Friday, November 22, 2013

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: And now, The Bulldog News Crew ...

Coming to you live, from McDowell Elementary School ... The Bulldog News Crew!

Every school day opens at McDowell with a group of student broadcasters, under the direction of Ms. Sutphren, delivering very needed information to the staff and student body. An announcement tells the classroom to turn on their televisions, the music begins. And so does the excitement.

Recently, the broadcast offered a guest dancer, showing off his moves to the theme song from "Ghostbusters." Following came the news of the day, the weather report, a funny riddle, the Pledge of Allegiance and health tips from McDowell's very own health assistant.

The Bulldog News Crew starts each day off on the right foot!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Class learns all about food

Mrs. Doll's McDowell Elementary School kindergarten class is thankful for good food.

The class has been studying food groups, focusing on everyday good, sometimes foods, plants and what they should eat to be strong minds and bodies. Colorful pictures hang outside the classroom to celebrate all the good fruits that the children like to eat.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Staff proud of former student who helped save life

Staff at McDowell Elementary School were proud to see a former pupil, Charles Gaylor, help save the life of another boy during an recent accident with a downed power line in a Detroit neighborhood.

The boy was injured when he came in contact with the downed line after a storm, according to DTE Energy sources. Charles, his brother Ken and a friend saw the boy, 14, and managed  to get the power line off of him by using a piece of wood.

To see the video coverage of the event, which occurred on Lyndon Street near a school building, click here.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Kindergarteners learn about computers, cameras (UPDATED WITH PHOTOS)

Kindergarten children had a great time learning how to use Randall Elementary School's laptop computers recently.

Students in Mrs Milley's and Mrs. McCleary's classes welcomed Mr. Kaunelis into their classrooms to be introduced into the world of computers. They typed words into a word processing program and took pictures with the district's new digital cameras.

It was as great day to be a kindergartener!

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Jump with Jill program coming to school November 26

The rock & roll nutrition show “Jump with Jill” is coming to Holland Elementary School on November 26.

Holland is one of three Detroit area schools that won the show in a statewide contest, thanks to the generosity of Michigan’s own dairy farmers and milk processors and the folks at the United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM) as part of their “Fuel Up to Play 60 program.”

The statewide tour of Michigan elementary schools runs from October 28 to December 20 and will include 55 schools.

“Jump with Jill” is a live rock and roll nutrition show. Created by registered dietitian and musician Jill Jayne, the show uses singable messages to make healthy habits memorable including eating vegetables ("Superpower Vegetables!"), enjoying fruit ("Nature's Candy") and exercising regularly ("The Beat of Our Body!").

The show has been performed live over 1,000 times for more than a quarter of a million kids all over the United States and Europe and has been featured in national media outlets including Nickelodeon, Sprout PBS, NPR, and The Washington Post.

Armed with catchy songs, upbeat dance moves, and a hip wardrobe, the performance uses the same tools normally used to sell junk food and keep kids sedentary to get kids engaged, moving, and learning about healthy habits.

“We reached over 18,000 students on our spring tour,” said Hailey McDonell, a Detroit-native who stars as “Jill” in the Michigan cast.

“Our goal for our Michigan dairy farmer partnership this year was to make the show accessible for schools that want to make health a part of their educational agenda.”

The cast, which also stars Holland-native Devon Watson as “DJ,” travels in a bright orange van with a giant picture of Jill’s face and a blinged-out milk jug (who prefers to go by his rapper name, Calcium).

Thanks to the United Dairy Industry of Michigan, winning schools not only get a rockin’ performance but also receive “Jump with Jill” educational materials including CDs of the show’s music, posters and nutrition education gifts.

“Dairy is one of easiest and richest ways that kids can get the Calcium they need for strong bones,” said Deanne Kelleher, MS, RD of the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. “We continue to offer ‘Jump with Jill’ to Michigan schools because the show uses behaviorally-focused music to make choosing a drink like milk over soda the coolest thing in the world. Have you seen her perform ‘The Bone Rap’? I mean seriously.”

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Music program joins, benefits from Adopt-A-Classroom program

David Martin, music instructor at West Middle School, continues to find creative ways to channel funding into his classes.

