Saturday, May 28, 2016

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL second graders perform in concert

The second graders never sounded better than in the concert they performed today at McDowell Elementary School. Under the direction of Mrs. Arndt, they sang, had speaking parts and had lots of fun!

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL hosts tremendous concert

Reverse Order recently held a great concert at Holland Elementary School. Students enjoyed an awesome event, which featured a great message about bullying. It combined great music with ways to recognize bullying and deal with the affects. Thank you to Reverse Order from all of us at Holland.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ASD program gets visit from club

At Kinyon Elementary School a local Harley club came to by to allow our Autism Spectrum Disorder students to thank them for all their support of the Kinyon ASD program.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils release butterflies

Kinyon Elementary School kindergarteners released their butterflies recently.


On May 25 Myers Elementary School hosted its annual Talent Show. Many students showcased their talents by singing and dancing. Everyone enjoyed the fantastic show.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Project is fun ... and tasty!

Seventh-grade students at Hoover Middle School are building models to learn about the structures and functions of cells.  Comparing and contrasting plant cells to animal cells can be fun and tasty!

TVLA: Cooking Matters Educates on Healthy Living

By Zac Holdren

In conjunction with students’ Nutrition and Wellness course, for three weeks, chefs and nutritionists came to TVLA and taught students on the art of healthy living. “Cooking Matters” partnered with Beaumont Hospital to put on the class. describes the program as, “Community partners that serve low-income families offer six-week Cooking Matters courses to adults, kids and families. Each course is team-taught by a volunteer chef and nutrition educator and covers meal preparation, grocery shopping, food budgeting and nutrition.”

Students spent an hour during each session learning about healthy alternatives, utilizing all of the basic food groups and stretching their budget to create a healthy meal.

After the nutrition lesson, students cooked a fresh, affordable meal with a professionally trained chef. Some meals included cheeseburger pasta, barley jambalaya, tofu stir-fry, baked chicken with apples and cinnamon and black bean chocolate brownies. The students were then provided the groceries to make the meals at home for their families at the end of each session.

During the fifth class, students took a field trip to the Taylor Meijer for a meal budget challenge. Students were given $10 and given the challenge to purchase the ingredients to make a meal for four and cover all of the basic food groups. Students earned credit and a completion certificate after the six class sessions.

TVLA looks forward to partnering with Cooking Matters and Beaumont again with more classes in the near future. With the successful launch of this program at TVLA, it will become a class offered annually.


During small group time at Johnson Early Childhood Center, children were cooking and they made some pudding popsicles that they enjoyed for snack the next day. 

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL student body takes a trip to Skateland

On May 20 the entire student body at Myers Elementary School took a whole field trip to Skateland. All of the students and staff had a great time skating and celebrating a wonderful school year.