Sunday, November 12, 2017

BIG THANK YOU to voters for approving operational levy

Thank you to everyone who voted “yes” and helped the Taylor School District renew the operational millage for the next 10 years during the General Election November 7. This ensures approximately $12M in tax revenue each year over the next decade for the district to continue to effectively operate all of its programs for the students and families that we serve.


The Taylor Garden Club, Wayne County Community College, Taylor Rotary, Healthy Taylor-Beaumont Health, Taylor Farm Market, Taylor Liaison Officer and Grosse Ile greenhouse all volunteered time to clean up the Blair Moody Elementary School “Hoop House” last week.

Staff and students are looking forward to outdoor educational opportunities, plantings and after-school learning events. Thank you to Board of Education Members Mrs. Stellini and Mrs. Lakatos for their support of this project.


Taylor Parks Elementary School fifth-grade students studied the Mexican celebration “Dia de los Muertos,” or Day of the Dead.

Mrs. Fletcher explained that this day has nothing to do with Halloween, but instead the holiday, which is celebrated mostly in Mexico on November 1-2, is like a family reunion except the guests of honor are dead ancestors.

The purpose of Day of the Dead is a joyful time that helps people remember their deceased family members and celebrate their memories.


On November 7 members of the High School Symphonic Band traveled to the University of Michigan and rehearsed at Revelli Hall.

The Symphonic Band worked with PhD student and clinician Anand Sukumaran on music being prepared for future concerts. The second half of our day was spent working with Dr. Conway's class on rehearsal techniques.

The band practiced with the university students sitting among our band members and watched how we rehearse on a normal day.

After rehearsal the students were given mini private lessons, were treated to a tour of Revelli Hall, and heard a Clarinet performance by one of U-M's students. Students rounded out their afternoon with a walk through part of campus and lunch at the Michigan Union.

It was a great experience for the Symphonic Band members!

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL DECA board visits state conference

This week three Truman High School DECA executive board members attended the state leadership conference in Grand Rapids. Making the trip were Sara Sherazi, president, Alondra Castaneda, vice president, and Cindy Nyarko, vice president of public relations. 

"Having the opportunity to go to Michigan DECA's State Leadership Conference (SLC) was truly an incredible experience,” Sherazi said. “I learned a lot, and I am excited to share my experience with my chapter."

DECA wants to thank Truman High School Principal Melissa Skopcynski for attending the conference with them. 


Truman High School DECA would like to thank Advantage Credit Union for visiting the marketing classes and funding our finance unit. They provided us with online resources where the students participated in life scenarios, finance games, and finance simulations. Once we completed the unit they came to our classes and provided the morning classes with bagels and the afternoon classes with subs. 

While enjoying their snacks they spoke with the students about what opportunities their credit union offers not just for consumers but also for employment and scholarship opportunities for our students. They offer three  $2.500 scholarships that any student can apply for. At the first of the year they will interview our marketing students for a paid internship in their marketing department for co-op. We are very appreciative of their partnership with us this year and look forward to working with them again. 


The Detroit Red Wings came to Holland Elementary School recently to talk to students about the importance of education, dedication and staying healthy. Students had some fun also with a stick handling relay and a shootout against the teachers!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: More photos from veterans presentation


McDowell Elementary School honored veterans recently. The students and staff held a musical tribute to the veterans that have touched our lives. Under the direction of Mrs. Arndt, the students sang a few songs, presented their artwork and greeted the veterans. Everyone enjoyed this tribute to these special people that have guarded our lives!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Bulldog News Crew working away

The McDowell Elementary School Bulldog News Crew, coordinated and supervised by Mrs. Hardin, works diligently each day to prepare and relay the day's news to the students and staff. 

Each news program begins with a high-energy song with guest dancers from different classrooms. 

The program continues with the day's weather and temperature, recognizing student and staff birthdays, a health tip and lunch information, a PBIS (positive behavior) update and review of expectations, recognizing Bulldog high-five winners, telling a joke of the day, and ending with the Pledge of Allegiance and the McDowell School Promise.  

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL receives visit from International Wildlife Refuge educator

On November 8, Mrs. Braatz returned to West Middle School with an important power point presentation. Mrs. Braatz informed our sixth-grade science classes about the importance of the International Wildlife Refuge located in Gibraltar, along the Detroit River. This refuge also has the distinction of being one of 14 urban refuges in the United States.
Mrs. Braatz's purpose as an Outreach Educator is to connect those of us who live in urban areas with nature and its wildlife. Mrs. Braatz explained that at the International Wildlife Refuge people can fish, hunt, bird watch, walk the trails, photograph nature and observe wildlife.

Through her power point presentation she showed us the differences between an old growth forest and a young forest. She told us of the importance of coastal marshes and vernal wetlands. They act as protected areas or nurseries for young amphibians and reptiles. By looking at pictures of a variety of birds and animals our students will now be better able to identify wildlife when viewed in their natural habitats.

Mrs. Braatz encouraged our students to visit the International Wildlife Refuge. The various activities that visitors can do at the refuge will allow people to connect with nature on many levels. We thank for her visit and appreciate the information she provided us. The physical and emotional benefits of connecting with nature are well documented. West Middle School strongly encourages our families to enjoy nature as often as possible.