Martin recently joined the Website "" 

The organization connects donors with teachers to be classroom champions. Founder James Rosenberg created the program when he was mentoring a physically and mentally challenged student and became astounded by the lack of resources in the classroom. With the assistance of a colleague, Rosenberg started the Adopt-A-Classroom program. By 1998, he left his full-time job as an attorney to head the campaign.

Donors select participating classrooms and make donors to them through Adopt-A-Classroom. One-hundred percent of the donations go to the classes -- there is no administration fee. The program publishes an accountability report and offers transparency, connect donors with teachers throughout the year by correspondence and establish long-term relationships between donors and teachers.

In joining the campaign, Martin posted several things that he'd like to see donated to the music department at West, including additional risers for the chorus to accommodate the 150 students in the program, iPads for learning and composing, and photography and video equipment for the music and media centers.

Recently, Martin received a $100 check from JCPenny. The money was used to purchase a number of certificate frames from Office Max for the many choral festival performance awards the chorus had collected throughout the years. 

To see Martin's Adopt-A-Classroom page, click here.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Children send a 'shout out' to the U.S. Army!

Pupils at Holland Elementary School recently thanked soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces for everything that they do.

Rob Stewart's fifth-grade class wrote letters to thank Army personnel in Seoul, South Korea, for all the great things that do to protect the United States and guarantee freedom around the globe. Stewart's student teacher this fall is Matt Bailey. The children used words that let the soldiers know that they are truly "super heroes" for their courage and sacrifice.

The letters are being mailed to Capt. Addie Jones, a member of the Army Engineer Corps. Jones is the niece of Holland Principal Sue Massuci. Jones will share the letters and photos with her colleagues stationed in South Korea.

Hopefully, the pupils will hear back from their "super heroes."

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 50th day of school brings out the 1950s!

"We Like Ike!" buttons. Music that included Frank Sinatra, Doris Day and Nat King Cole all the way to something like "Who Put the Bomp." Newcomers included Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson and Chuck Berry. And Elvis Presley!

All of that, and much more, made up the 1950s.

Since it was recently the 50th day of school, a pair of teachers at Randall Elementary School decided to create a rock 'n rock celebration of the '50s -- and the children enjoyed it.

Mrs. Holstein and Mrs. Filiccia's kindergarten classes dressed in '50s attire, complete with jeans rolled up and '50s style hairdos. The classes made Coke floats, hula hopped for 50 seconds and did the twist with Principal Meszaros.

To remember their special 50th day of school, they made pins announcing that they were "50 days smarter." 

The kindergarteners are looking forward to the next 50 days of school, and preparing for the 100th day (which will call for another celebration).

Monday, November 18, 2013

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY: Children take a trip to Asia!

Pupils at the Sixth Grade Academy recently traveled to Asia!

The children spanned the continent on a giant map supplied by National Geographic. The map was on hand at the academy for two weeks, spent time in the gym and all the social studies classes participated in the journey to foreign soil.

The classes visited the highest and lowest places on Earth, braved the Arctic Tundra and walked the Gobi Desert. They enjoyed the hands-on experience, played games and learned plenty while working in their teams. The trip was a big success.

According to Shironne Calhoun, Sixth Grade Academy Social Studies teachers, the students had plenty to say after their journey:

  • "We should do this again, it was fun."
  • "I learned a lot about Asia while doing cool activities."
  • "I would love to have an experience like this again."
  • "The map was a fun way to learn."
  • "I like learning like this."

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Arts & Scraps makes learning fun!

Arts & Scraps continues to be a popular program in the Taylor School District. Last week, the interactive family program was held during a parent night at Hoover Middle School. 

Arts & Scraps is a non-profit organization that uses 28 tons of recycled industrial materials to help 275,000 people of all ages and abilities each year think, create and learn.

According to Principal Michelle Tocco, the program provided a great interactive family activity at Hoover, with over 100 people participating. In addition, the Jazz Band played for everyone during dinner.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: November newsletter highlights happenings!

The Kennedy High School newsletter, Eagle News, was published for November. 

Highlights of the nine-page publication include notes from Principal Tommie Saylor's desk; news from each department, such as match, PE, social studies, business, JROTC, music and English; topics from family and consumer service; and Counselor's Corner.