Saturday, February 11, 2017

SKOPE'S SCOOP: Video newsletter from office of the Truman High School principal

Melissa Skopczynski's latest video newsletter highlights National Honor Society inductions for Truman High School.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL newsletter is published


It was recently “Hat Day” for a cause at McDowell Elementary School!


Too cold to go outside, but that’s no problem! Here is Mrs. Alef's fourth-grade class at McDowell Elementary School having a good time indoors!

KEEPING YOUR CHILD SAFE is topic of informational website

Parents should always be looking for the best information on how to keep their child safe.

Here is a great resource, the ALCS Medical Training website, that compiles all kinds of tips and information on ways to keep our children safe in many different life situations.

ONLINE NEWSLETTERS publish timely and informative topics

Parents, remember that a number of online newsletters are available on the Taylor Schools' website. They include Home & School Connection, Nutrition Nuggets, Middle Years, High School Years and Teen Fun & Food.

Some of the January highlights from these newsletters include topics like getting motivated to learn; kids and cooking equals fun; projecting success; studying with a goal; and the lowdown on fast food.

All of the newsletters are available by clicking here

GETTING INVOLVED: Here's some tips on how parents can get involved with their children's education

The Taylor School District’s website at is one of the most informative places to go when it comes to educational information. For instance, how can you as a parent be more involved in your child's education? It's not hard as you think!

Many of the traditional avenues of parent involvement - attending parent-teacher conferences, volunteering in the classroom and getting involved with the PTA - are wonderful activities that will make a lasting difference in your child's educational experience while increasing the quality of the school. But there are simpler things that parents can do in the course of day-to-day life that can also have a great impact on their children's academic success. 

Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Let your child know that school is important. Be sure to ask questions about school and homework, and set up a quiet place for your child to work.
  • Read everything that is sent home from school - report cards, homework assignments, school lunch plans, vacation and bus schedules. Show your child that you are well informed.
  • Encourage your child to read at home. Set a good example by choosing to read instead of watching a TV program.
  • Explore ways to interact with your child by sharing facts, perceptions and opinions related to things you are reading.
  • Challenge your child to read the book before seeing the movie based on the book.
  • When your child asks for help with homework, provide guidance, not answers. It's not your job to know your child's classroom material. You can help best by asking questions, giving encouragement, and having your child review class notes, previous homework and completed tests. You can always call or write a note to the teacher if your child is struggling.
  • Learn to ask questions and share thoughts that promote critical thinking. Some good questions might be: "What is the purpose of that?" "Why did that happen?" "What do you think the solution might be"? "Is there another way to look at that problem or issue?"

Be willing to learn from your child, and express your appreciation for the gift of his or her knowledge and enthusiasm.

Friday, February 10, 2017

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL student of the month is Hailey Baughman!


Nelson’s Wildlife Safari recently made a stop at the Johnson Early Childhood Center. The children received a hands-on experience while learning about the animal's habitats and dietary needs.

The Wildlife Safari Company started in the early 90s with a mission being to develop exciting hands-on, natural science programs that perfectly combine education and entertainment. Over the years it has worked hard to promote the concept of safe, fun, and positive interactions with living creatures.

JOHNSON EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER rolls 'em straight and steady

Johnson Early Childhood Center children had quite the time when they recently went bowling.

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils enjoy drug free program

Eureka Heights Elementary School students enjoyed recognition at the “Drug Free Banner” breakfast.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Take Two on the animals!

A giant guinea pig, lynx and an alligator named Al Green came to visit the Kinyon Elementary School kids, too!

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Bring on the wild animals!

Groundhogs, skunks, and giant owls ... oh my! These animals came to visit Kinyon Elementary School recently. It was so cool!


Eureka Heights Elementary School students had fun at their “Constitution Assembly” led by Doug Shear. Doug involved the chilodren in the skits and the pupils learned a great deal.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL gets a foot, er shoe, up!

Kinyon Elementary School kindergarteners were graphing with their shoes recently!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL NJHS students enjoy trip to DNR Adventure Center

On February 3, the students from the National Junior Honor Society at West Middle School took a field trip to the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center, located in Detroit.

At the center, the students attended a class on rocks and minerals. Our guide, Natalie, explained that igneous rocks were formed in the western part of the Upper Peninsula. This is because billions of years ago the area had a lot of volcanic activity.

An ocean covered the Downriver region millions of years ago. Therefore, our area has many types of sedimentary rocks including sandstone, limestone and halite, commonly known as rock salt.

After our class, students were able to explore the rest of the center. They climbed a tree, went in a boat and an airplane, rode a bike and a snowmobile, and walked under a waterfall. Lunch was served at Pizza Papalis in Taylor, where students were able to share their experiences with one another.
This field trip was very entertaining and informative. The staff at West would like to thank the National Junior Honor Society students that attended. Their behavior was excellent and they represented West Middle School proudly! West has an amazing student body who are dedicated to learn and expand their horizons. This field trip did just that!

CAREER & TECH CENTER: First Annual Career and College Day Open House

By Jacqueline Lancina
Principal, Taylor Career & Technical Center

Taylor Virtual Learning Academy along with the Taylor Career & Technical Center hosted their first annual Career and College Day Open House in January.  The following colleges and or representatives attended the event: 
  • Air Force
  • Army National Guard
  • Aveda
  • Baker College
  • Henry Ford College
  • Marines
  • Monroe Community College (Auto Tech., Construction Mgt., & Welding)
  • MIAT School of Aviation
  • Navy
  • Northwestern Tech.
  • Oakland University (Culinary Arts)
  • Specs Howard

We had over 200 students attend the three-hour event.  Students were asking questions and gathering information about possible future careers.  After the event, several of the presenters commented on what engaging dialogue they had with the students.  

This will definitely be an annual event based on the response from our students as well as our presenters.  The event was organized by TVLA and Career Center Counselor, Mr. Michael Harris.  Thank you Mr. Harris for the tremendous job you did on organizing such an awesome event.