Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 50th day of school brings out the 1950s!

"We Like Ike!" buttons. Music that included Frank Sinatra, Doris Day and Nat King Cole all the way to something like "Who Put the Bomp." Newcomers included Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson and Chuck Berry. And Elvis Presley!

All of that, and much more, made up the 1950s.

Since it was recently the 50th day of school, a pair of teachers at Randall Elementary School decided to create a rock 'n rock celebration of the '50s -- and the children enjoyed it.

Mrs. Holstein and Mrs. Filiccia's kindergarten classes dressed in '50s attire, complete with jeans rolled up and '50s style hairdos. The classes made Coke floats, hula hopped for 50 seconds and did the twist with Principal Meszaros.

To remember their special 50th day of school, they made pins announcing that they were "50 days smarter." 

The kindergarteners are looking forward to the next 50 days of school, and preparing for the 100th day (which will call for another celebration).

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