Saturday, October 20, 2018

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pupils enjoy hands-on learning

Mrs. Holstein’s kindergarten class at Blair Moody Elementary School enjoys math so much – it’s always a blast with hands-on learning. 

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL participates in book club

Mrs. Brewster, one of Randall Elementary School’s kindergarten teachers, asked parents, staff, and community members to join in on a sponsorship from Scholastic Book Clubs.

Just $9 per child would allow each student to receive one book per month for the entire year. Mrs. Brewster's class received its first book and were so excited to open them up. Thank you to everyone who participated and for putting a smile on a kindergartner's face! 

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL engineering students complete project

Students in Mr. Bolderick’s Taylor High School engineering class completed their first project.

They had to build a house that would enclose the largest possible volume using only 60 baseball cards. Here is one of my groups with one of the best projects.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL offers confidential ability to aid those in need

The Griffin Pantry in Taylor High School opened the last week of September.

The pantry is located in room 154 and open Tuesdays and Thursdays during fifth through seventh hours (emergency situations are the exception).

It will have non-perishable food items and gently used brand name clothing.  For homecoming, it had many formal dresses. The pantry is confidential way for students to get food each week for their families through our backpack program.

Students are referred by staff members (or through a self-referral program). There is a donation box in the main office near the staff mailboxes if you would like to donate.

The pantry is completely run on donations, no school funds support this effort.  For more information, please see Mrs. Kluk, THS Social Worker.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL algebra classes look to improve scores

The Taylor High School classes of Mrs. Phillip’s and Mrs. Nelson are stating the "Gain 100" in Algebra 2 classes. It is uses Khan Academy to encourage SAT practice to gain 100 points from the PSAT score to the SAT score for our Juniors.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL students enjoy free time

Taylor High School students are enjoying free time in the Media Center before the school day begins.

TAYLOR HIGH SCHOOL shuts out Monroe for district soccer win

The Taylor High School boys’ soccer team won its first district game Tuesday against Monroe High School. Austin Dukes scored the winning goal with just under two minutes left in the game. Charles Sesguya had some key saves in goal to shut out Monroe.