Saturday, November 4, 2017

MERGER INFORMATIONAL PAGE offers current information and interaction

Taylor School District parents and community members interested in keeping up to date on the high school merger process should make sure to visit the district website and the new page, “High School Merger Information.”

The page can be accessed by clicking on the blue box on the left side of the home page referred to by the same name ("High School Merger Information").

There you will find meeting minutes, results from the first round of surveys, and a link to the second survey.

Help the district make key decisions by taking the second survey, which only has three questions. 

NOVEMBER 7 ELECTION DAY means no school

Remember: There is no school on election day, Tuesday, November 7, for the entire district.

The Taylor School District has an Operation Millage on the ballot. For more information on that ballot question, click here.

All elected positions in the City of Taylor, with the exception of the District Court judges, are up for re-election. Mayor Rick Sollars and City Clerk Cindy Bower are unopposed. There are 14 candidates for seven council seats, and two candidates for the City Treasurer's position.

CODE OF CONDUCT updated and published each year

Parents: Remember that the Taylor School District offers a published Code of Conduct, and offers it on the school website. First adopted in 1985, it's been updated each year. This is a handy item to keep in the home, should you need to refer to official guidelines within the district. We suggest downloading and keeping around the house.

(Click on the link to read and/or download)

KENNEDY FACEBOOK PAGE set up for current and past associates of the high school

The John F. Kennedy High School Taylor Michigan Facebook page has been set up for those interested to share photos, experiences or just chat as the school winds through its final school year.

This group is targeted for anyone who is currently attending JFK or is an alumni, teacher (past or present) employee (past or present) of the school. Exceptions have been made for parents of JFK graduates requesting to join.

Share pictures and stories, and find friends and former classmates.

You may want to share stories and find old friends, etc. this would be a great group to join. This is NOT a page for political debate, solicitations, etc.

Be sure to invite your friends and family using the "Invite People to Join" button, and check out all the tabs at the top for discussions, photos, etc).

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL names students of month

Something special happens monthly at Taylor Parks Elementary School when the “Student of the Month” is awarded.

A student is selected from each class that has demonstrates being a good citizen and using their life skills. A reception is held in their honor in our library and the students can ask their parents or a special person to be in attendance with them.

Ms. Downie presents the students with a memory board that was created just for them that has been hanging in the Hall of Fame for the month. Finally, each student has their photo taken with Ms. Downie and also with their guests.

BINDING THROUGH BOOKS scheduled at Sportsplex November 4

ALUMNI NEWSLETTER published for November

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL: Newsletter focuses on key moments


Kinyon Elementary School welcomed Tom Webster, a former Detroit Red Wing and longtime NHL coach.

Originally selected by the Boston Bruins in the 1966 NHL Entry Draft, Webster played in a total of 102 National Hockey League (NHL) games with the Bruins and Detroit Red Wings.

Webster scored 30 goals for the Red Wings in the 1970-71 season. He also played 352 games for the New England Whalers of the World Hockey Association.

After retiring as a player Webster has been the coach for a number of teams at various levels of hockey.

His first head-coaching job came in 1986, when he became coach of the New York Rangers following the firing of Ted Sator. After only five games, Webster fell ill with what was later diagnosed as an inner-ear infection that left him unable to fly. He returned as head coach for home games only; general manager Phil Esposito split coaching duties with assistants Ed Giacomin and Wayne Cashman for road games.

He was cleared to fly again, but suffered a relapse during a game against the Edmonton Oilers, and was told to stay off planes for at least three months. Esposito named himself head coach for the remainder of the season. When it became apparent that Webster would not be able to return to the bench full-time the following season, he resigned on April 30, 1987.

Webster's next head coaching stint was with the Los Angeles Kings. He led the Kings to what is (as of the 2016-17 season) the only regular season division title in franchise history, in 1990-91.

While coaching the Kings in a game against Detroit on November 16, 1991, Webster became upset at what he felt was a blown call by referee Kerry Fraser.

Webster currently serves as an amateur scout for the Calgary Flames.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


It’s Bulldog Day at McDowell Elementary School!


Pupils are using a McGraw Hill App (Multiplication Baseball) to practice multiplication facts in Mrs. VanDerworp's third grade class at McDowell Elementary School.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL patiently waiting ...

Checking out a chrysalis in Ms. Bochenek's kindergarten class at McDowell Elementary School. We can't to see what happens ... stay tuned!


Halloween in Ms. Bochenek's kindergarten room at McDowell Elementary School.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PE creates new award program

This year at Randall Elementary School's physical education teachers have created an award for two classes to earn. It is called the Golden Sneaker Award. Congratulations to Mrs. Cahalan's second grade and Mrs. McFarland's fourth grade for being the first classes to earn it.


Ms. Danaj’s Kinyon Elementary School kindergarten kiddos are enjoying the Detroit Zoo! Few others are in attendance so it feels like they have the zoo all to themselves!


At Taylor Parks Elementary School, the students from Mrs. Abramas' and Mrs. Sloan's class joined together to share Halloween centers. 

They were able to create a spider craft, make the ever popular 'slippery slime' and enjoy several wonderful creepy, ghostly, tasty treats. 

All had a SPOOKTACULAR time!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL power outage results in teamwork

On Wednesday, October 25, Randall Elementary School went dark.  A power line popped first thing in the morning when students were being dropped off.  Only Randall Elementary School was affected. 

Windows let in the light so students and staff could continue to do what a Randall Mustang does under the circumstance – continue working. We went on with the business of learning. 

With the lights out students showed ingenuity. Students learned how it was in the past when no lights were available. Some were excited about staff using flashlights and lanterns in the hallways. One student even created his own flashlight out of clay.

Despite having a plan for safety exiting the building, the lights came back on before dismissal.

Teamwork ... that is the Randall Way!