Sunday, May 6, 2018


Second graders from Taylor Parks Elementary School visited the City of Taylor's City Hall complex earlier this week. Mayor Rick Sollars met with the group before they toured the Veterans Museum, Police Department and Fire Department. While meeting with Mayor Sollars, the children got to sit in the featured seats of the City Council Chambers and create and vote on resolutions. A motion to purchase a new Lamborghini failed, but Mayor Sollars asked the pupils if they might not want to reconsider that vote ...

FISH 'N FUN DAY scheduled May 12

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL learns about artificial intelligence

Blair Moody Elementary School students in fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms learned about artificial intelligence, engineering design, electricity and circuits, while they built a flashlight with no wires. The training and material were provided from a Curiosity Machine workshop at RESA.


Eureka Heights Elementary School recently held a successful kindergarten roundup. Welcome to the Class of 2031.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL students dress up the school

Students at Hoover Middle School are beginning their group projects based on their ideas to improve the school culture and environment. The projects are sponsored and supported by the Youth Empowerment Solutions Grant.

Pictures show the Hoover outside landscaping makeover crew, as well as students customizing the interior of the school by painting ceiling tiles. Great work Hoover!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 'friend' get a warm hat

Mr. William Bennett is our lay personnel during lunch at Randall Elementary School, but he is more than that. He is the person who stands in the parking lot on the drop off side of the school first thing every morning. 

Rain, shine or cold weather Mr. Bennett is out there helping student safely get from their parent's vehicles to the sidewalk of Randall. He always has a "Good Morning" to everyone.

During the cold weather a kind-hearted person, Kay Bittner, had a friend make a hat for him to keep his head warm. Randall staff would like to thank Kay for thinking of others and taking care of Mr. Bennett!

TEA 4 A CAUSE continues, will benefit West Tower Gardens

CHOPPING BLOCK offers 'everything must go' days

Don't forget! On May 10 and 11, it's 50 percent off EVERYTHING at the Chopping Block, 9551 Westlake. Open from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. both days. 

Here's a look a the menu


Get your child ready for school by enrolling in the Johnson Early Childhood Center's Great Start Readiness Program for the 2018-19 school year.

Registration dates continue through May and June.

Click here to learn more

TICKETS STILL REMAIN for Mother Son Date Night

MERGER FAQ offers answers to key questions

There is a refresher on why the decision was made to combine Taylor's two high schools into one. Next year, the merged Taylor High School will be located in the Truman building. Kennedy will close.

Why was the decision made to merge the two high schools? 
Due to ongoing concerns about declining student enrollment, and the fact that Kennedy HS is two-stories, non ADA accessible, and has a failed pool heater and pump, compromised boiler system, and it is a challenge to offer all of the robust high school electives that the districts wishes to offer, the district decided to merge the two high schools.

Why was the decision made to close Kennedy and not Truman? 
Kennedy HS is the older of the two schools, the building is two stories without an elevator for wheelchair-bound students, has a failed pool heater and pump, a failing boiler system, and has less functional capacity than Truman HS.

How is this merger good for students? 
The merger will allow the district to offer students greater access to core and elective classes, and greater sports and other extra-curricular opportunities with a more efficient staffing model on one campus, rather than splitting the programs between two half-full high schools.

How will this affect our athletic teams? 
The merger will allow the entire athletic program to be strengthened relative to our Downriver League districts as we double the number of potential athletes for each sport we offer.  In addition, the district will have larger numbers of combined students which will allow us to offer some sports that we have been unable to offer in recent years. 

How much will the merger of the schools save the district money? 
The merger is projected to save the district between 1.8-2 million dollars as a result of the closure of Kennedy High School.  These savings come in the areas of personnel, facilities upkeep, and utilities savings.

What curricular improvements will the district be able to make as a result of the merger?  
The district is in the process of performing a comprehensive review of all of our high school curricula and staff are working on redesigning the high school into career pathway academies that will help make core and elective courses more relevant for all of our high school students.

Will any teachers lose their jobs as a result of the merger?
A few teachers will lose their positions as a result of the merger, but only in the areas where there is redundancy.  By planning ahead and working proactively to compress these areas through attrition, over the past 18 months in anticipation of this merger, the district has already completed some of these reductions.  Most notable of these personnel reductions that have already been addressed are combinations are the areas of the band director position and the ROTC lead and support instructor positions. 

What other employee groups might lose positions as a result of the merger? 
Other reductions will come in the areas of administrative, clerical, custodial, and coaching staff positions and a few others that have yet to be determined.

With double the number of kids at Truman High School next year, will the kids be safe?  What supports will the district have in place? 
Yes, the students will be safe and supported next school year in the merged high school.  The district will be moving additional personnel who are currently working at Kennedy HS over to Truman HS.  The district will be moving guidance counselors, social work, assistant principal, and security guard positions over to Truman HS to support the social and emotional needs of all students. 

Will the high school merger affect the bus pick up times for high school students? 
Some of the bus routes will need to be adjusted to ensure even and efficient bus coverage throughout the district for next school year.  Some of the pick-up and drop-off times might change as a result of these adjustments, but if they do, they will only change by a small margin.

PLAN FOR NEXT YEAR by reading course description guide

Remember, there are a lot of changes planned for the next school year. Selecting courses for the 2018-19 school year is an important task whether you are a senior completing your final year or a freshmen beginning your career as a high school student.

Developing a strong foundation for a successful future depends upon the course work students complete during high school. Parents, please take time to discuss your child’s educational goals and future career path. As you complete the pre-enrollment process, select classes that will challenge and prepare you for present and future goals.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL farewell scheduled June 22-24

LOOKING FOR COMMUNITY HOURS? Help clean Oak Grove Cemetery May 19

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students see opera

Through a generous grant, over 160 West Middle School chorus students had the amazing opportunity to see the opera, H.M.S. Pinafore, at the Michigan Opera Theater, on April 27.

From the singing, choreography and costuming, this performance of H.M.S Pinafore was terrific.
This Gilbert and Sullivan opera was peppered with gentle satire. The story takes place aboard the ship H.M.S. Pinafore. The captain's daughter is in love with a lower-class sailor. The plot thickens because the daughter, Josephine, is engaged to a First Lord of the Admiralty.

But eventually true love wins out when the lowly sailor, Ralph, professes his love for Josephine and due to various circumstances they are eventually free to marry.

This performance will inspire many of our students to continue singing and appreciating musical theatre of all kinds, especially opera, throughout their lives.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL kicks reading into high gear

At Myers Elementary School, several third-grade students have their noses in books every Thursday during their lunch. 

The group of students are from Mrs. Telega's and Mrs. VanEtten's classes.  The students started the school year working with Mrs. Lee, the Myers's Reading Interventionist.  Once the students were up to grade level, with their reading, Mrs. Lee invited them to participate in a book club.

The Book Club started right after the Christmas.  Mrs. Lee chose an animal theme for the book club.  They started 2018 reading Charlotte’s Web, The One and Only Ivan, and they are currently reading Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Mrs. Lee was awarded a mini grant from Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha Alpha Chapter, to purchase the books for the Myers Book Club.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL choir among best at festival

On April 26, the West Middle School Cadet Choir and Men in Black, directed by David Martin, performed among the best choirs in Michigan at MSVMA State Choral Festival at Brighton High School.

They earned the right due to their Excellent ratings at District Choral Festival in March.  Each group performed two songs, and attended a clinic with a veteran music educator.  

Middle School State Choral Festival does not award ratings (High School does), but the judge and audience feedback indicated they gave an excellent performance.  The students represented their school and their city with grace and artistry.  Congratulations!