Sunday, March 24, 2019

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL welcomes Taylor Fire Department

Taylor Parks Elementary School first-grade was honored to have a few of the Taylor Firefighters as a reading guest March 12. He was very entertaining and friendly. An experience the students will not forget.

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL celebrates engaging activities

Eureka Heights Elementary School pupils celebrate Place Value and 100s Day on the job site with engaging STEM activities.

STATE SENATOR reads to elementary school groups

On March 22, State Senator Erika Geiss visited a few elementary schools to read for March is Reading Month including Taylor Parks Elementary School second graders and Randall Elementary School fourth graders.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL team works with Ford NGL to set stages to make grads college-and-career ready

On March 20, Taylor High School students and others continued work with Ford NGL. The group was made up of a combination of central office, staff, students, and community and business members. Great work was accomplished as the group collaborated as a community to make graduates college-and-career ready!

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL chorus classes attend Michigan Opera Theatre

On March 22, Mr. Martin‘s chorus classes from West Middle School, attended a performance of The Secret World of Og at the Michigan Opera Theatre.  

This operatic adaptation was based on the well-known children’s book by Canadian Pierre Berton, and the students were able to discover the classic story of a group of siblings who venture into the dark, subterranean world of the Ogs to rescue their baby brother and cat. 
West wishes to thank the Michigan Opera Theatre for allowing 170 of our students to attend free of charge.  This was an amazing opportunity for our students to be able to see a live opera in the beautiful, majestic setting of the Michigan Opera Theatre. It is the hope of West Middle School that this performance inspires the students to continue their vocal training and to patronize more live theater in the future. 

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students attend Explorathon

Twenty-four eighth-grade girls from West Middle School went to Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School on March 20. The students attended Explorathon 2019, which was sponsored by AAUW-Birmingham branch. The branch graciously waived the $15 entrance fee for each girl.
The day began with a keynote speaker, Denise Gray, who was a long time executive with General Motors. Presently, she is president of the multi-billion dollar company, LG Chem Michigan Inc. Tech Center.

Her message to the girls, who attended from the Tri-County area, was to listen to the advice of those you have your best interest at heart and to say yes to all the opportunities that come your way. 
After the keynote speaker, each girl was allowed to attend three workshops of their choice. The choices included, but were not limited to anthropology, chemistry, healthcare, engineering and math. In the workshops the girls were given important information about career responsibilities and education needed. In many of the workshops hands-on activities showed the girls what would be involved in these careers. 

The girls enjoyed the day tremendously. This opportunity to become aware of the various careers open to the girls gave them much to consider. The staff at West Middle School is very proud of these wonderful, hard-working girls. We are excited to follow their individual journeys as they grow and mature into leaders in their chosen career paths. 

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL: Check out the new golf bags!

Check out our new Taylor High School Griffin Golf Bags!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL spring season kicks off this week

Taylor High School spring sports season will kick off next week. Please consult the website for games, times and locations! Good luck Griffins!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL offers Crisis Prevention workshop

On March 18 several staff members from Taylor High School as well as others around the district participated in “Crisis Prevention” training to learn how to de-escalate students in crisis situations. Thank you to Dr. Antaya and Ms. Wehrmeister for putting on the training!

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL welcomes guest lab instructor

Hoover Middle School seventh grades had a guest lab instructor form Plasti Van to learn about polymers and the periodic table.  They had fun during their science lab.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL: Griffins at a Glance (It's Spirit Week!)

Griffins at a Glance: It’s Spirit Week!
Spirit Week Agenda 2019

Monday: March 25 – Powderbuff Volleyball game 6th hour
Class Color Day

Tuesday: March 26 – 6th and 7th hour assembly
Favorite Team Day
Chicken Launch
Dodge Ball Semi: Placement
Homecoming Booth

Wednesday: March27–1⁄2 Day NO ASSEMBLY Meme/Character Day

Thursday: March 28 – 2nd and 3rd hour assembly
Extreme Neon Day
Lip Sync Dances
Possible Balloon pop

Friday: March 29 – 1⁄2 day - Assembly 5th, 6th, and 7th hours
(7:45–10:30 a.m.)
Hawaiian/Beach Day Obstacle Course
Arm Wrestling Finals Pedal Course

Hula Hoop
Dodge Ball Finals Tug-Of-War Finals

TAKE NOTE: New attendance policy is underway

Taylor Schools’ new tardy/attendance policy has been approved by the Board and is now posted on the website at

Please take a minute to review this information with your student. You will also now be receiving a telephone call if your child is marked absent or tardy for one or more periods during the day.

Please use parent/student connect to keep track of your students’ attendance and make sure you are calling in to excuse their absence. If you have any questions please call their counselor or an administrator for more information.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL tutoring continues

After school tutoring is ongoing at Taylor High School and transportation is provided.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL students take informative trip to Lansing

Five Taylor High School students attended the Youth In Government conference in Lansing in March. The students wrote bills, and voted on several bills pertaining to child abuse, civil rights, environmental protection, etc.

Senior Rachel Zorn was awarded her senior cords to be worn at graduation. Everyone was extremely tired by the end of the week, but we are all excited to attend next year's conference – and are already starting to write new bills!

Mary Rita Zalewski, Youth In Government advisor

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL science students mix learning with fun

On March 15, Mrs. Proudlock took 106 science students from West Middle School to the Lincoln Park Roller Rink. 
Students reviewed forces and motion with the roller rink‘s resident “scientist”. Two hands-on activities were presented. Students had a better understanding that gravity pulls objects toward earth even as the earth is in constant motion. Also by making a plane fueled by the air in a balloon, students saw fluid motion in action. 
Of course the highlight of the trip was rollerskating. Proficient skaters helped beginner skaters. Eventually, many of the beginner skaters became proficient. 
Management of the Lincoln Park Roller Rink commented that the students from West Middle School were very well behaved. Administration and staff are once again very proud of our students in the way they represent our school. 

Submitted by Sara Bochenek 

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL students discuss transition with elementary students

During the week of March 11, the Hoover Middle School Counseling Department visited all of the Taylor School District Elementary Schools in order to speak to the current fifth graders about their transition to the middle school for the 2019-20 school year.  Thank you to all of the elementary schools' staff and their students for welcoming the group into your schools!


The students and families at Taylor Parks Elementary School enjoyed a Willie Wonka-inspired Family Night.   Activities included Book Bingo, a Skittles experiment, making glitter slime and a spin-to-win game. There was an area to take “selfies” with Willie Wonka masks and several prize baskets were raffled off. It was an awesome night.