Sunday, June 16, 2019

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL fifth graders honored

Congratulations to Randall Elementary School’s fifth graders for completing the years in elementary. Their assembly was held recently followed by a catered lunch from Secret Recipes and a dance with DJ afterwards. The fifgth graders and teachers would like to thank the PTO for sponsoring everything and for all their hard work helping us celebrate the day!

Congratulations to Ivy and John for being awarded the Margaret Pilon Citizenship award for 2018-19. Margaret Pilon was a past principal who believed highly about citizenship. It is awarded every year to one or two students who show outstanding citizenship at Randall.

Also, we had three students with perfect attendance this year. Great job Logan, Trey, and Fabian for never missing a day of school!

Principal Mezaros read "I Wish You More" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal to the students and parents at the end of the assembly. Lots of tears from all the wishes. More treasures than pockets; More hugs than ughs; More umbrella than rain; More give than take; More we than me; More woohoo than whoa; More stories than stars; More pause than fast forward. The staff wishes all the fifth graders the best and more!

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