Saturday, April 30, 2016

HONOR STUDENTS combine with others on cleanup

It started out as a community service opportunity for Career & Technical Center (CTE) Honor students by sprucing up the outside of the Career Center and Titan buildings

It “blossomed” into quite the event. 

On April 22 staff and students stayed after school and worked for hours.  There was digging, pulling out weeds, raking and planting, and eating and laughing – not necessarily in that order.  In the end, both buildings were relieved of their dead leaves and weeds and replenished with new mulch, plants, flowers and a new tree.

A big shout out to the following people: Mrs. Lancina for providing the food and the plants, mulch, flowers and the tree; Linda and Kim, our day maintenance staff, for all their help and giving their own time after school to help with this project; Mrs. Kevra and Mr. Murray who head up the CTE Honor Society and organized the event; and teachers, support staff, parents and so many great, hard-working students.

This was just another example of Taylor staff and students working together for the good of the district.  

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