Saturday, January 30, 2016

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL experiences the Class of 2029

There were some smiles. Others jumped with excitement. And a few shed some tears.

They were all future Taylor Parks Elementary School kindergarten students attending the kindergarten round up. After a quick snack, all the students visited the kindergarten classroom for an activity and story.  

Parents spent the time meeting with the principal, school nurse, speech teacher and both kindergartner teachers.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL has fundraising goal of $5,400

The photograph is of student from Holland Elementary School getting ready to kick off the annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser to benefit the American Heart Association. 

Holland’s goal of raising $5,400 is the biggest in school history.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils enjoy computer lab

Third and fourth-grade students at Myers Elementary School are enjoying its new computer lab. They are working on reading and comprehension skills through Raz-kids.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL student council has its goals outlined

Here are the members of the Holland Elementary School 2015-2016 Student Council. Its purpose is to provide leadership opportunities, develop positive attitudes and practice good citizenship. Its goals are to serve the student body, the school and our community. Sandra Irwin is the Student Council Advisor.


“The Wild Animal Guy” spent a recent day at Kinyon Elementary School. Everyone visited with sugar gliders, a python and several other animal friends.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL doesn't get snow to have snow fun

Randall Elementary School hosted its “Winter Games” for PBIS at the end of December.

Each grade level had a scheduled time in the gym to participate in all kinds of winter games.

Some of the games were: Pin the Nose on Frosty; Candy Cane Limbo; Snowman Stack (building marshmallow snowmen); Snowman Slam (knocking down snowman cups); and of course, the big snowball fight at the end.

Each child brought in a new white sock. They were rolled into a ball and each group was able to throw “snow” at the other children – and not get hurt. Even though there wasn’t a lot of snow outside, the children had a snow blast!

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Math games are one of students' favorite periods of the day

Math games are a great way to practice important math skills. The third graders in Mrs. Youngs’ class at Myers Elementary School look forward to game time. Their favorite thing to do is curl up in the floor to play math games!

TOMMIE SAYLOR: Kennedy's mission, vision and the Three R's

“Be a yardstick of quality.  Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” 
Steve Jobs

By Tommie Saylor
Kennedy High School Principal

I’m amazed when I hear that some of our community members do not know what Kennedy High School is all about. So let me explain.

Our vision, the driving force behind all of our efforts and the purpose for our existence, is as follows:

The community of John F. Kennedy High School, through innovative techniques, applied technology, effective instruction and lasting relationships, will prepare students for a successful and diverse future.

Our mission, the filter by which we make day-to-day decisions, the lens by which we focus and how we plan to achieve the vision is as follows:

John F. Kennedy High School is a community committed to improving the lives and education of its students.

The process by which we work the mission to achieve the vision is through careful application of the three R’s:

Relationships – Building positive, healthy, and intuitive relationships with our students, which will not only lead them to a high school diploma, but also better prepare for the world that exists outside of our halls. 

Simply, “students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much to care.” This is accomplished by remaining respectful at all times. Nurturing students through difficulties, and by taking an interest in each and every student. It is accomplished by getting to know the student. 

This is why we attend sporting events, so that the students can see that we are there, that we care.  This is why we take the time to sit and visit with students and have casual conversations with them as they tell us their hopes and dreams. 

By doing so, we are able to leverage the relationships we build with our students to push them toward success.

Relevance – Making lessons meaningful to the student and making lessons “fit” into their world. By doing so, we are better able to draw the student into the lesson. If we are able to show the student why the lesson is important, how the content being covered can be utilized, where the knowledge is leading, then the student is more inclined to open their mind to the lesson and embrace the learning process. 

By making the lesson relevant to the student, we are better able to spark the fire of interest that lights the student’s path through the darkness of ignorance.

Rigor – The building of relationships and the unveiling of relevance is what can drive the students toward rigor. It is rigor that unlocks the student’s minds and secures their future.  Through rigor, students are able to grow academically, and see the world in shades of possibilities. This process opens doors that would otherwise be sealed. 

It is the pursuit of rigor that drives our students toward the acquisition of the mission, and the realization of the vision.

To ensure the proper application of the Three R’s, we have implemented the PLC process.  The Professional Learning Community (PLC) process is centered on getting teachers together to discuss curriculum, review best practices and review student learning data. 

We gather our educational experts to review, dissect and scrutinize every assignment, every assessment and every lesson to insure the highest quality educational experience humanly possible. 

The PLC process is about teachers becoming their own worst critic, to ensure that only the absolute best lessons are being presented to their students. By doing do, we certify that the Three R’s are being implemented with fidelity.

In my mind, the mission lies upon the edge of one side of a vast canyon, while the vision lies on the corresponding edge at the other side. 

The daily lesson is the bridge between the mission and the vision, while the Three R’s are the pillars that support the bridge. 

The PLC process is the method by which the bridge goes through constant inspection, guaranteeing that it remains viable and sound.  It is with this symphony of progressions (along with an endless supporting cast), that the vision is ultimately attained.

In essence, Kennedy High School is more than just a school that concerns itself with the teaching of generic lessons. It is a full-service learning institution where the “whole” student is cultivated into releasing the potential they hide deep inside. 

Kennedy High School is an institution where dreams are born, ambitions are congealed and spirits cultured.  We measure our success by the number of students we bring to full bloom.

How and where will you lead them. Making Kennedy the school of choice. Excellence by design.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL challenges you to visit and match snowmen with students

Snowmen have been hanging around the halls of Holland Elementary School, thanks to designs of Ms. Hubble's students.

Stop by and try to guess which snowman belongs to who by matching the students' descriptions with their snowmen.


Third graders from Ms. Robinson's room at Eureka Heights Elementary School recently shared their "How to..." presentations!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils watch 'Brainstormers'

"The Brainstormers” came to McDowell Elementary School and the audience loved them! 

Their specialty is combining learning and laughter in equal measures, empowering young people to express their creativity both on the page and on the stage. 

“The Brainstormers” put on a high-energy creative writing show that included fun and excitement, all in an effort to change  the students’ attitudes about writing.  

Their belief is that a young person who discovers the joy of expressing their ideas by using the written word will grow up to be a successful communicator in whatever field they choose.

EUREKA HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: More photos from parenting session

Here are more photos from Eureka Heights Elementary School's winter parenting session for third graders and their parents.


Check out these photos from the recent Eureka Heights Elementary School third-grade parenting session.