Saturday, June 7, 2014

KENNEDY ACTION CENTER: Students awarded for performance

On May 29 at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency held its third annual Youth Believe and Achieve awards ceremony.

Wayne Metro's Youth Believe and Achieve Awards are given to those students whose spirit and determination have helped mold them into young leaders and achieve their goals.

The Kennedy Action Center awarded three students, Joslyn Pardue-Renaud, Jonathan Gonia, and Lexus Evans-Goolsby. Also in attendance were State Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood and a representative for Wayne County Commissioner Ray Basham, who presented our students with framed awards. 

Lexus Evans-Goolsby
Lexus Evans-Goolsby has been a member of the Kennedy Action Center since the beginning of this school year. When she first began attending Lexus struggled with the demands of her freshmen year.  Lexus was also quick to become upset and lose her temper. The student she started as, and the student she has grown into this year, are different people.

She has become a student we can count on to reach out to fellow classmates. Lexus is no longer quick to anger and has learned to better control her emotions. She is outgoing, helpful, kind and such a positive part of the after-school program. Lexus has started on a path that will only lead her to success. The Kennedy Action Center staff is proud of the achievements that Lexus has made this year, and we are excited to see what else she can accomplish!

Joslyn Pardue-Renaud
Joslyn Pardue-Renaud has been a member of the Kennedy Action Center since the fall of 2012. When she first began attending, Joslyn was a student who spent a majority of her time working independently on her homework or visiting with friends. Although she entered the program quietly, Joslyn has become a student that we can count on to be a leader in the after school program.

Joslyn’s personal mission seems to center around helping others. She volunteers daily in the program to help with dinner set up and clean up and has racked up over 95 hours of community service in the after school program this year.  She is responsible, organized, and all the things you would hope for in working with students. She reaches out to students and to staff to lend a helping hand. It is for all these reasons and more that the KAC staff wishes Joslyn Pardue-Renaud the best. 

Jonathan Gonia
Jonathan Gonia has been a member of the Kennedy Action Center since the beginning of this school year. When he first began attending Jonathan was quiet, and probably not too sure if he liked the after school program.  Jonathan spent a majority of his time separated from students and did not interact much.

As the year progressed, he has become more outgoing and adventurous when it comes to activities. Jonathan has a passion for theater arts, and everyone who has seen him perform during our Karaoke activities can see how unbelievably talented he is. We know without a doubt that Jonathan is going to be a star someday. The Kennedy Action Center staff is proud of the achievements that Chris has made this year, and we are excited to see what else he can accomplish.


This is the last library day at Eureka Heights Elementary School, where children received their end-of-the-year certificate and suggested reading list. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

SPELLING BEE: Rachel Hatfield wins annual tourney for the second straight year!

The annual Taylor School District Spelling Bee was held at the Board of Education on May 29.  

This event has been a tradition in the district for more years than anyone can remember and is a great way to celebrate the fourth and fifth grade top spellers in each elementary building.
Due to the consolidation of schools down to only eight buildings, the district administration and Spelling Bee Chairperson Sue Massucci, principal of Holland Elementary School, decided to invite both the winners from each building and the runners up.  This made the bee more competitive and recognized more of our awesome students.

The Bee began with Superintendent Diane Allen greeting the audience and congratulating the contestants.  She then introduced the judges for the Bee -- which consisted of Susie Dunckel, principal of Kinyon, Patty Masserang, Lifetouch Portrait Studio customer representative and Karen DePriest, founder of Christy's Legacy of Hope.  

She also introduced our word caller, Marilyn Vargo, Myers Elementary School social worker.  

Trophies were presented to the winners from each school and medallions on ribbons were presented to the runners up.

Mrs. Vargo began the Bee by reading the Spelling Bee Rules and Standards.  The students completed a practice round to relax and make sure they understood the procedure.  The Bee began and proved to be a very exciting event. The students went 17 rounds before it got down to the two final contestants, Rachel Hatfield and Kylie Scarpace.

These two incredible spellers went another 31 rounds back and forth before Kylie missed the word "mackerel."  Rachel then had to spell it correctly along with the next word, "rampant,” to be the winner.

The most impressive part of Rachel’s victory is that she also won the Bee last year.

Included are pictures of Rachel, in the blue outfit, with Supt. Allen. Kylie, in yellow, is also photographed with Supt. Allen and Principal Massucci. Also included are photos of the rest of field.

The staff congratulates all the students who participated. The Taylor School District is proud to have such dedicated, studious children representing the district.

Following are the winners (listed first) and runners up from each school:
  • Eureka Heights - Gia Cook and Tatiana Howell
  • Holland - Kylie Scarpace and Matthew VanWynsberghe
  • Kinyon - Elayna Miller and Adam Mzoughi
  • McDowell – Rachel Hatfield and A'Aniyah Grier
  • Blair Moody - Rose Fletcher and Nicholas Fisher
  • Myers - Winter Burton and Nefertiti Earth
  • Randall - Logan Dukes and Alyssa Freeman
  • Taylor Parks - Antonio Debono and Madison Porter

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Top students earn scholarships

The Kennedy High School honors Assembly for the Class of 2014 was held in the packed KHS gymnasium June 5.

The Taylor Foundation for Educational Excellence again awarded scholarships to many of the seniors in the class

Earning scholarships were:

Kameron Kolnitys -- $500 Changing Lives Scholarship
Nathan Brant -- $500 Grodman Cure Foundation/Shane Simmons Memorial Scholarship
Lisa Gilmore -- $250 Mayor Rick Sollars Scholarship
Daniel Maudlin -- $500 Taylor School District Alumni Association Scholarship
Jamie Robb -- $500 Taylor Community Credit Union Scholarship
Kevin Hernandez -- $1,000 Ann Robertson Drake Scholarship
Kelsey Sutyak -- $500 Educational Athletic Scholarship
Jaspinder Singh -- $500 Taylor Rotary Club Scholarship
Morgan Stamper -- Taylor Ministerial Making a Difference Scholarship