Sunday, April 21, 2019

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL DECA hosts Funding for Future

What better way to get kids interested in learning about financial literacy than a concert, pizza party, and free give-a-ways.

Taylor High School DECA students hosted a Funding the Future Live event April 16 at Taylor High School. Over 400 students attended the event where they learned about the important topic of financial literacy. Some of the topics discussed were saving, staying out of debt, investments, needs and wants, interest, and so much more!

DECA would like to thank our musical celebrity, the band GOODING, and our sponsor Andrea Duda from Duda Weath Advisors of Raymond James, who enabled the students to attend this event for free.

The club would also like to thank the administration, maintenance crew, and the teachers. 

Students were able to meet the band and get pictures, autographs, pins, stickers, T-shirts while also questions they have about personal finance. Also during the event students were given a chance to ask questions and those that asked a question were given a free CD. 

DECA and marketing students Virginia Cole and Emily Polovino worked really hard to make this event happen and are working hard to promote the topic of financial literacy throughout our school. 

FTF Mission: "Funding the Future teaches kids the importance of smart financial decisions, through live music, video, and an inspirational message shared by a musical celebrity. Participants learn basic tools to make informed life decisions and gain the discipline and confidence to see their own dreams as possibilities."



Mrs. Zielinski's and Mrs. Iwaniec's classes from Taylor Parks Elementary School went to the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium.  The students enjoyed seeing all the different types of sea creatures. 

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students find the slime!

Using the scientific method, Mrs. Fent’s, Mrs. Proudlock‘s and Mrs. Schulte’s science classes at West Middle School, with the assistance of Mrs. Bochenek, conducted a lab to determine if a physical or chemical change occurred.  

It was concluded that when glue and water were mixed together and borax and water were mixed together, a physical change occurred, because no new substances were formed. But when the borax solution was added to the glue mixture, a new substance was produced.  The liquid mixture now turned into a solid. Since there was a state of matter change, it was concluded that a chemical change occurred.  

Students know this new substance as SLIME!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL prom slide show needs images

There will be a senior slide show for Taylor High School prom and graduation. If you are a former Kennedy student and have pictures you would like included, please sent them through messenger to Dylan Maynard, the Student Council historian. Kennedy did not have one in the past so he has some catching up to do.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL author publishes book on Amazon

Taylor High School student Jaylyn Hassan has created and published his own book, which is for sale on Amazon. Way to Go Jaylyn, Taylor High School is extremely proud of you!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL art club continues campaign

The Taylor High School art club is in the process of beautifying our bathrooms. They have finished their first mural!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL catches the March Madness bug

Taylor High School students enjoyed participating in the March Madness Tournament of Books. The 2019 Book of the Year is "The Hate U Give," by Angie Thomas.


Home Repair and Remodeling class at the Taylor Career and Technology Center took a recent field trip for to the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights apprenticeship program in Ferndale, MI.

TAYLOR COMMUNITY LIBRARY hosts student art show

Wednesday May 17 was the opening reception for the Taylor student art showcase at the Taylor Community Library. Student artwork from Hoover and West middle schools and Taylor High School students remained on display for the rest of the week.

Over 100 people attended the opening reception. Everyone was very impressed with the student work. Thank you to Kaitlyn Szczypka for all of her work on this wonderful event. Can't wait to do it again in October.


On April 12 the Taylor High School POHI program attended the 15th annual Victors Day event in Ann Arbor. They were given the opportunity to tryout various sports and activities at the Oosterbaan Field House. The students were able to meet and greet with athletes from University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. The day ended with having pizza for lunch.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL blasts the silly string

Holland Elementary School students had a blast being able to silly string Ms. Kelli. Thank you so much to everyone who helped to support the PTO candy fundraiser and in return got to participate.


During March is Reading Month, Randall Elementary School celebrated many activities for reading.

One event was a "Cleary Prehistoric Night/Book Fair.”

Every year Randall School celebrates with a One School, One Book or One Author. This year was Beverly Cleary. So on March 14 it had our book fair open, a dinosaur bone scavenger hunt, games, raffles, and a hidden rock.

The scavenger hunt sent students and parents on a search for clues for dinosaur bones from author Cleary's characters (like Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins). They were able to put the dinosaur together in the gym at the end – plus a T-Rex friend stopped by. Thank you to the Randall PTO for all their help in creating a wonderful event!

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils learn about writing lists

Students in Mrs. Lazarski's kindergarten class at Kinyon Elementary School have been learning about writing lists. For this lesson, each group worked together to create a list. One student recorded, while everyone at the table contributed ideas and worked together to spell the words based on the sounds they could hear.