Saturday, March 31, 2018

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL honors NHS students

Last week in the Heinz Prechter Performing Arts & Education Center at Wayne County Community College’s Downriver Campus, Truman High School inducted the new group of deserving National Honors Society students. Because of the large number of inductees, Truman had to hold the event at WCCC.

Congratulations to all of the hardworking students, and many thanks to their parents, grandparents and extended families for their years of support. Everyone is very proud of the students’ accomplishments. A big thank you goes out to WCCC and Campus President Tony Arminiak for hosting the event.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL celebrates readers

Last Friday, first- and second-grade pupils at Myers Elementary School were treated to a Beyond Basics “reading graduation” ceremony for their hard work and achievement as young readers. They worked hard with their reading tutors, made great gains, and are really enjoying growing as young readers. Congratulations!

NEW TAYLOR GRIFFINS football team holds golf outing


Taylor Parks Elementary School knows how to do March Is Reading Month. 

A special reader was none other than PAWS, the mascot of the Detroit Tigers. With an invite from Mrs. Thomson, fourth-grade teacher, Paws entertained the students with a reenactment of the classic baseball story, Casey at the Bat, read by Mrs. Godfrey, another TP wonderful teacher.

After the story, questions were asked of the students and if they gave a correct answer, a great prize was awarded. Taylor Parks’ students and staff are now ready for the start of a successful season of baseball. 

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils visit library, petting farm

Taylor Parks Elementary School students from Mrs. Abramas' and Miss Gorski's classes had a great time visiting two of City of Taylor's jewels: The Petting Farm and the Taylor Community Library. 

While at the library, they celebrated March is Reading month by enjoying several stories read by the librarian and then made bookmarks. 

At the Petting Farm, the students enjoyed getting up close to the farm animals. What a wonderful way to celebrate March is Reading Month.  By the way, be sure to contact the Taylor Community Library for information on the great summer reading programs they offer to students.

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL posts video on Spirit Week

Truman High School has another edition of WHST Broadcast Media this week highlighting Spirit Week. Share it with interested in Truman.  It is about four minutes long and also includes clips of the Lip Sync Battle.

DON'T FORGET the Alumni Association Euchre Tournament

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL music program How The West Was Won (photographs)

CLASSES, ORGANIZATIONS invited to 2018 Heritage Park Cleanup Day

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL counselors visit elementary schools

During the week of March 19, the Hoover Middle School Counseling Department visited all the Taylor School District Elementary Schools in order to speak to the current fifth-grade students about their transition to the middle school for the 2018-2019 School year.  Thank you to all the elementary school staffs and their students for welcoming us into your schools!

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL classes have 'egg-citing' day

Mrs.Holstein's Holland Elementary School class had an “egg-citing” day in kindergarten/first grade! They painted eggs, made baskets, went on an egg hunt, and counted and graphed jellybeans. They also previously painted a rabbit and wrote about what they hoped the Easter Bunny would bring them.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL students look into the future

Hoover Middle School Hawks are getting ready for their futures.  In science classes they had a coding lab.  Students had to program their group's DASH & DOT robot to move around the halls at Hoover.  Seventh grader Matiese Springer said, "It was fun using coding to move the robot different ways."  

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL classes study light

Ms. Kenzie's seventh-grade science Hoover Middle School classes studied the spectrum of light during their light box lab.  They explored the refraction of light among of other interesting concepts.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL students venture to Lifetown

The Brewer, Harvard, T.R. classes at Hoover Middle School went to Lifetown. Lifetown is a little village where students are able to learn and practice essential life skills to live an independently in a city when they are older.


After experiencing a performance by the Michigan Philharmonic Orchestra, Mrs. VanDerworp’s third graders at McDowell Elementary School created an orchestra of the very own. 

The orchestra had a strings section (empty Kleenex boxes and rubber bands), a woodwinds section (plastic straws) and a percussion section (empty tin cans and plastic Easter eggs filled with dried beans). The pupils found out that music is lots of fun!