Saturday, December 17, 2016

COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS at TSX offers free movie!

Parents, don't forget that the Taylor Sportsplex will be hosting "Countdown to Christmas" on Sunday, December 18.

This unique holiday event offers families and children a chance to skate with Santa Claus on the Belle Tire Arena rink; dinner with Santa's Elves; and "Elf" the movie.

Elf will be shown in the open field soccer arena. It stars Will Farrell as William "Buddy" Hobbs, Zooey Dechanel as Jovie, James Caan as Walter and Bob Newhart as Papa Elf.

There are various ticket packages available, and space is limited. VIP tickets, which include the skate and dinner, are just $5 each. There is also a family package for $15.

The movie is free for anyone who want to attend. 

The skating/dinner package begins at 3 p.m. The movie begins at 6 p.m.

Please call (734) 374-8900 for reservations and ticket information.


Mrs. Tetreault's second graders from Holland Elementary School visited Taylor City Hall on Friday, and got a surprise when Mayor Rick Sollars turned up in the crowd!

Administrative Assistant Kimber Dorton was hosting the tour, which included several City departments, the council chamber, veterans museum and the police and fire departments. As some of the pupils took their places in the council chambers and on the City Council dais, Mayor Sollars snuck into the back row.

The mayor answered several questions from the class and then took a photo with the entire group.

The City always welcomes school tours. If anyone is interested, email Dorton at

SCHOOL FOUNDATION holds annual appreciation luncheon

The Taylor Public School Foundation held its annual appreciation luncheon at the Chopping Block last week, featuring key donors to its scholarship programs.

The foundation awarded 23 scholarships to graduating students of Truman and Kennedy high schools, ranging from $250 to $1,250.

Attending the luncheon were foundation members and Peggy Richard and Matthew Szczepaniak of the Downriver Federal Credit Union; Rotary President Erin Dobbins; and Mayor Rick Sollars, among many others.

The foundation's Ken Nelson awarded Christmas tree "angels" to the following people who supported the program: Ann Robertson, Bob Haarala, Loren Ristovski, Scott Goodman, Greg Long, Ryan Bettinger, Linda Newsome, Caroline Patts, Suzette Schein, Cindy Whittico, Mayor Sollars and Board of Education member Debbie Stellini, who gave an impassioned speech about how the district and its teachers helped mold her own life and career.

WINTER BREAK BEGINS with ending of classes on December 23

Don't forget that the winter break begins with the end of classes on Friday, December 23.

The break continues through the first week of January. Classes return to session on Monday, January 9.

Don't forget to keep your children in the practice of learning. Here are some fun educational practices to do over the holiday season:

1. Read several holiday stories together.
2. Bake cookies and other holiday treats with the entire family helping.
3. Write notes of cheer and thank-you notes for teachers, family, and friends.
4. Ask children to help you compare prices for gift shopping.
5. Encourage children to make a "wish list" of things they want. Insist that some of the items can't cost money.
6. Adopt a needy family and plan together how to provide them clothing, toys, food and holiday decorations.
7. Make homemade ornaments out of thread spools, shiny paper, ribbon, Styrofoam shapes, glitter, and spray paint.
8. Buy your child a small, live potted tree. Show her how to care for it.
9. As a family, choose and attend a concert or special holiday event.
10. Make musical memories. Have each family member select some favorite songs-and record them onto a family holiday CD.
11. Hold a "nostalgia night." Gather around, young and old. Share pictures and scrapbooks. Watch old movies. Talk about what it was like when each was young.
12. Allow your child to invite friends to come over and bring one toy or game to share.
13. Give small educational gifts like a funky ruler, calculator, or miniature magnifying glass.
14. Let your child help you plan a holiday trip and keep track of gas, mileage, and expenses.
15. Give your child "Me and You, Kid" coupons that she can use when she wants to spend time reading, playing, or working on a special project with you.

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Copyright © 2013 Parent Institute

PUBLIC SCHOOL FOUNDATION always seeks new members

The Taylor Public School Foundation works every day to help students and programs at Taylor Public Schools. Support from alumni, donors, friends and community members make a difference each and every day in the Taylor Public Schools. 

The group supports enrichment opportunities and innovative programs for students and staff of the Taylor Public Schools.

