a night filled with fun, family, community and literacy for the Taylor Virtual Learning Academy family! 

The event was sparked from the start with wall-to-wall attendees. There was something for every age group and a showcase of what Taylor Schools has to offer was on display.

From the smell of buttery popcorn to the melodious sounds of the choir, this event was a major success. TVLA was able to give away plenty of fun prizes and books for children and adults to enjoy!

It was astonishing to see the many smiling faces stop at our table to play with our "bowl of fish" and answer questions related to literacy. This was a night to remember and we can only wait with anticipation for next year's literacy night!

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Students stand up, step up!

All students at Hoover Middle School had a presentation from their counselors about stepping up and standing up against bullying.  

The student then had the opportunity to create posters to be displayed around the school. Students pictured were the winners of the poster contest and received one of Hoover’s anti-bullying T-shirts with the logo of "Stand Up, Step Up."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY: Study of artists turns into 3-D artwork

Sixth Grade Academy students studied American artist David Smith recently.

Students then created three-dimensional sculptures by decorating paper with lines and patterns. The paper was then formed into tubes assembled into a "coreless" abstract sculpture.

SGA students under the direction of art teacher Ms. Malloy are able to express themselves through their projects.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Children do a great job in 'This and That Bread'

At McDowell Elementary School, they are asking themselves, “What goes into a performance?”

That's the question the students decided to find out. They performed "This and That Bread" and did a great job saying their lines, handling their props and keeping their audience interested.

And that audience was interested when everyone got a treat at the end of the performance!

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY: Special night takes Hollywood theme

VIRTUAL LEARNING ACADEMY: Students welcome Baker College official

The Taylor Virtual Learning Academy recently welcomed Baker College Vice President of Admissions Steve Peterson of the schoo’s Allen Park campus.

He enthusiastically discussed with Taylor Virtual Learning Academy students the strong points of positive decision-making and post-secondary education.

Mr. Peterson presented an array of factors that are paramount in choosing a career and a post secondary institution after graduation.

According to Michelle Calvillo, school social worker, "The presentation is part of TVLA's strategy to help enrich our students." TVLA plans to offer their students more opportunities to explore post secondary institutions in the future.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Visit has students seeing stars!

Mr. Tim Campbell and seven fellow Ford Amateur Astronomy Club members visited West Middle School on April 26.  

They brought eight telescopes of various sizes and magnification.  Over 300 eighth-grade students were able to view the sun, including sunspots and solar flares, the moon, craters and the planet Venus. One member of the club showed the students actual meteorites.  

This was a wonderful extension of the science curriculum.  Positive feedback was received from all.   The students were very appreciative of this exceptional opportunity.  Members of the astronomy club complimented our students on their wonderful behavior and interesting questions.  The dialogue between astronomy club members and students was engaging and thought provoking.

Monday, April 7, 2014

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: NJHS takes center stage

Attached are pictures for the National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony at Hoover Middle School on Thursday, April 3.  

There were about 80 seventh- and eighth-grade students inducted. All students have to maintain a 3.5 grade point average as well as have excellent citizenship for at least two consecutive trimesters.  

There were also 15 eighth-grade students receiving their two-year medal.  The students read the NJHS pledge and lit candles to represent the foundation of NJHS.  

Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Kenzie are the NJHS teacher represenitives that organized the entire evening. After the ceremony, families enjoyed a cake and punch reception.  

"It was a proud evening for all involved," said Hoover Principal  Michelle Tocco.

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