Saturday, October 15, 2016

Q&A: Taylor School District School Improvement Bond

This is one of many questions concerning the Taylor School District School Improvement Bond, which will appear on the November ballot. The proposal is for 0.96 mills annually for five years, beginning this school year.

What are the specifics of the bond?

The proposal on the November 8 ballot targeted 0.96 mills for very specific reasons. The district, working in conjunction with Mayor Rick Sollars and the City of Taylor, took the opportunity to ask voters to consider a school improvement bond with a rate of 0.96 mills. 

This rate was chosen specifically to match an expired city of Taylor millage levy to ensure that this school improvement bond, if approved, would have a net zero impact on residents' tax bills. 

The former 20-year bond levy, which expired in August 2015, targeted purchase and renovation of large sites in the southwest corner of the community.

Funds from this school bond, if approved, would generate approximately $1.19 million per year for the next five years. 

These funds are specifically targeted to support the purchase of new school buses, repair and upgrade school buildings, and purchase instructional technology.

Q&A: Taylor School District School Improvement Bond

This is one of many questions concerning the Taylor School District School Improvement Bond, which will appear on the November ballot. The proposal is for 0.96 mills annually for five years, beginning this school year.

Why is the Taylor School District looking to pass a school improvement bond?

For three reasons:

  • A recent study concluded that district across Wayne County have been significantly underfunded by the state in recent years
  • Despite efforts to reduce costs, districts are facing ongoing budgetary challenges to provide core educational progress
  • The Taylor Board of Education voters to put the bond on the ballot this year to help ensure educational opportunities remain available to student as they prepare for the jobs of the future.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL singers perform at board meeting

Instructor David Martin and the West Middle School Cardinal singers treated the Board of Education to a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem to meeting last week.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL news crew goes live from board meeting

Teacher Erin Sutphen and the McDowell Elementary School Bulldog news crew featured a “live broadcast” at the Board of Education meeting last week.

It included a weather update, a student health tip, student news and positive behavior supports rewards.

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL teachers, secretary are honored

The Board of Education recently honored Eureka Heights Elementary School teachers Missy Misko, Marie Sizemore, and Cheryl Cunningham, and building secretary Ashley Ross, for their outstanding commitment to ensuring all students safely got home at the end of the day. Principal Stacie Hall nominated them for going above and beyond their duties to ensure a student in distress found her way home safely after a difficult day.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL celebrates campaign with Pink Out Day

On Friday at Hoover Middle School, it was “PINK OUT” Day in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out the photos.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


On September 26, Mrs. Vanderworp's third-grade class at McDowell Elementary School went on a field trip to the wonderful Taylor Community Library.

It it so close to school that the group got to walk there. Ms. Julie, the children's librarian, read a funny book, “Once upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude,” by Kevin O'Malley. the visit also included a puppet show, reading books, decorating book marks, puzzles and a scavenger hunt.

According to student reporters Antwan Brewer, Marquez McAdoo, Mia Jasso and Rylee Stephenson, the library, a free quiet place to read, is an awesome field trip!


What do you know about mummies?  

Ms. Hutchison's first and second grade readers at McDowell Elementary School have learned a tombful about them! Using non-fiction books and Dynamath news, students researched interesting mummy facts.  Students then created webs containing facts that they found almost unbelievable!  

Can you believe the brain and organs are removed from the body then the body is left in the desert to dry out before it is wrapped?

Strange huh?  

To culminate their mummy studies, students turned each other and Ms. Hutchison into living mummies!

Now that's a wrap!

TVLA HOLDS successful open house and parent event

Thank you to all the parents and students who attended the Open House and Parent Event at TVLA on October 5.  The program is only as successful as its students and its students showed up with enthusiasm last week. 

The TVLA is proud to announce that 185 students attended the open house and 132 parents joined in for the parent event.

It also had 11 community partners there to help up kick off the 2016-17 school year with community awareness, outreach programs and continuing education opportunities available for the students and parents.

Thanks for the involvement of so many local area services: Michigan Works Youth Program, DHHS Foster Care Education, Wayne Metro, Taylor Teen Health Center, Memory Keepers Photography and U.S. Army.  

Also, in partnership with Beaumont Hospital Teen Health Center, the TVLA was able to successfully fill a very beneficial healthy "Cooking Matters" class for parents of TVLA students. 

Wayne State University, Baker College, Henry Ford College and Wayne County Community College District were also on hand to answer questions, helps students with enrollment opportunities, give advice and assistance with applications.

This year's open house was extremely successful because of the extra effort from the new Student Council.  They were able to raise money for TVLA student events with baked goods and their TVLA swag sale.

The Student Council also planned community outreach opportunities, including a Food Drive and Clothing Drive for Taylor Community Families. Additional money was also raised for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students are tied in knots

Adventure Learning Students at West Middle School worked on using their Life Skills during the Human Knot activity on Monday, October 10.  Students showed great perseverance, cooperation and patience as they tried to untangle their group from the "knot.”

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL learns about bats through books

Ms. Bochenek's kindergarten class at McDowell Elementary School has fun learning about bats through books and games!