Those offerings include:
  • Mini-grants
  • Scholarships
  • Fine Arts
  • Good To Go -Post secondary preparation
  • Special Education - Vocational preparation
  • All-Star Academic Programs

Want to get involved? Membership information available by contacting us at

WONDEROPOLIS WEBSITE can be fun for all ages

Want to have some fun with your children and help them learn at the same time?

Try clicking on to the Wonderopolis website, where the wonder of learning never stops.

Featured on today's website are ice skates -- when were they invented, how long as it been a sport, how have skates changed over the years, etc. 

The site offers easy-read information, photos, videos and much more. There is even a Wonderopolis Store, Camp Wonderopolis and much more.

SCHOOL NURSING DEPARTMENT offers Sight for Students program

Together, we're helping children see! 

Taylor School Nursing Department has a vision program called Sight For Students and has free certificates available to TSD students in need of eyecare and eyewear.  

The free gift certificate covers an eye exam, lens and frames for eligible students.  We are pleased to provide these certificates to our TSD students.  To inquire about student eligibility please call your students school and ask to speak to the School Nurse about the free vision program!

ONLINE NEWSLETTER include Middle Years

We've been periodically posting the availability of online educational newsletters through the Taylor School District website. They can be found here.

Five are posted on a regular basis, including one called "Middle Years, Working Together for School Success."

The November edition of Middle Years focuses on such topics as studying smart, which includes tips on rewriting material, visualizing information, and making your own tests.

It also gives tips on attending parent-teacher conferences, relating math to other subjects, and even depression.

These newsletters are quick reads for any parent who is on the run, but still wants to remain informed. 

DID YOU KNOW? District bus schedules are posted online

The bus schedules for every Taylor School District building are posted online here.

If you ever wonder what time the bus is going to get to your child's stop, just click on.

DID YOU KNOW? Lunch menus are always available on district website

Parents, the Taylor School District's website can be a "safe haven" for you -- especially if you're looking for information relating to the school life of your children. 

For instance, the monthly menus for lunches at elementary and secondary schools are always available and posted online here.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Staff member is a wonderful example for entire school

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
-- Emma Lazarus

By Tommie Saylor
Kennedy High School Principal

From the not-so-random acts of kindness category, we have a staff member that joined our ranks a few years ago, someone who has struggled in other buildings in the district, yet seems to have found a home here at Kennedy High School. 

A staff member that has a huge heart and an endless supply of kindness, a person that will quite literally give you the shirt off of his back even if he needs it more than you.

This staff member commits deliberate acts of kindness, and has no sense of the number of hours in a day he spends helping students, teachers, and administrators. He returns to the school for almost every after-school event. 

This staff member has a true service mentality, is exceptionally hard on himself and finds a true sense of pleasure and fulfillment in helping others. 

This staff member, Mr. Avelardo Paredes, is more than just a simple office secretary (administrative assistant), he is the embodiment of the spirit of Kennedy High School.

This is not just a reflection of Ave, it is also a testimonial to the character of Kennedy High School.

You give us your best, show a desire to succeed, have a passion for your profession and we will find a place for you. 

At Kennedy we understand that everyone has value, that every living soul has something to contribute, and all you need to do to be a part of this team is to put forth effort and we will gladly “offer our hand in friendship” and make you a part of one of the best educational teams in the Downriver area. 

We don’t care about your position or job title. We understand that it takes a village to raise a child, and we are that village.  All we consider is your dedication to the team, mission, job and our students.

So hats off to Ave, and to the entire Kennedy team for creating an atmosphere where everyone is welcomed.

Helping students to find their greatness. Making Kennedy the school of choice. Excellence by design.

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL library serves many purposes

The McDowell Elementary School Library, like libraries in so many other buildings, is used for Santa Shop, book fair, staff meetings, celebrations, mobile dentist, and so much more.

But the heart of any library is seeing students involved with a great book. These are Mr. Young's fifth-grade students loving reading!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STEM night gets everyone going!

Family Fun STEM Night at McDowell Elementary School was Super, Thought provoking, Enjoyable and Meaningful learning!

What STEM really stands for are the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Families got to have fun with materials from the Arts and Scraps store, play games, build a robot and work on math. That's a lot of fun learning!