Saturday, January 9, 2016

TAYLOR ON WATCH schedules January meetings, visits

Remember that the Taylor On Watch's Neighborhood Watch Program is visiting two new places this month -- Hoover Middle School and Gilead Baptist Church.

The program will be at Hoover (27101 Beverly) on Thursday, January 14. The program will begin at 7 p.m. 

Taylor On Watch will go to Gilead Baptist (12501 Telegraph) on January 28, again at 7. 

In February, the group plans to visit Taylor Parks on February 11 and the Wayne County Health Center on February 25.

Taylor On Watch is a partnership between the Taylor Police Department and residents of the City. The overall programs gives residents tips to prevent crime and improve their neighborhoods and their overall community.

Neighborhood Watch, started in 2015, divided the City into four quadrants and assigned watch coordinators for each area.

Watch coordinators are as follows: 

  • Area 1 (bordered by Van Born, Telegraph, Goddard and Inkster) is Christina Niewola

  • Area 2 (bordered by Van Born, Telegraph, Goddard and Pelham) is Don Honaker

  • Area 3 (bordered by Goddard, Telegraph, Pennsylvania and Inkster) is Cheryl Milbank

  • Area 4 (bordered by Goddard, Telegraph, Pennsylvania and Allen) is Amy Atwood Summers.

All four coordinators are accessible on Facebook.  

Or, you can email any of the the coordinators at  

For residents who do NOT have computer access let them know that they can call Taylor Police Administration at (734) 374-1444 to get involved in the program.

For more about the program, click here.

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL class visits City Hall complex

Ms. Zielinski's class from Taylor Parks Elementary School visited the City Hall complex on December 16. The group visited the City Council Chambers, Veterans Museum, Police Department, District Court and Midtown Fire Station. 

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students team to read

The students in Mrs. Wilds and Mrs. Youngs class at Myers Elementary School have teamed up to share their excitement about reading.  Students from both classrooms enjoyed reading some great books together. They always look forward to “buddy time.”

CHAMPIONS HOLDS FOOD DRIVE at various elementary schools

Champions Before and After School program, which works inside many of the Taylor School District’s elementary schools, will be holding a food drive to benefit the Downriver Fish & Loaves Food Pantry from January 19-29 at all of its locations (Kinyon, Blair Moody, Holland, Randall and McDowell).

Please contact your child’s school – or the closest building located to your home – if you are interested in donating items, which usually focus heavily on non-perishable canned goods.

Friday, January 8, 2016

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL'S used books head for Nigeria

Randall Elementary School recently donated used books to a good cause -- in a very roundabout way.

During its open house in September it had some used and slightly new books available for all of the families attending. After the event there were still had approximately three boxes of books leftover. A parent asked what we were going to do with them.

Most of the time the school gives students an opportunity to take them home. Or teachers will place them in their classrooms. Randall always has people donating books. The parent asked if we would be willing to donate them.

Below is the information from Mr. Eric Uzochukwu, who received those books:

Where the books are going? The books were meant for the primary school in my own town where I grew up. Community Primary School Nkwe is located in Nkwe (community), Enugu (state) in Nigeria. This school is a feeder to a community secondary school in the same Nkwe community, they are located about three kilometers apart.

When the books will be sent? I am still sourcing for some more books and school materials, which will be send along with the books collected from your school. At the same time, I’m saving some money to cover the cost of shipping them to Nigeria.

Brief Introduction: My name is Amobi Eric Uzochukwu and I am a citizen of United States, originally from Nigeria. I came to Michigan about 18 years ago and moved to Taylor from Detroit in 2004. I have been living in the city since then. I am also a father of two students at Randall Elementary School.

My recent visit back to Nigeria this summer took me back to a community I grew up in and the primary school I attended as a child. The the level of dilapidation I met the school was shocking. It would be hard to believe for an outsider, but not to me, knowing that schools around there need some help in terms of basic materials.

What left me in shock was the extent of decay in this particular school, which needs rescue in every aspect. There were no sign of textbooks anywhere in the school, there were cracks on the classroom walls, potholes in the classroom floors, and no chairs for pupils to seat while receiving lessons.

I started by donating 15 bench-type chairs that can contain about 60 students and I am still looking for ways to help out in other way7s if opportunity presents itself in the future. This is an attempt to alleviate the suffering of the little students growing up in this area of Nigeria.

