Saturday, December 26, 2015

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL gingerbread project puts pupils in the holiday spirit

Mrs. Madden's kindergarten friends at Holland Elementary School got in the holiday spirit recently.

They constructed gingerbread houses with family and friends. This was the final activity at the end of the gingerbread unit.

Happy Holidays!

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students earn incentive

West Middle School’s first trimester incentive field trip was an outing at Skore Lanes December 14.  

These field trips are an incentive for good behavior and attendance. Over 200 students earned the award.  They had an awesome time and everyone bragged about how well behaved they were.  

West staff is very proud of all of the students and especially how many of them were eligible to attend.  West's second incentive will be to the Detroit Tigers game.


Here are some photos of the Eureka Heights Elementary School’s PTA-sponsored “Secret Santa Shop” for students that included a wrapping station!


Here are some photos of Mrs. Jones’ Eureka Heights Elementary School fourth-grade parent session.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 'friends' participate in holiday project

Mrs. Wild’s kindergarten friends and Mrs. Youngs’ third and fourth graders teamed up to make a holiday art project at Myers Elementary School. The third and fourth graders also read holiday stories to their kindergarten buddies. They had a great time!

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Here are some photographs of Mrs. Gauss' kindergarten class at Holland Elementary School having a gingerbread gala!

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY Drama Club is outstanding

Here are some photographs of the recent Sixth Grade Academy Drama Club's performance of "A Christmas Carol.”

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL gets their paint on!

Kinyon Elementary School students painted Ms. Sweet recently because they sold 15 or more items in the Great American Fundraiser.

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY is all about kindness

The theme this year at the Sixth Grade Academy is kindness. The latest bulletin board  about being kind is based on the book many students are reading named "Wonder," by R. J. Palacio.

A shout out goes to Mrs. Hill for making this wonderful board.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL features special elf

Mrs. Holstein’s kindergarten class at Randall Elementary School had a special visitor watching over them for the weeks prior to Christmas.

She is an elf from the North Pole named “Snowflake.”

The class voted on a name for her. She brought special “caught being nice” tickets that Mrs. Holstein gives to friends that are being responsible, respectful, kind, safe, ready to learn and/or following the rules.

They also get a raffle ticket to go into a special drawing for a prize. “Snowflake” is keeping the class on its best behavior before the holiday.


Mrs. Holstein’s kindergarten class at Randall Elementary School has learned the five parts of Daily 5 and has been doing an awesome job with stamina of 20 minutes for each rotation.

The class enjoys all parts, but especially “read to someone” and participating in word work. 

Mrs. Holstein is very proud of her class!


Guess who recently made an early appearance at Kinyon Elementary School? None other than Santa Claus!


Sean O'Neill, Kinyon Elementary School second-grade teacher, won the second annual “Kinyon Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.”

TOMMIE SAYLOR: Creating productive adults is like making steel

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Tommie Saylor
Kennedy High School Principal

Iron ore is wrenched from the ground and heated to incredible temperatures to separate the iron from the rest of the minerals, forming ingots of raw iron.  But, these ingots are unfinished. As such, have very little purpose or use. 

To make these ingots functional they must be heated again and hammered and hammered and hammered again to drive out the impurities.  If done properly, by mixing the proper amount of other metals, this raw iron becomes an alloy whose strength is legendary. An entire world can be built upon an alloy known as steel. 

Often educators are asked, “How can we be so hard on kids?” The answer: We are making steel! 

Being hard on students is not easy. We agonize over such decisions, often keeping us up late at nigh. It is not within our nature to be hard on students. But, we understand that life is hard, and if we are to prepare students for the hardships of life, we need to push them to strengthen their character and prepare them for the uncertainties of life. 

As educators, our success is not measured by standardized test scores, nor by graduation rates, but by the number of our students who find achievement in life.

How and where will you lead them. Making Kennedy the school of choice. Excellence by design.

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL chorus fills halls with sweet music

The Taylor Parks Elementary School chorus filled the halls with beautiful holiday music.  Music Director Meagan Grammatico and her students have been practicing for weeks and it paid off when they provided the school with a wonderful program.

Well done, students.