Saturday, January 20, 2018

JANUARY 25 MARKS parent-teacher conferences at the high schools

Remember, there is no school for high school students in the afternoon on Thursday, January 25. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for that day, so if your child attends Kennedy or Truman high school, make sure to take the time and visit his or her school, and talk to his teachers and other staff members.

JANUARY 24 MARKS parent-teacher conferences for grades sixth through eighth

Remember, there is no school for grades sixth through eighth in the afternoon on Wednesday, January 24. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for that day, so if your child is in sixth, seventh or eighth grade, make sure to take the time and visit his or her school, and talk to his teachers and other staff members.


The next Board of Education meeting begins at 6 p.m. January 22, at the Taylor School District central administration building on Northline Road,

The Board of Education members are President Debbie Stellini, Vice President Ron Miller, Secretary Jamie McCoy, Treasurer Pam Lakatos and Trustees Blaine Honeycutt, Doug Meyers and Tom Zorn.

MERGER PAGE offers informational updates

After a few years of weighing the pros and cons of merging the two high schools into one, the decision to close Kennedy High School and combine Kennedy and Truman students and staff into the Truman High School building has been made. 

The new high school will be named Taylor High School, will be called the Griffins and will wear black and gold. The new school will be located in the old Truman High School building, beginning in the fall.

The next steps of this project are of utmost importance and will involve the feedback of many groups within our school community.   

Keep up with the information by clicking on the special TSD district community page, which includes students, teachers and staff, parents, and Taylor residents, up-to-date on all that is happening with the high school merger.

TAYLOR SCHOOLS STRATEGIC SURVEY: Don't forget to fill one out

Don't forget to fill out the Taylor School District's Strategic Survey.

The survey will only take about 10 minutes to complete, and will aid the district in taking directions in the future.

Click here

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL fundraiser scheduled Jan. 25

Don't forget the Pottery4Pantry fundraiser at Truman High School this week.

Soup will be served in a pottery cup made by Taylor students, all for the benefit of Truman High School's art programs and pantry programs to feed hungry students.

The event is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Truman Media Center.

Cost is $6 for adults; $3 for students; and $1 for children under 5.

Takeout available. Cash only.

BANK OF AMERICA seeks interested students for program

Some of the “top” youth leaders in the region are being sought to join the Bank of America Student Leaders program.

According to a release, the program is part of Bank of America’s ongoing commitment to recognize youth who lead and serve in their own communities and beyond, connecting young people with the tools and resources that will help them make communities better. The program annually awards paid internships to high school juniors and seniors at a local nonprofit organization and participation in a national leadership summit in Washington D.C.

The application for the 2018 Student Leaders program is open until Feb. 2. It is open to high school juniors and seniors in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties.

“The Student Leaders program can be a pathway to success through meaningful and relevant experiences,” said Matt Elliott, Michigan Market President for Bank of America. “To advance economic mobility we need to develop a more diverse and inclusive society. Year after year, Student Leaders proves it can be done.”

TRUMAN DECA PRESIDENT once again published in DECA Direct

From Carly Lundgren-Barnard

DADDY-DAUGHTER DANCE tickets on sale

Some of the City of Taylor's hottest tickets -- the annual Daddy Daughter Dance -- are on sale now online and at the Taylor Recreation Center, 22805 Goddard Road. 

There will be two dances: 4-6 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. on Saturday, February 10. The dances will be held at the William Ford Senior Activities Center, 6750 Troy.

To purchase online (additional fees will apply):

Ticket price is $30 a couple ($5 fee per additional daughter).

Remember, this is a very popular event and seating is limited. 

Absolutely no tickets will be available at the door.

SCHOOL GROUPS welcome to attend 2018 State of the City

The Rotary Club of Taylor, City of Taylor and Wayne County Community College District's Downriver Campus will present the 2018 State of the City with Mayor Rick Sollars on February 15. Admission is free and the program begins at noon.

School groups are welcome to attend – especially high school or middle school groups. Call (888) 640-5454 to reserve space.

This year's SOC will be held for the first time in the beautiful Heinz Prechter Educational & Performing Arts Center on the WCCCD campus, 21000 Northline Road.

The annual program benefits charities each year, and this year is no different. Proceeds will be distributed to the Taylor Goodfellows, which restarted late last year, and the 23rd District Court's Goodwill Gardens program at Heritage Park.

The Goodfellows annual mission is to make sure every child has a Christmas. After the Taylor Goodfellows disbanded several years ago, it was rekindled in 2017 and had a successful holiday season. The Goodwill Gardens program is a community effort, created by Judge Geno Salomone and the district court, and actively grows produce in "community" fashion and donates it to the Downriver Fish & Loaves Food Pantry, which serves communities across the Downriver region, including Taylor.

Past recipients of the SOC's charity focus have included such organizations as Taylor School Robotics, Taylor Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence, Fish & Loaves and Penrickton Center for Blind Children.

Prior to Mayor Sollars' keynote speech, the Rotary Club of Taylor will award a Paul Harris Fellowship Award to a pair of to-be-announced honorees. Last year, Greg Bzura of the Junior League World Series and Thom Ouellette of the Taylor Farmer's Market were the deserving award winners of one of Rotary's most prestigious honors. Past award winners included Randy and Elaine Fritz of Fritz Enterprises and Huron Valley Steel; Sam Simone of Atlas Oil; Joy Squire of Taylor Dance; and the late artist Leo Kuschel.

