Friday, March 28, 2014

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Pupils get ready to travel the globe

Second graders from Mrs. Thompson's class at Myers Elementary School gear up for the end of “March is Reading Month” celebration slated for Monday, March 31.  

The school will travel around the world and visit different countries. The theme has been, "Reading takes you everywhere." Their classroom will be North America.  They have created and decorated a teepee to show off the rest of the Myers Mustangs!

KENNEDY/TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOLS: Trip to U of M is an eye-popping experience

In the month of March, ninth-grade students from Kennedy and Truman high schools went on a field trip to University of Michigan.  The students had the opportunity to listen to various speakers, participate in hands-on workshops and sat down for a family style luncheon.  It was an amazing experience for the students.

Upon arrival, the students entered the auditorium, where they heard speeches from important leaders.  Some of the speakers included University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman and the first woman of color astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison. 

The speeches were an eye-opener for the students to see the possibilities of future achievement.  Jemison is an astronaut, physician, engineer, educator, entrepreneur and a worldwide respected voice in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Her accomplishments were impressive and the students were so excited, as they were able to meet her and take a picture with her.

After the lecture experience, the students attended two hands-on workshops. 

University of Michigan engineering students led the workshops.  The Michigan students introduced themselves telling the ninth-graders about impressive degrees, as well as the current programs they are in now.  At one of the workshops, the ninth graders were able to speak to the college students on a personal level, as well as each other to discuss goals in life. 

The students were excited at the idea of possible career choices and committed to goals and actions for their future.  At another workshop, the students were put in groups to engineer a bridge to support as much weight as possible.  The bridges were tested with buckets of water.  This was a fun, as well as educational experience.  Spending time with the University of Michigan students was a great experience for the Taylor School District students and gave each one additional motivation for success.

To end the field trip, students were given a full-course lunch that was served to them in a banquet hall on campus.  A University of Michigan student was at each table to talk to the ninth graders as they ate.  All 20 of the students that attended had a wonderful time and were able to vision the possibilities one can achieve through college. 

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Video tells the whole story of engineering night

Randall Elementary School was able to host its first "Family Engineering Night" thanks to Ms. Hale, one of its fabulous fourth-grade teachers.

Take a look at the video ... 

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Counselors are excited about the school year

The West Middle School Counseling Department is feeling very positive about how the 2013-2014 school year has gone so far.

They have been working diligently with students, parents and staff all year and are extremely excited about all the extra services we have been able to offer.

West joined forces with the Taylor Teen Health to offer a 12-week group counseling curriculum and the students seemed to enjoy the program greatly.  Taylor Teen Health ran a girls and boys group focusing on personal/social areas with several students.  They also offered a Focus Group that helped students with organization and study skills.

West counselors are also thrilled that Henry Ford Sand Castles has come in to facilitate a group for students that are grieving the loss of a loved one.  The group had its first session recently and the students involved have already given us a lot of positive feedback. 

West plans to offer these groups and others, in future years, as it continues to determine the needs of its students.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Kindergarteners have a busy day

Mrs. Milley and Mrs. McCleary's kindergarten class at Randall Elementary School filled their bucket with 50 cottonballs! 

They celebrated by eating ice cream sundaes and taking their first spring trip outside. In addition, they had Mr. K in on to teach them how to paint on the laptops. 

It was a fun-filled week in the kindergarten class!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Family read-in draws a crowd

Randall Elementary School enjoyed its annual Family Read-In Night on March 13. 

Over 100 people came to read in the hallways with their blankets and books. Snacks were provided and raffles for the children. Every child received a book.  The Scholastic Book Fair was also open for the evening.  And a great time was had by all.


It was mismatch day at the the Sixth Grade Academy recently as SGA and March Madness is in full swing. Assistant Principal Mr. Hall (below) and Xavier Bailey (above) showed off on "Mismatch Day."

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY: Maroon Colts take the title

Truman High School hosted the tournament for Sixth Grade Academy basketball on recently. All the teams played well and showed excellent sportsmanship.  The teams playing in the championship game were the Blue Colts and the Maroon Colts. Coach Favors led his team of Maroon Colts to the tournament victory. The coach was awarded the trophy and the boys each received a medal. A big “way to go” to the entire Maroon team and their great coach for an undefeated season and the tournament victory.

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Guests make for a great reading month

Taylor Parks Elementary School was fortunate to have a number of guest readers visit during “March is Reading Month.”

The rooms were filled with words, excitement, pictures and even some items to enhance the story.  First graders provided an audience for Michigan State Rep. Douglass Geiss.  Geiss shared his reading with not only Taylor Parks, but with hundreds of students from both Taylor and Romulus.

In Mrs. Thomson first-grade class, retired Taylor School District nurse Mrs. McCabe read for reading month.  She talked about good nutrition and read, "I Will Never NOT EVER Eat a Tomato." It is a story about a young boy trying to get his picky sister to eat new foods.

The students of Mrs. Dwornick, Mrs. Abramas, Mrs. Squire and Ms. Allmayer had a real treat. Their guest reader was Mr. Newman, a former wrestler, who read about the sport and even brought in an belt.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Students focus on anti-drug campaigns

Every student at Hoover Middle School is participating in this year's anti-drug campaign through enrichment classes.  

Students have the choice of creating a video, a t-shirt design, a comic strip, a children's book or a poem with the goal of tying in anti-drugs, the community and super heroes (who keep you off drugs).  

Each enrichment class can create as many projects as they like, but the top two from each class are submitted to Ms. Betke for judging and the overall winner from Hoover will be sent to the district for judging by the Taylor Rotary Club (judging is on March 27).

The city-wide celebration featuring the winners will be April 3.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Video shows students creating real lighthouses!

Ms. Hale's fourth graders had a blast creating real lighthouses at Randall Elementary School recently!

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Lego League is on a roll!

Kinyon Elementary School’s Lego League started recently. For six Mondays children will stay after school to participate in the fabulous program! Big thanks to Sean O'Neill and Jennifer Rosiak for running the program. Over 20 third through fifth graders are participating.