Saturday, October 25, 2014

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Third graders, kindergarteners enjoy buddy system

Mrs. Filiccia's third graders at Myers Elementary School are enjoying Kindergarten Book Buddies! The classes meet weekly to share and enjoy reading a variety of books together. The students are eager to build relationships and instill a love of reading!

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Literacy specialist makes strides

Here is a Eureka Heights Elementary School literacy specialist having hands-on reading activities with parents and kindergarteners!

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Photos of students reading to Fur Angels

YOUNG FIVES: It's all about apples

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: More photos of the Truman band visit

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Cougar March Band makes a visit

Included are pictures from a recent assembly at Hoover Middle School.  Truman's marching band came over to showcase its fall performance. 

Two of the members (pictured) Rachel and Cameron are currently eighth graders at Hoover and have been invited to be a part of the high school band.  They worked and performed with them all season.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Positive behavior wins in the end

Hoover Middle School is participating in the PBIS program - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports - of which the focus is to reward the positive things that happen instead of always focusing on the negative.

This year's first incentive was for those students that had perfect attendance during the month of September. They got to spend their enrichment (about 25 minutes) outside at the track, where they could walk around the track and socialize.

During this time teams also worked on creating scarecrows to represent their respective team and pictures of the final products are attached.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Reading with the Angels!

"Reading with the Angels" is a reading program that was the inspiration of a retired Randall Elementary School teacher and Fur Angels founder Martha Hall. The angels are the furry kind: Therapy dogs that listen to us read.

The therapy dogs are the ideal audience, providing a positive, non-intimidating and fun environment to a child who is just learning to read and struggling with new words. The dogs don't tease or rush the child as they read a story aloud at their own speed and proficiency.

Instead of getting flustered or embarrassed, the children read aloud with focus and confidence. Their fear is soon replaced by self-esteem and determination. The reading program has been a motivator to encourage better reading skills and self-confidence in children.

The members of the "Fur Angels" who participate in this program must first go through extra training and be qualified to help with reading. Members are supervised at all times in the schools and libraries.

Those interested in learning more about the work of the "Fur Angels" may visit the group's website at or email at

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Even parents participate in fire drill

On October 6 Randall Elementary School had a fire drill. It just happens it was also the school’s first P.R.I.D.E. Parent Club meeting. So what better way than to show those parents the procedures for a safe school?

Not only were they shown how the school does it, but they also participated. Everyone in the building must follow the procedures for the safety of the children and staff.

The parents did an awesome job filing out the exit door and getting in line away from the building. It showed the students that even parents follow directions.

Nice job done by all!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Learning and Halloweening ...

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone around Randall Elementary School knows it.

Some classes are making Halloween decorations, but within those projects students are learning about geometry, symmetry and graphing.

Here are a few.

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 'Fall into Math Family Night' a success

Recently Taylor Parks Elementary School families attended  "Fall into Math Family Night."

Students, along with family members, attended the Math Family Night. The families shared pizza, soda and fun while playing all sorts of math games that were designed to help the students with skills, from the simple to the more complex.  

Also in attendance were teachers and district facilitators to assist the students. To help with math skills at home, prizes of math games were awarded.