Friday, October 30, 2015

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL learns from the DSO

West Middle School recently went to the “Music House in the D.” 

On October 28, 80 students, staff and parents attended the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Youth Concert at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. 

Thanks to the school’s Instructional Support Coordinator Sara Bochenek, the students were able to see the World Class Symphony.  The conductor taught the audience about the four different sections of the orchestra and how their sound is made. 

Highlights of the concert were works by Bernstein, Bizet and Tchaikovsky.  For schools that could not attend the concert, they were able to enjoy the program via webcast. 


Hand eye coordination, ambidexterity and sportsmanship were the lessons for the day recently in Mr. Brown's gym class at McDowell Elementary School

Sport stacking (also known as cup stacking or speed stacking) is an individual and team sport that involves stacking specialized plastic cups in specific sequences in as little time as possible.

The students had great fun as they learned this new game.

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: More photos of parenting sessions

More photos from the recent Eureka Heights Elementary School parenting sessions.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL's Davis is deserving winner

The Taylor School District has outstanding teachers in the system, especially at Randall Elementary School.

Walmart of Taylor donated $513 to one teacher, Mr. Davis. Walmart did a survey on how much money teachers spend in their classrooms every year.  The results showed that an average of $513 is spent every year by each educator.

Mr. Davis' name was drawn out of all of the awesome teachers at Randall. Mr. Davis was surprised on the day of the presentation.  A student and a retired Randall teacher both spoke about Mr. Davis. Staff at Randall would like to thank Walmart for their business partnership.


Taylor Parks Elementary School hosted its annual Halloween parade recently.  With parents and students watching, kindergarten and first-grade students haunted the halls of the building. Don't worry, all students along with their teachers, had parties so the fun was held by all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL class learns econ from HD!

Ms. Danaj's second-grade class from Holland Elementary School received some first-hand lessons on economics from everyone’s great friends at The Home Depot on Telegraph in Taylor.


Eureka Heights Elementary School’s recent fourth/fifth and fifth-grade “Parent Sessions” drew a crowd, and everyone got involved in the action.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL takes math class outside and chalks up some good answers

Learning at Hoover Middle School isn't  always in the classroom. Mrs. Betke took her children to practice their math skills outside, while the weather is still warm.  

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL youngsters have a ball with Titans students at Truman

Kindergarten students from Holland Elementary School enjoyed Halloween fun at Truman High School recently. The Titan Alternative High School students set up games and activities for the kindergartners. They even got to trick or treat through some classrooms.

Happy Halloween!

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL sees Capt. Johnson's crew go pink!

“Captain Johnson's” ship is pinking it up for Breast Cancer Awareness at Blair Moody Elementary School. They are turning fall colors to pink! The students dressed in pink to show their support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrated each October.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL class specializes in buckets!

Your can call Mrs. Holstein's kindergarten class at Randall Elementary School "Bucket Fillers.”

They earned pajama-and-movie time for filling the class bucket with cotton balls. They worked as a team using cooperation, caring and following procedures to earn all of the cotton balls in the bucket.

Great job!

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils learn the insides of pumpkins ... yuck!

At Taylor Parks Elementary School the students in Mrs. Abramas’ class had a first-hand look into the anatomy of a pumpkin. 

After cutting into the gourd, students had the fun of scooping out “pumpkin brains.”  Okay, the proper name is fibrous strands and seeds. However, just about everyone calls them " pumpkin brains.”

There are many other names for this slimy, mushy, mass of strings and seeds. They include: guts, sinew, goop, goo, pumpkin slime and just plain old "yucky stuff.”

Once this was done, students sorted and counted the seeds.  Each student then completed a descriptive writing assignment about the outside and inside of a pumpkin.

Mrs. Abramas took home the seeds, roasted them, and the next day students enjoyed the fruits of their labors.  Not to be wasteful, the pumpkin was cut into several small pieces and Mrs. Abramas and her class spread the pieces in the park behind the school for the squirrels and other wild animals that make their homes in the area.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Mrs. Ambrosia's kindergarten class at Taylor Parks Elementary School celebrated its learning of the letter "A" with Friday Centers.

With the help of staff, fourth-grade buddies  and a Watchdog, the kindergarteners completed four centers. They made Animal Cracker appetizers, cut and sorted upper and lower case A's, played alphabet bingo, and painted portraits. It was an "Awesome A.M." in kindergarten.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL veterans share experience with student teachers

Master teachers at Holland Elementary School, Mrs. Scarpace, Mrs. Gauss, Mrs. Silva and Mrs. Irwin, are sharing their knowledge with the next generation of educators. Holland is proud to say it has four student teachers this semester from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Go Blue!


The minions at Johnson Early Childhood Center have started to prepare for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Also, take a peak at our Headstart Infant/Toddler room that will be opening soon.