Saturday, October 27, 2018

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students discuss strategy

Third-grade students from Mrs. Tevepaugh’s class at Blair Moody Elementary School discuss the division strategy they used to solve the math story problem. This is collaborative learning at its best.

JOHNSON EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER children learn the basics

At Johnson Early Childhood Center the students learn through activities that are based on their interests. This week they developed small muscles, problem-solving skills and creativity as they hammered golf tees into pumpkins.

The little ones also learned about counting (by counting the tees) and then created shapes and designs when rubber bands were added to the experience.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students focus on bird's beaks

Mrs. Fent's and Mrs. Schulte's sixth-grade classes at West Middle School conducted a lab on bird beak adaptations.

Through this lab the students gained a better understanding of how the shape and size of a bird's beak determines the size and shape of their food. The size and shape of the bird's beak also factored in on how birds used their beak to gather food. Depending on the shape and size of the bird's beak, some birds pierced their food, while others scooped or merely pinched their food.
In the second trial of this lab, some food sources were removed and in other instances the bird's beak was injured in some way. During the second trial, students learned that if the bird's food was removed, the bird would die or need to migrate to find a new food source. Among the birds with a "handicapped beak" the students saw that these birds also needed to find other food sources for survival.
This lesson showed sixth grade students the importance of adapting to new environmental situations. It also demonstrated how physical adaptations of bird beaks directly resulted in determining the particular food sources of individual bird species.

-- Submitted by Sara Bochenek

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL has some fun with penny drop

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students conduct food chain activity

Mrs. Fent's and Mrs. Schulte's sixth-grade classes at West Middle School have been studying ecology. As part of the study students are becoming familiar with the following terms: predator, prey, food chain, food web, consumers, producers and decomposers. 
During the week of October 22, sixth grade students conducted a food chain/food web activity. Students took on the various roles of specific producers, consumers or decomposers. With the use of yarn students constructed several food chains. By doing this lab activity students could visually see how overlapping food chains formed a food web.
This activity was very well received. Students gained a better understanding that the sun is the principle source of all food energy. They were surprised to learn that as you went further down the food chain less and less energy was received. For most students realizing the vital role that decomposers play in the ecosystem was quite an eye-opener. Through these hands on activities students are able to gain and retain knowledge much better.

-- Submitted by Sara Bochenek

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL learn code programming

In the seventh-grade science classes and STEM Club at Hoover Middle School, students are learning how to code by programming the Dash Robot.  

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL hears from animal farming expert

On October 23 a very special presenter, Brece Clark, returned to West Middle School. Clark spoke with all seventh-grade science students on Modern Animal Agriculture. Another term for this practice is “factory farming.”
Clark's presentation gave the students much food for thought. One question that was raised during the presentation was why are some foods ethically responsible, while other foods are ethically irresponsible.

Clark also presented the idea that certain food choices are culturally or religiously dependent. That is, some cultures eat dogs, while here in the United States eating dogs is not culturally acceptable.

Clark told the students that 95 to 99 percent of all animals raised, are in factory farming conditions. Overcrowding and dark and unsanitary conditions are the norm. Most animals we consume have been injected with antibiotics that are fast becoming immune to superbugs.
With the information presented by Clark, students were asked to question their present diet and see if there were opportunities to make healthier and ethically inspired food choices. Even small changes in our diet can lead to major improvements in our health and environment.

Thanks to Clark for visiting West’s seventh-grade science students. The information presented was interesting and thought provoking.  As we analyze our food choices we will be able to make healthier choices based on Clark's ethically inspired presentation.

-- Submitted by Sara Bochenek

WAYNE COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE offers skilled trades program

Skilled Trades are among the fastest growing job sectors in the country. Are you interested in learning HVAC, carpentry, cement masonry, ironwork or other general labor skills? Wayne County Community College has the programming and worksite training to take your career to the next level. Training is both fast and affordable. You may qualify for special grants. Call 800-713-6433 for more information. #WantMoreStartHere

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL Band and Choir Concert scheduled

The Taylor High School Band and Choir Concert will be held at 7 p.m. October 30 in the high school gymnasium.

FORMER TEACHER Thomas Kurginski passes away at 73

Former Taylor Schools teacher passes away:

THOMAS KURGINSKI of Taylor passed away on October 22, 2018 at the age of 73.

Beloved husband of Kathy.
Survived by one brother, Ernest (Judy) Kurginski.
Loving father of two furbabies.

Survived by many extended family members.
Preceeded in death by his parents Ernest and Helen Kurginski.

Thomas taught in the Taylor District for 33 years. 

Memorials can be made to the Michigan Humane Society or WAG Animal Rescue in honor of Thomas.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL: Attention athletes

Attention Taylor High School Athletes:
All students interested in participating in a winter sport MUST have a current physical on file with the school.  A current physical is one that has been completed on or after April 15 of the previous school year. 

Tryouts for the Girls Basketball Team will begin on November 12.  All girls that are interested in playing on the freshman, junior varsity, or varsity team MUST have a current physical on file.  Any girls that have questions can see Coach Putnam in Room 419 for additional information. 

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL: Upcoming events

Upcoming Events at Taylor High School:
  • Band and Choir Concert, October 30 @ THS gym 7 p.m.
  • Early Release PD day, October 31. Students dismissed @ 10:42 a.m.
  • Ford NGL Meeting November 1, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. @ WCCCD

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL class does lab outside Media Center

Mr. Zaback’s class at Taylor High School was busy this week doing a lab on displacement outside the Media Center. It marked hands-on learning at its best.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL students officiate special contest

Three young Taylor High School men from Mr. Stroia’s Sports Officiating class officiated last week’s “Powder Puff” game.  It was a great hands-on way to practice the skills they are learning in class.  This too is one of the SHAPE academy electives!

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL travel class creates videos

Mr. Schwartz’s Travel and Tourism Class created travel videos for different countries and presented them to the class. They did an amazing job.  This is one of many new academy electives students are enjoying at Taylor High School.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL hosts college programs

Onsite college day took place on Thursday, October 25, at Taylor High School.  Twenty-one college and career institutes were in attendance and several students were accepted on the spot.  Thank you to the counselors and all who made this day possible.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL marketing has fun with 'Griffin Heads'

Marketing students were successful in designing, selling, and printing “Griffin Heads” for the powder puff game at Taylor High School.

The senior boys won the cheerleading halftime competition and senior girls won the game, 12-6. Thank you to all who came out and supported the kids.

Friday was the City of Taylor’s Hallow Palooza at Heritage Park, which included work for DECA and NHS community service hours, so it’s been a busy week.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL power puff game a blast

Taylor High School on Wednesday, October 24, held its first “Powder Puff “ football game.  The Seniors beat the Juniors, 12-6.  All students had a blast, especially the cheerleaders. Thanks to all that came out to support the classes.