Friday, September 6, 2013

HEALTHY LUNCHES: Try some of these tips

Looking for some healthy ideas for back-to-school lunches?

Veggie BLT ... 

Quick salads by using what you have on hand, or some of your favorites. Add some paste or rice ... 

Maybe some veggie sticks and dip ... 

Here's some tips from Nikki Phillips, posted on YouTube recently.

IMAGINATION IN BLOOM: Program continues at conservatory; other projects on schedule

Hey, Taylor students and families, it may be back to school time, but the good weather hasn't left us yet!

Thanks to the good people at the Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, activities abound at that facility, located in Heritage Park nearly the Petting Zoo at Northline and Pardee.

Of special interested to the Taylor School District is "Imagination in Bloom," a program that is running through Sept. 14. The project features award-winning artwork and poetry from students in the TSD. The display is free of charge.

Other opportunities include "A Flower Fairy Tea" from 1-3 p.m. Sept. 15. There is still time to sign up. Tickets are $30 for adults, $25 for children.

On Sept. 22 is the Fall Solstice Walk. Bring your walking shoes for that one, which includes a one- or two-mile walk in the wood. It is suggested that you bring a camera. The walk is free.

Lastly, on Oct. 23, the Sweet Harvest in the Vineyard is scheduled. This is a signature event to raise funds for the conservatory. It's a great way to enjoy an evening out with friends and support a good cause. Tickets will be available beginning next week.

For more about events at the Taylor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, click here.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SCHOOL MEAL SCHEDULE: Breakfast and lunch offered at secondary schools

Are you looking for the lunch menu for secondary schools in the Taylor School District?

Look no further by clicking here

Parents should take note that food options, payment schedules and important phone numbers are listed on the September menu. 

Breakfast is offered for $1.25 daily (reduced price, 30 cents) and is recommended for your student. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and sets the right pace for a long day of learning.

Lunch is $3 (reduced price, 40 cents).

All breakfast items are listed first daily, followed by lunch options at the bottom of each square. 

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL: NH catches up with marching band

If you haven't gotten a chance to watch, News-Herald reporter Dave Komer caught the Truman High School Marching Band before Friday night's game with Woodhaven.

To see the video on Tout, click here.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

THE CHALKBOARD: Publication is replaced by The Community Report

Taylor School District residents should note that "The Chalkboard," the former publication of the system, has been replaced by pages in The Community Report

That publication was recently circulated to residents of the city.

If you missed yours, click here to take you to the digital version on the Taylor schools Web site. 

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL: Continue to send your school stories to the blog

Good morning and welcome to another school year. 

As we did last spring, the "Talking Taylor Schools" blog returns this fall. In fact, it never really left. We continued to post throughout the summer months on a limited scope. Last week as staff returned to the district, we had nearly 1,100 visitors to the blog. Over the past month, we've had 4,258 visits and are now up to over 29,000 since this program in the early spring.

"Talking Taylor Schools" seeks to publish positive stories about the Taylor School District or related to the TSD. Anything qualifies for consideration. Anyone can send me stories, story notes, ideas or flyers. Most of the posts last spring came from classroom endeavors, trips, accomplishments and club activities. Anything and everything is welcome. One of the more popular posts involved some great work by maintenance staff at one of the elementary schools, so you never know where the good news is coming from.

If you have "questions" on whether you should or should not send something, send it to me and we'll discuss it. 

Also remember that digital images are important -- a photos tells a story! I can also accept video.

If you have something you'd like to see on the blog, email it to That location is used just for Taylor schools.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your cooperation in another successful year for "Talking Taylor Schools."

Karl Ziomek 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Staff trains at WSU for upcoming Building Healthy Communities program

While most people were beginning the Labor Day weekend on Thursday, some very dedicated Holland Elementary School staff attended an all-day training session at Wayne State University in Detroit to learn about the role each will play in the "Building Healthy Communities Program" that will
begin this school year.  

Rob Stewart, Sandra Irwin, Adam Brown and Dawn Alef are pictured with the "Building Healthy Communities" logo.  

Holland was selected as one of 20 schools to participate in this grant from applicants across the state!  

The program focuses on:
•Educating students through curriculum
•Providing a healthy, supportive environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice
•Encouraging students to practice lessons learned in the classroom
•Providing access to physical activity opportunities
•Providing access to healthy, nutrient rich food and beverages

"There are many components to the program that will provide materials and opportunities for our students that we just can't handle with our regular budgets," Holland Principal Sue Massucci said. "We will have a weekly after-school Healthy Kids Program that will teach students multiple ways to be active and have fun with other children. We will also have an in school club with student ambassadors to promote health and nutrition in our building.  

"Our staff is extremely excited about all of the extra materials we will receive including tons of physical education equipment, classroom materials, a shelf filled with library books focused on nutrition and making healthy choices, and a
recess cart filled with balls, jump ropes and hula hoops," she added. 

Keep your eyes on the Talking Taylor Schools blog for lots of pictures once the program begins.