Saturday, October 10, 2015


Here are a few photographs of the math program at Holland Elementary School.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils get to know The Down Under

What do first graders at McDowell Elementary School know about Australia and spiders? Now they know a lot after a lesson from their Scholastic News. Here is Ms. Lavender's Class with Ms. Mosincat as they study together. 

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils look the part on Picture Day

Wednesday at McDowell Elementary School the pupils looked great! They were ready for "Picture Day."

The school had some fantastic photographers that got the best shot of everyone. They even managed to get most of our non-smilers to smile! Thank you so much to our PTA group that assisted with the picture taking.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL class proves practice is fun when it comes to reading

Ms. Turek's class celebrated Bilal's word list success at McDowell Elementary School! Practice, practice, practice is what it's all about if you want to become a better reader. Every day Ms. Turek leads her students in finding the "just right" way of building their skills and she makes it lots of fun too!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL celebrates PBiS on the sidewalk

Here’s some sidewalk chalk fun from McDowell Elementary School’s recent PBIS (Positive Behavior) Celebration!

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL visited by its friends from the Fur Angels

Once again, Taylor Parks Elementary School is one of the fortunate schools to have a monthly visit from the Fur Angels.  These wonderful volunteers  and their therapy  dogs have been a part of not only Taylor schools, but also hospitals, nursing care facilities and public libraries.

The therapy dogs are the ideal audience, providing a positive, non-intimidating and fun environment to a child who is just learning to read and struggling with new words. The dogs don't tease or rush the child as they read a story aloud at their own speed and proficiency. Instead of getting flustered or embarrassed, the children read aloud with focus and confidence. Their fear is soon replaced by self-esteem and determination.

The reading program has been a motivator to encourage better reading skills and self-confidence in children.

The members of the "Fur Angels" who participate in this program must first go through extra training and be qualified to help with reading. Members are supervised at all times in the schools and libraries.

These selfless volunteers and the Fur Angels are a big part of the “Taylor Parks Family.”

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL student helps create 'Autism Awareness' night with Michigan hockey

Former Holland Elementary School student Kylie Scarpace is going to change the world.

Back in April, Scarpace was at home watching an NCAA Frozen Four hockey game. The University of Michigan was not playing in it, but Boston University was and Kylie noticed that each BU player had a puzzle piece sewn on his jersey.

Kylie recognized this puzzle piece as the autism awareness symbol. She immediately did some research and discovered that BU is a supporter of autism awareness.

Kylie asked her dad, L.J. Scarpace, the Director of Player Development for Michigan Hockey, if his team ever did something like this. Her dad replied "no."

Fast forward to August when a passionate 11-year-old girl, armed with an iPad and a dream, walked in to Coach Red Berenson's office. Kylie sat with the coach and gave a heartfelt presentation about why autism awareness is important to her, and why Michigan hockey should "light it up blue!"

After much preparation and discussion, that day has arrived.

The University of Michigan hockey team is going to host an autism awareness game on October 18 vs. Mercyhurst. Former Detroit Red Wing and hockey legend Ted Lindsay is going to drop the puck, and Kylie is going to sing the national anthem.

There will be a toned down band, a quiet room to ease the noise and possible meltdowns, a Ted Lindsay foundation booth, an Autism Speaks booth, and much more.

Let's "Light it up Blue" and shout "Go Blue!" at 5 p.m. October 18 at Michigan’s first-ever “Autism Awareness Hockey game.” Tickets are even discounted to $5 (promo code LINDSAY).

Spread the word.


Myers Elementary School had its first PBiS celebration on October 6. Students who kept their card on green or yellow for the month of September got to enjoy a delicious ice cream sundae. Students loved the yummy treat after performing well and staying out of trouble for the entire month.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students work on unique cooperation

The students in  Adventure Learning class at West Middle School have been working on cooperation and problem-solving skills. This week they had to tie their shoelaces using only one of their own hands and the help of a partner's hand.  This activity required a lot of communication, patience and teamwork.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils learn basic computer skills

Students at Holland Elementary School learned basic computer skills while having a blast playing math games recently. They can't wait to get another chance to get their hands on the new computers in the school’s lab.

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 'study buddies' pair up

At Taylor Parks Elementary School, Mrs. Ambrosia's kindergarten and Mrs. Augustun's fourth graders have paired up to be “Study Buddies.”

They will meet once a week to work on reading, math skills, and cooperative projects. The two groups met together for the first time this past week and the kids loved it! Both teachers are looking forward to a great year with their "buddies."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Having plenty of fun with apples

Taylor Parks Elementary School pupils and their teacher, Mrs. Abramas, had a fun time learning about apples. 

As a study for Michigan Harvest of the Month, students soaked up  information including  the fiber they contain and why we need it in our diets, and a fun fact as to why apples float (because they are made up of 25 percent air). 

After all the studying, came the eating. Students gathered together, along with classroom aid Mrs. Osburn, and made applesauce. I guess you can say they had their apples and ate them too!

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