Sunday, April 28, 2019


It was so great having Dr. Ford and Toni from the STEP UP program Taylor High School recently, according to the DECA marketing group.

STEP UP gave a wonderful, engaging, powerful presentation about opportunities for our students to attend program this summer for free.

Attached are YouTube links for our students who gave speeches. The presentation was given to B.E.L.I.E.F academy students, senior seminar students and future entrepreneurs.

The students have until May 20 to apply online if they are interested in attending the program. I want to thank them so much for coming in. And I want to thank the teachers who brought their classes.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL DECA group says thanks to Advantage One

A big “thank you” to Advantage One Credit Union for recently visiting Taylor High School and bringing snacks for the students, pencils and great resources.

After our marketing and business students finished up the week long online finance interactive curriculum they got to meet bank employees to ask questions about credit, loans, accounts, savings, budgets, and more. They also got to hear about careers in marketing, public relations, and banking industry. 

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL: Upcoming events

Upcoming Events at Taylor High School:

April 30 - Band Drum Line Tryouts 4-5:30 p.m. in the Band Room
May 3 Downriver League Top Ten Breakfast Crystal Gardens @ 8 a.m.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL kindness campaign comes to forefront

The Students Leading Students organization at Taylor High School put on a kindness week. It revolved around daily acts to remind students to be kind and that they are appreciated Wednesday, April 25, students were welcomed at their lockers with a special note of support and positivity!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL welcomes Fur Angels

Mrs. Kluk and the Taylor High School Griffin pantry students welcomed an Easter visitor for the Fur Angels as well as got Prom dresses organized for upcoming season.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL student artwork displayed at library

On April 17 a display of Taylor High School student artwork was held at the Taylor Community Library. It was a wonderful opportunity to show off the talent of the Taylor Griffins.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL teachers win giveaway

Congratulations to Taylor High School’s Mrs. Lewandowski and Mrs. Otter on winning the Meemic Mace Agency Easter Teacher giveaway!

REMINDER: Monday is last chance at prom tickets!

Taylor High School Class Of 2019 reminder: Monday is the absolute last day to buy prom tickets. No exceptions! Let’s go everyone, it's going to be fun!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL choir rocks the Little Theater

The Taylor High School Choir hosted its first Solo Concert last week. Included were 30 performers and tickets were sold to 200 students. It was held in the Little Theater. The audience cheered constantly and sang with the soloists during choruses they knew. It was a great bonding experience for the high school community, and it helped our choir students grow as musicians.

Submitted by Renee Manhard

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students conduct tests

Mrs. Proudlock‘s and Mrs. Schulte’s classes at West Middle School reviewed the physical and chemical properties of certain materials. These materials included aluminum, carbon, copper, glass, granite, wood, limestone, Formica, plastic and tile.

With the assistance of Mrs. Bochenek, tests were conducted to determine the physical or chemical properties of the materials. 

The tests included color, light transmission, luster, texture, flexibility, hardness, reactivity to hydrochloric acid and flammability. This lesson stressed teamwork and making scientific evaluations based on provided reference materials. 

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL artists turn to monochromatic work

Mrs. Meier’s art students at West Middle School were inspired from pictures viewed on an Internet search of monochromatic painting. 

Monochromatic painting is when only one basic color is used. But white, black or gray can be added to this basic color to make a variety of shades of that basic color.

Tempera paint was used in this lesson. I’m sure you will agree, the students’ pictures were of prize-winning quality!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils wowed by Olive Garden

Mrs. Farago's second-grade class at McDowell Elementary School got to celebrate by enjoying a delicious feast from Olive Garden. They were the leader in raising money for Pennies for Patients. Thanks so much to Olive Garden and to all the wonderful families who made it possible to contribute to this worthy cause. 

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL students surprise teachers

Some Hoover Middle School Hawks made sure that staff members had an "Eggsalent" Easter break.   They tricked the educators by egging them unexpectedly with a hollow egg filled with colorful confetti.  

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL artists continue to display items

The hits they just keep on coming at West Middle School. Mrs. Meier’s art classes have done it again.

They continue to produce amazing works of art. In a lesson on chalk drawing, students first looked at pictures in various magazines, including National Geographic for inspiration. 

After students picked their subject matter, they drew their pictures freehand. Finally, with chalk as the medium, they completed their drawings, giving both light and depth to their artistic endeavors.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL artists inspired by still life images

West Middle School’s very own amazing art teacher, Mrs. Meier, inspired her art classes to try their hand at drawing still life images. Using a variety of glass objects, students drew what they saw using a white crayon or white pencil on black paper. The contrast was stunning.

Submitted by Sara Bochenek 

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL classes take final trip to metro parks

In March Mrs. Schulte’s seventh grade classes along with Mrs. Bochenek from West Middle School, took their third and final trip to Indian Springs Metro Park in White Lake Township. 

The purpose of the trip was to continue to collect data to complete the students’ science inquiries. Soil and air temperatures were taken as well as light intensity, humidity and wind speed. Some groups took water samples, while other groups took soil samples. In addition, groups also saw fish, birds, galls, turtles, frogs and a variety of wildflowers. 

On May 3, Indian Springs Metropark naturalists will return to the school to instruct Mrs. Shulte’s seventh grade students on how to analyze their data and present their findings on a science board. Official presentations will take place later in May. 

Submitted by Sara Bochenek 

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL reading campaign nets great work

These students are in Ms. Worth’s fourth-grade class at Kinyon Elementary School. During March is Reading Month, the students were required to select a biography book, read it and design a Biography Bottle based on the person they read about. They also had to give an oral report to their classmates. They all did an amazing job!

Submitted by Rebecca Worth


Myers Elementary School sent students to Camp Michindoh in Hillsdale on April 22.

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL chorus woes board meeting

A huge “thank you” to the Blair Moody Elementary School chorus students. During the Board of Education meeting, the chorus sang three songs in honor of Earth Day and sounded amazing! Thanks to music teacher, Leslie Burnett, for helping guide our elementary music students.