Saturday, February 20, 2016

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils learn math through artwork

Pupils at Myers Elementary School are having a great time learning about math through art. They are practicing measurement skills to create beautiful works of art.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Kennedy students visit to mentor in reading

Thursdays at Randall Elementary School you will see John F. Kennedy High School students reading with Randall students. The Taylor Reading Corps has high school students traveling to the elementary schools to help those students who might not have an adult volunteer.

During the annual Halloween Spooktacular this past October, Randall students donated $1 to trick or treat. That money went into buying books for the high school reading buddies to share with the students. The Mustangs would like to thank the Kennedy students for coming into the school and spending their time with the children.


Randall Elementary School celebrated the 100th Day of School recently! Mrs. Holstein’s kindergarteners ate a special snack to celebrate. They also did 100 exercises, made a silly hat and created a self-portrait of being 100 years old. They also made a class Olaf using 100 cotton balls. They loved building a snowman inside.


Randall Elementary School children use their iPads during Daily5!

The students in Mrs. Holstein’s kindergarten class now use their new class iPads for reading. They love using the QR codes to hear new books on their iPads.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils receive tasty reward

Holland Elementary School fifth graders were recently rewarded with a special delivery from Little Caesar's Pizza.  Caesarman himself delivered yummy pizza and danced with students. 

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL fitness stations are a big hit

The McDowell Elementary School Fitness stations are a big hit for our gym classes. Whether they playing a good game of "Stacking Cups," running or jumping, it’s lots of fun!


The McDowell Elementary School PTA gives great gifts!

A great big thank you from Mr. Brown to the PTA for the wonderful new music for the gym classes. Also, big a thank you for the gift cards for the library from Mrs. Cline!

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL bands celebrate Black History Month

This week the Hoover Middle School Bands celebrated Black History Month by watching and listening to a video on the history of African American Music. Students completed a time line of some of the influential African American musicians and their music styles that had a huge impact on society.

JOHNSON EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER attendees learn by working with blocks

The children at Johnson Early Childhood Center learn many things while building with blocks.  They increase their vocabulary as they discuss sizes, shapes and positions of the blocks.  

They are learning about fractions, part/whole relationship, comparisons, matching, sorting and classifying as they notice similarities and differences in the lengths and shapes of the blocks.

They learn about shapes and their characteristics as they build with squares, triangles, rectangles, circles and semi-circles.  They learn problem solving, balance, stability and engineering as they focus on how to make their various structures.  

They increase their creativity as they use blocks to design and represent.  They learn teamwork and cooperation as they build together with friends.  They develop their large and small muscles as well as hand/eye coordination when they pick up, stack and fit blocks together.  Block play is open-ended learning that grows with the child's interests and abilities.   


February 17 was 100th day of school at Holland Elementary School and the second graders celebrated all day long. Happy 100th-day.

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL marketing classes visit Palace, Great Lakes Crossing

Recently the marketing classes from Truman High School went on a work-based learning experience. The students were able to use the field trip as their required job shadows and also gain some hands-on learning.

First they went to the Palace of Auburn Hills, where a guide gave us a tour of the facilities. During the tour the students were educated not just on the great sports marketing that goes on there, but also the many jobs that are needed to run a facility like the palace.

One of Taylor’s own, Lakesha Chaffold, was given the microphone and sang the national anthem right on the court. Our WHST news station at Truman played the video on a recent airing. Included in the tour was the court, the home and away locker rooms, the "back stage" area for concerts, the suites, the press room, the newsroom, the PNC Courtside club, the stadium seating, the players family area and much more.

Next the students went to the Great Lakes Crossing Mall for curriculum-related hands-on learning.

The students observed and evaluated the mall’s stores, layouts, visual merchandising, displays, storefronts, customer service, job opportunities, retail environment, pricing, hospitality at restaurant establishments, competition, location, etc. They had an opportunity to experience another retail environment, aside from our school store.