Sunday, June 9, 2019

FAREWELL ASSEMBLY featured scholarships and awards from educational foundation and DECA

Taylor High School is graduating its very first class this year, and the seniors were honored (June 5) during the annual Farewell Assembly in the gymnasium.

The Taylor Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence handed out over $30,000 in college scholarships, and top DECA group members were also honored.

To close the ceremony, Principal Melissa Skopczynski and the Griffins' mascot took a selfie with the entire class.

Graduation took place at the Taylor Sportsplex on June 6.

The awards were as follows, first from the Foundation:
  • Caroline Patts Award for Educational Achievement ($500): Samantha Bridge
  • Charles Bonner Going Forward Award ($625): Zion Studivant
  • Charles Dickelman University of Michigan Scholarship ($1,250 each): Katelin Hodges and Bhupender Kaur
  • DFCU Education Achievement Award ($1,000): Dylan Maynard
  • Educational Athletic Scholarship (($500 each): Austin Dukes and Kaily Nissen
  • Rollie Hopgood Award for Continued Success (($1,000 each): Rachel Maudlin and Vheena Villareal
  • John and Sharon Cruden Award ($2,000): Kaily Nissen
  • John Pantalone Award for Future Teachers and Trade School Applicants: Andrew Basler ($5,000); Nicholas Balmus (total cost of one-year apprenticeship); Mikayla Black ($1500); Jose Lomeli ($500); and Hayley Toth ($2,500)
  • Laura Trent Memorial Scholarship ($500): Patricia Floyd
  • Mayor Rick Sollars Scholarship ($500 each): Trace Donahey and Samantha Rickard
  • Robert Haarala School Service Award ($1,000): Horace Smith
  • Taylor Churches Making a Difference Award ($750 each): Andrew Buendia and Amber Campbell
  • Taylor Changing Lives Scholarship: LaAsia Lockhart ($250), Nicole Norris ($1,000), Marissa Ojeo ($500) and Eleazar Vega ($250)
  • Taylor Public School Foundation Award ($500): Amber Beilfuss
  • Taylor School District Alumni Association Award ($$500 each): Trace Donahey and Sara Stevenson
  • Thomas Schuck Family Award ($1,000): Elizabeth Blevens
  • Total Community Credit Union Scholarship: Dana Favot ($1,000)
  • Van Kostegian Award for Educational Advancement ($1,000 each); Austin Dukes and Samantha Rickard
  • Women’s Auxiliary of the Democratic Club of Taylor Scholarship ($500): Vheena Villarreal
  • Anthony Joel Webb Memorial Scholarship ($500): Rachel Zorn
  • Taylor Federation of Teachers and 26M employees union awarded $2,000 each to Haley Toth and Amber Beilfuss.

DECA, one of the most active organizations in Taylor High School, prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

The club awarded the following members:
  • The Entrepreneurship Scholarship ($500) is for a student who is planning to open up their own business. This year’s recipient has gone above and beyond just wanting to open their own business. He spent all last summer in the entrepreneurship youth STEP UP program working with professionals to get his business started: DECA vice president Mohammad Monet (scholarship funded by Continental Express).
  • Northwood University ($2,500) recognized a student for earning first place in the state for her buying and merchandising research project paper and presentation. In the history of Taylor DECA she is only the 11th person to make it to international competition: Oganayrukayway Odjugo.
  • The Marketing Student of the Year scholarship ($200) went to a student who went above and beyond maintaining good behavior and good grades in class: Marissa Ogea.
  • The Marketing Employee of the Year scholarship ($200) is given to a student who works constantly for our school store and DECA club: Karizma Melendez.
  • The Leadership Scholarship ($200) went to a student who took on many leadership roles, not just in marketing but throughout the school as well: Vheena Villareal.
  • The Manager of the Year ($200) went to a student who took on one of the hardest jobs at the school. Griffin’s Lounge manager: Madyson LaMothe.

The 2019 Valedictorians of Taylor High School are Katelin Hodges, Austin Dukes, Amber Beilfuss, Amber Campbell, Zion Studivant, Amanda Jackson, Lalah Burton, Gurliv Khehra, Dana Favot, Eleazar Vega, Bhupender Kaur, Drew von Hoffman, Hayley Toth, Sana Abedi, Kaily Nissen and Daniela Feraru. Rachel Zorn served as salutatorian.

TAYLOR SCHOOL DISTRICT to participate in summer meals programs

The Taylor School District will participate in the summer meals program to provide free breakfast and lunch to school-aged children.

Below are the locations and dates and times that meals will be served:
Taylor High School 11211 Beech Daly

July 8 – August 1 (Mondays through Thursdays)

Breakfast 8:30 – 9 Lunch Noon – 12:30

Career Center 9601 Westlake
(TVLA location)
June 17 – August 29 (Mondays through Fridays)
Closed first two weeks of July
Breakfast 8:45 – 10 am Lunch 11 – 2

Career Center 9601 Westlake
June 24 – August 1 (Mondays through Thursdays)
Breakfast Only 8– 8:30 a.m.
(This location serves breakfast only out of the kitchen with the pull down window by the gym. This breakfast program is sponsored by Beaumont Teen Health Center, and is in addition to the one served out of the Taylor Virtual Learning Academy at the Career Center.)

This information is also filed with the Michigan Department of Education for their postings and has been sent to Wayne County Health Department and the News Herald. It is also printed on the breakfast/lunch menu for June.

GRADUATION PHOTOS available online

Graduate photos taken by The News-Herald Newspapers are available here.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL sixth graders take trip to Wildlife Refuge

On June 4, and June 5, Mrs. Fent’s sixth grade science students at West Middle School took a field trip to the Gibraltar Bay Unit in Grosse Ile, a part of the International Wildlife Refuge. There, the park rangers conducted a variety of activities with the students.

The activities included a scavenger hunt, a hike and migration and sturgeon activities. The students enjoyed the trip immensely. During the trip the beauty of the environment was appreciated. 
With the assistance of the park naturalists,  Mrs. Fent’s class became immersed in nature. Students learned the identity of many of the plants native to our area. They were surprise by all the obstacles that interfered with bird migration.

Those obstacles include powerlines, powerful storms, loss of habitat and predators. The naturalists also explained how Sturgeon  -- once threatened by pollution, overharvesting and dredging – have made a healthy comeback. Laws and reefs have been put in place to guarantee the sturgeons’ continued survival in the Detroit River.

The wildlife that was observed on our nature walk included deer, swans, Blue heron, Redwing blackbirds, turtles, the song of a bullfrog, scat and a variety of wildflowers. 
Everyone from the school thanks the naturalists from the International Wildlife Refuge for their guidance and information on this successful visit. Mrs. Fent’s students came away with a greater knowledge and appreciation of the outdoors.

West Middle School believes that the emphasis that the science department has put on exploring our neighboring habitats will begin a lifelong love and respect for the natural world around us.

 Submitted by Sara Bochenek 


Just another wonderful field day at Johnson Early Childhood Center.