Saturday, November 14, 2015

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL seniors, staff celebration 100 percent college applications!

For the second year in a row, all Kennedy High School seniors have applied to college.  

Seniors were treated to a pancake breakfast November 12 that included raffles, gifts of sunglasses, goodie bags and t-shirts to commemorate their achievement.

Supt. Diane Allen personally congratulated the Class of 2016 and helped other staffers flip pancakes.  

The drive was all part of the Michigan College Application Week (MCAW).  Mrs. Loomis and the counselors began visiting classrooms earlier this fall to present information on different colleges and the resources available to students.  

Students applied to many Michigan colleges as well as to those out of state. Many Michigan college application fees were waived because Kennedy participates in the MCAW event.

TAYLOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION TASK FORCE offers infographics about marijuana use

The attached infographics about marijuana use were recently discussed at the Taylor Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force meeting.

They are provided here to further education about drug use.

KINYON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL raises money for vets

Kinyon Elementary School raised money for the Veterans Hospital recently. The Student Council presented the donation to the VA during the Kinyon Family Meeting. The Kinyon Choir performed and students were encouraged to wear red in support of all Veterans.

HOLLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL fundraise for new PA system

Holland Elementary School’s staff and students enjoyed an evening at Chuck E Cheese recently.  Proceeds from the evening are going toward a new public address system for the school.

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL student council gets active!

Blair Moody Elementary School’s Student Council is striving to "Believe There Is Good In The World- Be The Good" this school year. 

The Student Council is comprised of two responsible, respectful and safe representatives from each third- through fifth-grade classroom. They "eat and meet" weekly during lunch to discuss upcoming projects to help the school and community.

Currently they are sponsoring a food drive. Upcoming projects include The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Pasta for Pennies and organizing donations for the Taylor Animal Shelter.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL kindergarteners learn about Veteran's Day

At Randall Elementary School, Mrs. Holstein’s kindergarten class learned about Veteran’s Day. They read “Let’s Find Out” scholastic news to find out about a veteran mom and started the day with a fun coloring letter review sheet that looked like some in the Army. They also had fun making Army personnel out of different shapes. The school is proud of its veterans!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students hear America's White Table for Veteran's Day

Randall Elementary School third-grade teachers Kelly Mitroka and Donna Cahalan read America’s White Table by Margot Theis-Raven to their classes on Veteran’s Day.

America’s White Table is about three children who set a special white table in memory of service members fallen or missing in action, and especially in honor of their Uncle Jim, a POW in Vietnam.

As the story was read by Mrs. Cahalan, Mrs. Mitroka set the table (the photos are in order, starting at the top). The white cloth to honor a soldier's pure heart when he answers his country's call to duty; a lemon slice and grains of salt on a plate to show a captive soldier's bitter fate and the tears of families waiting for their return; an empty chair for the missing soldiers who are not here; a black napkin for the sorrow of captivity; a glass turned over for the meal that won't be eaten; a white candle for peace; and a red rose tied with a red ribbon for the hope that all our missing will return someday.

Kelly Mitroka’s son Joshua is in the United States Army 173rd Airborne stationed in Vicenza, Italy. She asked him about the white table and he said there is a white table set up in all branches of the military for the reason mentioned in the book. Students asked and answered questions about the MIA and POW.

Randall School would like to thank Joshua and all of the military, both veterans and those now serving our country.

TVLA offers new logo'd gear

TVLA has been busy this past month. After its 2015 Open House, staff and students decided to take its new logo and create some amazing new TVLA shirts and hoodies. This marvelous new gear is for sale and can be purchased by filling out an order form and turning it in to Leah Edwards, the TVLA secretary, by November 24. Cost is listed on the form.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL has Holocaust survivor visit

On November 10, students and staff at West Middle School were honored to have Mr. Martin Lowenberg visit our school.  

Mr. Lowenberg is a Holocaust survivor. He spoke to the eighth-grade students about his experiences in Nazi Germany during World War II.  He lost his parents and twin brothers to the gas chambers in the concentration campsa.

After enduring years of starvation, hard labor and extreme weather conditions, Mr. Lowenberg  was finally liberated to Holland. Mr. Lowenberg brought his story to life through pictures and personal stories.  His mission is that we shall never forget, so that we never repeat the evil that he endured. 


On Veteran's Day, Hoover Middle School had a special visitor.  The father of Jolly Sander spoke to Mrs. Bartaway's class.  It was an honor to have him visit Hoover.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


This week in class Blair Moody Elementary School pupils discussed what they are thankful for.

Each student wrote something they are thankful for on a feather. Each feather was then placed on the big turkey on the bulletin board in the hallway. The students enjoyed sharing what they were thankful for and love the turkey that is displaying their work!