Sunday, June 9, 2019

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL sixth graders take trip to Wildlife Refuge

On June 4, and June 5, Mrs. Fent’s sixth grade science students at West Middle School took a field trip to the Gibraltar Bay Unit in Grosse Ile, a part of the International Wildlife Refuge. There, the park rangers conducted a variety of activities with the students.

The activities included a scavenger hunt, a hike and migration and sturgeon activities. The students enjoyed the trip immensely. During the trip the beauty of the environment was appreciated. 
With the assistance of the park naturalists,  Mrs. Fent’s class became immersed in nature. Students learned the identity of many of the plants native to our area. They were surprise by all the obstacles that interfered with bird migration.

Those obstacles include powerlines, powerful storms, loss of habitat and predators. The naturalists also explained how Sturgeon  -- once threatened by pollution, overharvesting and dredging – have made a healthy comeback. Laws and reefs have been put in place to guarantee the sturgeons’ continued survival in the Detroit River.

The wildlife that was observed on our nature walk included deer, swans, Blue heron, Redwing blackbirds, turtles, the song of a bullfrog, scat and a variety of wildflowers. 
Everyone from the school thanks the naturalists from the International Wildlife Refuge for their guidance and information on this successful visit. Mrs. Fent’s students came away with a greater knowledge and appreciation of the outdoors.

West Middle School believes that the emphasis that the science department has put on exploring our neighboring habitats will begin a lifelong love and respect for the natural world around us.

 Submitted by Sara Bochenek 

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