Thursday, December 21, 2017


Here we go a caroling...

That was what Mrs. Vanderworp told her third-grade students recently at McDowell Elementary School. They enthusiastically sang to all they encountered to get the whole building in the Christmas spirit!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL goes above and beyond

Fifth graders at McDowell Elementary School, led by Mr. Tomassion, have been running a food drive. There were challenges between classes, students vs. teachers and boys vs. girls to bring in the most food.

Mr. Tomassion's goal was to donate 1,000 items. And guess what? The Downriver Fish & Loaves Food Pantry came and picked up over 900 pounds of food which made the total 1,024 items!

Congratulations to McDowell for providing food stuffs to so many. Here’s a rap created by our very talented and kind, Mr. Tomassion.

A Food Drive Christmas
Twas the week before break and all through the school, The 5th graders were trying to act all cool!
The food drive was near the last day, with a few items short Mr. T was heard to say...
"I thought we could hit 1000 as sure as can be, but we're a few cans short as you can see!
When all of a sudden from her office Ms. Borg sprang with glee...
She said, "I have the cans we're short, right here with me!"
So the students cheered, all proud of themselves and I believe I saw Santa turn to his elves,

He said, "I can't believe how much they gave this year, many more will have a Merry Christmas," and in his eye was a tear!


Mrs. Cahalan's third-grade class at Randall Elementary School created Christmas centers the day the school had pajama day.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Santa gets a unique request

A little boy at Myers Elementary School sat on a visiting Santa’s lap and like all the children before him was asked what he wanted for Christmas.

But, unlike the other children, his response drew a few tears, and even moved Santa himself.

The boy told Santa all he wanted was peace in his house and a pair of shoes.

Word of his surprising answer went straight from Santa to the ears of Myers Principal Tamara Jones-Jackson.

The principal said it was one of the most emotional moments of the day, which was made possible through Odette and Corne Chiropractic in Woodhaven and Tittle Brothers Construction, based in Southgate.

Woodhaven Mayor Patricia Odette (who owns the chiropractic business) contacted the principal. Odette extended the offer to adopt the school after one of her clients, who happens works at the school, had a conversation with the chiropractor. Odette said she has sponsored the school in the past, but after a change in principals years ago, there was “a disconnect.”

The recent talk with her client set things back in motion.

Jones-Jackson told Odette they wanted to have the children take pictures with Santa, but would have to charge the youngsters to do it. Odette offered to cover that cost for the school.

Instead of leaving it at that, Odette asked if there was anything else she could do to help.

“I told her we need coats and hats for some of the children, and she said she could do that, too,” Jones-Jackson said. “The children also were given gift cards to McDonalds and gloves.”

When Carrie Tittle, owner of Tittle Brothers, heard about Odette’s plan to support the school, she offered to have her business share the load.

A holiday breakfast was prepared for the children at the school and both businesses made sure each student left Myers with a Christmas stocking loaded with candy and treats.

“Oh my goodness, the children were ecstatic,” Jones-Jackson said.
Both businesses brought a crew of employees to the school and together they sang holiday carols with the children.

“I’ve never seen so many happy children,” Odette said. “We had a big party there, and it was phenomenal.”

When Odette learned of two families at the school facing eviction, she didn’t have the heart to walk away from the school without helping them, too.

She adopted both families, which together include six children. Odette said she wanted to make sure they had something for the holiday.

After leaving the school, the thought of the little boy asking Santa for peace and shoes weighed heavy on the heart of Tittle.

Along with bringing in coats and other items for the school, Tittle made another trip to the store and brought back a pair of shoes for the child.

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL DECA students visit Blair Moody

Recently the marketing DECA students from Truman HIgh School visited some second graders at Blair Moody Elementary School.

Mrs. Michaelis was generous enough to allow our entrepreneurship and financial promotion plan student groups into her class. Their agenda for the day was teaching the students a lesson on entrepreneurship.

The students played games, learned entrepreneurship and finance vocabulary and put their mind to the test. They applied what they learned and created their own products using supplies given and then presented their products to the class becoming their own "bosses" for their own business. 

Six Truman marketing DECA students put together the lessons and taught them. Sara Sherazi, Cindy Nyarko, Alondra Castaneda, Da'kyra McGhee-Monk, Chase Nester, and Sylvester Grant.

Once their lesson and activities were complete each second grader was given a certificate and they ended with some popcorn, and cookies because according to Boss Baby "cookies are for closers" 

Sara Sherazi said, "I really enjoyed teaching the kids and had a blast with them. It was a great experience."


It was recently dress up/career day at Eureka Heights Elementary School. These youngsters fit right in.


This is the Eureka Heights Elementary School PTA-made “Santa Shop.” Students were then able to purchase gifts! Great job by the PTA!

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL receives a 'taste' of literature

Eureka Heights Elementary School third graders had a "Book Tasting". They explored multiple different genres of books, to pique their interest. Then the students shared their findings with their peers.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL under elf surveillance

Mrs. Holstein's class at Holland Elementary School researched reindeer and made reindeer art! They also made some silly elves and wrote about them. Their class is under "Elf surveillance" with an elf from the North Pole that they named Diamond!

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL swim team looks ready

Take your mark! The Hoover Middle School Swimming Team is ready to go.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL says happy holidays from the garden club

At Hoover Middle School, it’s “Happy Holidays from the Garden Club.” 

This was our first year experimenting with poinsettias. They were grown in the greenhouse from January to May, transplanted outside until late fall, and began the 12-hour dark cycle November 1.  

The plants will be on display in the front hall through Dec. 21 – and special thanks to Mr. Jamison for all his help.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL community shares to aid those who need

Tis' the Season of Sharing and Caring! This December, students and staff at Hoover Middle School gave from their hearts by participating in the Annual Food Drive. 

Enough food and supplies were donated to give 20 families in-need a Holiday Food Bin with 2 gift cards.  A special “thank you” to our counseling staff, Ms. Hicks and Mrs. Wegher, and teachers, Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Ketvirtis, for organizing the food drive.

Also, a big “thank you” to everyone who made this a success for the community.  

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL gets up close and personal with pollution study

The seventh-grade science students at West Middle School have been studying pollution, its causes and effects. Mrs. Sara Bochenek presented an interactive activity daily.
This activity began by creating a large topographical map. Landforms such as mountains, hills, valleys, plateaus and plains were identified.

Next sponges were added to represent wetlands. Wetlands prevent flooding and hold pollutants at bay from entering large bodies of water.

After that wildlife figures were included to the topographical map. Using spray bottles the students made it "rain".  They discussed what bodies of water were now formed. These lakes, streams, oceans and other watersheds were formed by runoff and influenced by the surrounding landforms. At this point the environment was clean and healthy for plants and animals.
Everyone learned that once the Industrial Revolution started water pollution was a negative consequence. Erosion, oil spills, salt, chemicals, toxic waste and acid rain entered the waterways.

Pollution devastated the environment that the class had created. After another "rainstorm" the science students observed how the pollution spread. In some instances it was apparent that the wetlands did their job of holding back pollution from entering the lakes, streams and rivers. 
In conclusion, students gave suggestions how they could each minimize the amount of water pollution. Suggestions included picking up dog waste, using less cleaning products, recycling car oil appropriately, and writing letters to our government officials to enact better pollution control practices.

Sara Bochenek, West's Instructional Support Coordinator, helps our students have a better understanding of their world through special speakers, field trips and lab activities.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL holds Christmas concert

Kinyon Elementary School recently held its Christmas concert. The voices were heavenly!