This will be Mayor Sollars' fifth address. His administration and the Rotary Club of Taylor have reinvigorated the state of the city program, returning it to its annual format and adding the charitable arm and the Paul Harris Fellowships to the program.

The Rotary is also inviting 501(c)3 clubs and organizations to offer displays in the concourse area or adjacent rooms. Interested clubs and organizations can call (888) 640-5454 for more information or fill out this application and email it to


It was a "yummy in your tummy" type of day today in Mrs. Alef's fourth/fifth classroom at McDowell Elementary School. The weekly raffle tickets were pulled and these students were all winners for good work and good behavior! Mrs. Alef makes learning meaningful, fun AND delicious!

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students try to ID rocks

A West Middle School eighth-grade science objective is to be able to identify types of rocks. In order to give students practical hands-on learning experiences, a special rock lab was designed and presented to Mrs. Pasek-Colley's and Mrs. Gibson's eighth-grade science students.

In the lab, students were put into cooperative groups of four or five. Each group circulated around six lab stations. At each station students were given a resource guidebook, a magnifying glass and a rock sample.  Using the guidebook and magnifying glass, the students examined the rock sample.

The students discussed what type of rock they believed their sample was:  sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. After making a decision, a detailed report was filled out listing where the rock might be found, its mineral composition and its texture, shape and colors.
This activity was very successful. Students were engaged, practiced using reference guides and collaborated with their peers in a constructive manner. Sharing information, comparing and questioning were just as important in this lesson as identifying the rock type.
It is the goal of West Middle School that all students should improve their higher order thinking skills. This lesson certainly allowed the students to practice doing just that.

Submitted by Sara Bochenek

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students hear from noted author

West Middle School seventh graders are learning to be good stewards of the earth.

Several lessons, labs and activities this year have been devoted to educating students about the need to protect the land, air and water. The speaker on January 18 also delivered this message of conservation and protection.

Mrs. Carol Trembath, an author, librarian and teacher, spoke to students about her journey as an author. Her books, Water Walkers and Stepping Stones, tell the story of the important role Native Americans play in bringing the message of protection and conservation of the Great Lakes to the world.
Mrs. Trembath told the students that European stories tend to be written around the number three, such as The Three Bears, the three mean stepsisters in Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs.

Native American stories tend to be written about a group of four, such as an eagle, bear, deer and rabbit or four stepping stones.

In both of Mrs. Trembath's books, her message is that even one person can make a difference. Turn water off when not in use, reduce, reuse and recycle and do not add pollutants, such as soaps, fertilizer or oil to the water.  The demise of freshwater will be the demise of the human race, according to Mrs. Trembath.
Mrs. Trembath also discussed the efforts of the Water Walkers. Water Walkers are a group of Native American people and other supporters who have walked thousands of miles along the coast of the Great Lakes and other areas to bring awareness of the pollution and invasive species affecting the Great Lakes.
The presentation was very well received by students and staff. Her wealth of information and motivation inspired everyone to be more thoughtful when using one of our most important natural resources, water. Water is a non-renewable resource. When we destroy the purity and wastewater irresponsibly, we as a civilization are doomed. Mrs. Trembath's visit made quite an impact on our sense of civil responsibility.
Anyone looking to learn more about Mrs. Trembath's books or presentations can contact her at

The students have an opportunity to purchase one or more of Mrs. Trembath's books.  Order forms were given to our seventh-grade science students. The students are encouraged to purchase one of her books as a reminder to take good care of our "Big Blue Marble". Submitted by Sara Bochenek

Monday, January 15, 2018

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL visits with the animals!

It was a “Family Night” at Taylor Parks Elementary School. Chinchillas, and snakes, and gators … oh my.

These were just a few of the critters that made an appearance at Taylor Parks for Family Night: Animals and the Environment, a Nature Science Assembly. Families learned about the impact humans have on animals in terms of pollutions, habitat destructing and hunting. 

DECA TEAM (more photos from EMU)

DECA TEAM makes Taylor proud

Via Carly Lundgren-Barnard

I am so proud to announce that at our DECA district competition this Friday at Eastern Michigan University, the Truman and Kennedy high school DECA marketing students won 18 medals and will have 26 students advance to state-level competition.

They came dressed to impress and had professional behavior. They showed some “Cougar Pride” and did an amazing job. They have been preparing since October for their events and their hard work and dedication has paid off.

Thank you to Mary Rita Zalewski, Shayna Hale, Jackie Lancina and Julie Nelson for attending with our students, and for supporting and volunteering to judge events.

Thank you to our administration and school board for approving this event, and thank you to our amazing staff at both schools for supporting the DECA kids these last few weeks as they prepared and even helped calmed some nerves and practiced with them. I am truly blessed with the best co-workers and our students are lucky to have you

I have attached a list of the students who won medals and will be advancing to our state career development conference in March. I have attached another document with pictures of our kids on stage winning medals and some group shots. I thought you might enjoy seeing them so happy. It was a remarkable day.