Saturday, February 9, 2019


A few weeks ago, Mayor Rick Sollars visited third-grade classes at Eureka Heights Elementary School to discuss his job and how the City of Taylor runs. Those same third-graders returned the favor today (February 8) when they visited the City Hall complex.

The pupils -- who were extremely well behaved, by the way -- stopped to see the City Council Chambers, Veterans Museum, Police Department and Fire Station No. 1.

Mayor Sollars and his Executive Assistant, Kimber Dorton, talked to the class about how government works and why did did certain things. The mayor, in fact, walked the children through a hypothetical council resolution who purchase a fire truck. The student-run council, led by "Mayor Bella" and "Chairwoman Mia" passed the motion with just one "no" vote.

It should be noted that the Eureka Heights' group purchased the fire truck for "about $15,000," causing the mayor to said that "it might be a used one."

Dorton made sure that when each child left the chamber, they received a flower, which they dropped at the foot of the veteran's display in the atrium, honoring the late U.S. Rep. John Dingell, who passed away yesterday.

State Rep. Alex Garza stopped by to speak to the children and tell them about Mr. Dingell.

Eventually, the group went to the Police Department, where they toured the squad room, dispatch and jail areas.

They ended the tour at the Fire Station, where they learned how the firefighters sleep, eat and work during their shifts.