Saturday, November 21, 2015

TAYLOR ON WATCH to hold meeting in Kinyon school area

For those of your in the St. Constance Catholic Church area, 21555 Kinyon, don't forget that the latest segment of Taylor on Watch's Neighborhood Watch program is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 25, at the church.

Taylor on Watch is an anti-crime educational program sponsored by the Taylor Police. It started last year with four regional public meetings, all held at City Hall.

This year, Chief Mary Sclabassi has expanded the program to include a developing "watch" component, which includes volunteer area coordinators and residents throughout the City.

This is a great opportunity to learn common-sense crime fighting tips and get involved with the City's police and your own neighbors, all in the name of improving the community's quality of life.

Meetings have already been held at the Police Department, senior center, other churches and schools like Randall and Eureka Heights.

See the flyer for the entire Taylor on Watch schedule.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL safety guards are always on alert

Service squad members at Holland Elementary School prepare to lead buses at the end of the day.  These students are great positive role models.


Students at Holland Elementary School practiced their underhand roll using bowling balls and pins from Skore Lanes in Taylor. 

Skore is a local bowling center and does a great job with the students, providing equipment and bowling coupons each year. 

Holland students can even take their skills over to Skore this year for an afterschool bowling club.  Check it out,


It’s time for “Rockin’ and Rollin’ for 50 days in Kindergarten!”

Kindergarten classes at Randall Elementary School did some rockin’ and rollin’ to celebrate the 50th day of school. The classes made coke float predictions and voted whether the ice cream would “sink” or ‘float.”

They then enjoyed their coke float drinks outside. Mrs. Holstein’s class had a hula hoop contest and “twisted” for 50 seconds! There were even a few who dressed in the 50’s style. Everyone had an enjoyable time. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL students delve into prehistoric human culture

Seventh-grade students at West Middle School continue their studies on prehistoric humans.

The students have been taking on the role of archaeologist, and examining simple artifacts. Students have been taking on the role of a scientist and studying pictures of hominid skulls and putting them in order of oldest to newest.

Taking on the role of an anthropologist, students ask questions like, "How did these early humans live?" or "How did early humans get their food and clothing?"

Taking a look at cave paintings left behind by prehistoric people has been something the seventh graders have enjoyed looking at, as well.

Soon, the seventh graders will begin to look at ancient civilizations.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL learns legand of Indian Paintbrush

Mrs. Cahalan’s third-grade class at Randall Elementary School read “The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush,” written by Tomie dePaola, and then created their own artistic Indian headbands.

The story is about an Indian who follows his destiny, as revealed in a Dream-Vision, of becoming an artist for his people and eventually is able to bring the colors of the sunset down to the earth. An Indian Paintbrush is actually a wildflower and is the state flower of Texas.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL puts together multiplication, family and turkey!

Third graders at Randall Elementary School have been very busy learning about multiplication.

Mrs. Bennett-Davis (Math ATA) helped her students make “Fact Family Turkeys” recently. Students picked a multiple on the chart, wrote out the fact family on the feathers, and decorated their turkeys.

They have also begun learning songs and tricks to help them understand and memorize their multiplication facts. 

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL plays 'product pile-up'


The “Mobile Dentists” recently visited Taylor Parks Elementary School.

“Smile Programs” was founded more than a decade ago to help children who were unable to access dental care and as a result, often suffered from poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, pain and associated medical problems.

Services are delivered directly in the school setting, which alleviates the time and transportation burden on parents and provides a safe, secure and often fun environment for the children.

According to Karen Williams, Community Outreach Manger, Smile Programs has been seeing students from Taylor for over 13 years with the average number of students seen per year topping off at over 1000.

The Smile Programs makes us smile.   

Sunday, November 15, 2015

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL enjoys Avenger Days

Every Thursday at Hoover Middle School is "Avenger Day."

Students who are on different teams represent their avenger mighty powers by wearing their T-shirts.  The different Avengers are Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the Amazing Hulk.  Look out world, here comes the Hoover students, powerful and mighty!

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL enjoys visit from Marine

Mrs. Lecznar's history class at Hoover Middle School had a special visitor on Veterans Day. 

Lcpl Ryan Kensinger  of the United States Marine Corps – Hoover alum – returned to share stories and answer questions about his deployments to Afghanistan. 

He shared what it felt like to be away from his family and coming back home.  Kensinger shared information about what Marines have to endure during their basic training.  A special thank you to him for everyone in the class.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils contact lessons to Halloween

Halloween was great at Holland Elementary School.

Mrs. Irwin's class wrote spooky poems and created enticing webs to go with them. The spooky poems were full of Halloween-themed nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then the pupils included a connection to art by using glue to trace a web so that glitter would stick to it when it was poured on.

The students were so eager to connect art to their learning. The webs also connected to what they had been talking about in their reading of "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White. Everyone had an exciting and educational Halloween! 

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL's Unity Week a success (with photos and video)

Hoover Middle School participated in the Unity Week movement during the week of October 19-23. 

The purpose of Unity Week is to encourage all of our students and staff to take an active role in bullying prevention. Students and staff were introduced to the process started this year through a PBIS curriculum called “Expect Respect” during the first part of the month of October. 

During unity week students and staff participated in various activities through their enrichment classes.  Students viewed videos about anti-bullying, discussed how they as students could be proactive regarding harassing situations, and worked as a team to create “Expect Respect” banners for the Unity Walk.  

Hoover’s Unity Walk was held on October 23 as a show of support that all staff and students at Hoover Middle School are united as a community for bullying prevention.