Everyone at Randall Elementary School would like to thank Mr. Uzochukwu for taking the initiative to think of children in need of books. 

NOTE: Talking Taylor Schools found these photos of Enugu-area school students online, and they serve to underscore the problems that Uzochukwu witnessed when he returned to Nigeria.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL gets a REAL Christmas present!

Holland Elementary School’s amazing friends at The Home Depot Store #2789 and Swanson Construction have donated $7,000 worth of materials and labor to put a new floor in Ms. Danaj’s second-grade classroom.

They painted the ceiling and installed a beautiful ceiling fan and volunteered their time during the two days after Christmas to make the magic happen!

The school couldn't be more proud of this amazing gift.

Masco will be donating brand new bookshelves to our classroom too!

Thank you to all involved from the entire school!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students work through minefield

Trust, listening and the ability to give good, clear directions were the focus for Adventure Learning students during the Minefield Challenge recently at West Middle School!  Students worked well together as they guided blindfolded people safely through the "minefield.”

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL takes the exercises inside

Mrs. Madden's kindergartners at Holland Elementary School had fun with “Go Noodle” dancing one morning. Since the cold winter has finally arrived, it is too chilly to play outside. This is a great way to get the wiggles out and get some physical activity built into the day!

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY holds honor roll assembly

The Sixth Grade Academy held it's annual trimester No. 1 Honor Roll Assembly in December.  This year, 209 or 43 percent of the students made the Honor Roll with a 3.0 GPA or higher. 
  • 100 achieved Cum Laude 3.0 - 3.49
  • 44   achieved Magna Cum Laude 3.5 -3.74
  • 45   achieved Summa Cum Laude 3.75 - 3.99
  • 20   achieved Maxima Cum Laude 4.0

The administration and staff at the Sixth Grade Academy are proud these hard working students.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL standouts enjoy incentive field trip

In December, students from West Middle School enjoyed a morning of fun at “Game On.”  

This was the Academic Incentive Field Trip.  Students who received 1's or 2's in citizenship, were not missing any schoolwork and received 80 percent or better on Math, Science, Social Studies and English final exams were eligible to attend.  

At “Game On” students hit balls in the batting cage, played basketball, volleyball and soccer.  A pizza lunch was provided.  

The next Academic Incentive Field Trip will be in the spring after Second Trimester exams.  The school is looking into the Lincoln Park Roller Skate facility, including featuring a STEM component.  

Remember to be eligible, students must have no missing schoolwork, 80 percent or better on all four core classes final exams and 1's or 2's in citizenship.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL staff creates a great Christmas

The West Middle School staff donated to eight families over the holidays. Each year the counselors put together gifts and donations for families. The teachers and staff are happy to help families each year so that they have a great Christmas at home. 

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL students take on Science Day activities

Hoover Middle School students enjoyed a Science Day in the gym. They discovered everything from chemical to thermal reactions. Also, the young scientists explored buoyancy by creating their own boats. 

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL swimmers earn medals

The Hoover Middle School Swim Team attended the Downriver League Swim Conference and Kristen Long received a 12th place ribbon for backstroke. Logan Blevins received 10th place in the 200-yard freestyle and eighth-place in the 50-yard butterfly. A big congratulations to both of them.

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY chorus puts on a concert

The Sixth Grade Academy Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Federle, recently performed its Winter Concert for the staff, students and parents.

The audience enjoyed the performance with chorus members singing A Song of Peace, Light the Candle Around the World, and many other songs.  There were solo performances by Soloists Bailey Haralson, Kira Nieves, Ruth Radu, Alyssa Albig and Brooklyn Polovino.  There was also a duet performance by Kylee Dluzen and Colin Ingersoll.

Thank you Mrs. Federle and the Chorus for a wonderful performance!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL maintenance clerk reads to grandchildren

It really is all about reading at McDowell Elementary School! Over the holidays and all through the year Taylor Schools encourage staff, students and their families to include reading aloud to each other everyday. We are never to old to hear or read a good story! Here is LeeAnn Hilliker who is the Utility/Maintenance Clerk for the district, enjoying "Dooly and the Snortsnoot," by Jack Kent with her grandchildren.