Saturday, April 30, 2016

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL POHI sends a thank you out to Home Depot

The Home Depot is already looking out for the Truman High School POHI program with their generous donation of a new stainless steal dishwasher. The awesome maintenance guys, Patrick and Dave, got it installed today.  The staff are incredibly thankful.


The Truman High School POHI Staff held their third annual POHI Dance on April 15 in one of the school’s cafeterias. 

This year's theme was a country hoe down. Current and past students, families and staff of the Taylor School's POHI program were invited.  Approximately 113 people attended the dance that offered a variety of food, music, dancing, photo booth and a great time. 

Donations of food came from Malek's Al Kabob, Panera Bread, and JP McGuire’s as well as from staff members and families who attended. The floral centerpieces were created with the help of the Lincoln Park High School Flower Station. 

Kevin Maginity, son of Truman POHI para professional Patricia Maginity and Truman grad, once again donated his Friday evening to DJ the dance.

The students and families who attended the dance had a wonderful evening, thanks to the amazing staff that planned, organized and gave of their time.

The pictures courtesy of Janise Robinson (POHI Teacher Consultant).

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL families attend Reptiles are Cool

Students from Taylor Parks Elementary School, along with their family, attended a special Family Night of '”Reptiles are Cool.”

After having pizza and beverages, Mobil Ed Productions provided everyone with a up close view of lizards, turtles, and snakes.  Along with being able to see these reptiles in a controlled environment they also learned a ton of fascinating facts about each. 

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL second-graders are winners!

Mrs. Godfrey’s Taylor Parks Elementary School second-graders earned their behavior rewards.

They earned 175 points to be able to have a Costume Day.

The students first brainstormed rewards and voted on their favorite. This time Costume Day won. Through random acts of kindness, using life skills and lifelong guidelines, as well as following daily procedures, points were earned and accumulated until their goal was reached.

A new rewards and points system will be set up to end this school year. Great Job Roadrunners!

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY pupils standout in Wizard of Oz

The Drama Club at the Sixth Grade Academy put on the play "The Wizard of Oz" recently.  

They did three performances for the students during the day, and another performance in the evening for friends and family.

The students worked very hard at afterschool practices and it showed.  Dorothy was played by Gia Cook; the Wizard by Madison Dienes; Toto by Abigail Clinton; the Scarecrow was Valerian Sharp; the Cowardly Lion was Colin Ingersoll; the Tin Man was Emily Thomas; and the Wicked Witch was Andrea Heather.  

Everyone in the Drama Club did a great job!

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY holds book exchange

Sixth Grade Academy held its seventh annual "Recycled Book Exchange" recently.  Students are encouraged to bring in their used books to exchange. They receive a coupon for up to five books to "exchange" for books brought in.  Students bringing in over five books were entered in a reading raffle. Eighteen reading gift bags were delivered to some very excited students last week!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL learns the right way!

Did you ever wonder what the proper way to brush your teeth is? Well, wonder no more!

The first graders in Ms. Park's class at McDowell Elementary School studied it and made a poster so all of the school would know how to brush.

Just look at those pearly whites and smiles!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL buddies read together

Inside McDowell Elementary School, Ms. Bochenek's kindergarten and Mrs.Vanderworp's third graders share their books during reading buddy time.


Ms. Bochenek's class patiently waited for chickens to hatch at McDowell Elementary School … while someone took photos!

HONOR STUDENTS combine with others on cleanup

It started out as a community service opportunity for Career & Technical Center (CTE) Honor students by sprucing up the outside of the Career Center and Titan buildings

It “blossomed” into quite the event. 

On April 22 staff and students stayed after school and worked for hours.  There was digging, pulling out weeds, raking and planting, and eating and laughing – not necessarily in that order.  In the end, both buildings were relieved of their dead leaves and weeds and replenished with new mulch, plants, flowers and a new tree.

A big shout out to the following people: Mrs. Lancina for providing the food and the plants, mulch, flowers and the tree; Linda and Kim, our day maintenance staff, for all their help and giving their own time after school to help with this project; Mrs. Kevra and Mr. Murray who head up the CTE Honor Society and organized the event; and teachers, support staff, parents and so many great, hard-working students.

This was just another example of Taylor staff and students working together for the good of the district.