Saturday, October 7, 2017

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL focuses on their own 'superheroes'

Superheroes are alive and well at McDowell Elementary School!

That's the theme for Ms. Blair's third-grade class this year. They are going to do the following:
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Always do their best
  • Dream big
  • Say please and thank you
  • Listen when someone talks
  • Be a team player
  • Be responsible
  • Follow directions
  • Raise their hand to speak

This is a great goal for us all because who doesn't want to be a superhero, right?


Who knew landforms could be so exciting... This is Ms. Blair's third-grade class at McDowell Elementary School creating peninsulas, mountains, valleys, islands and learning about all kinds of landforms. Play-Doh makes a lesson so much fun!

MCDOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Class strive to be the best possible

Mr. Tomassion's classes are becoming good citizens. Every day at McDowell Elementary School, Mr. T's class say the Pledge of Allegiance together and then they recite their class motto. This class is really striving to be the best fifth grade class they can be!


Taylor Parks Elementary School teacher Mrs. Abramas did a study of apples with her students.  Apples, being the most loved of the fall harvest played a role in graphing, poetry, stories, and of course, an Apple Treat of no bake apple sauce. 

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: City Clerk supervises Homecoming votes

City Clerk Cindy Bower, a longtime employee of the City of Taylor and Kennedy High School graduate, was back at the school again on Thursday, supervising the voting for the Homecoming King and Queen. Bower and her department had visited the school earlier, to supervise not only voting for the court, but registering new voters. Here, Cindy stands next to one of Taylor's new voting machines, which was used for the voting for the king and queen.

UNITY IN OUR COMMUNITY: Tip of the hat to sponsors of walkathon

From DECA and the Unity in Our Community Campaign: Thank you so much to our sponsors! The students had fun making this banner and we appreciate your donations. It will hang at our event and in the school all year. Our first annual Walk-A-Thon to kick off our "Unity in Our Community" campaign for the Truman and Kennedy merger is next week. There is still some time if anyone is interested in donating or setting up a table email

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Family takes in the parade

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: More of the homecoming parade start


We caught up with the Kennedy mascot and some JROTC members.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Band! Lead the way!

The Kennedy High School Marching Band leads the way during the final homecoming parade.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Last class standing

Kennedy High School Class of 2018 might be the last class standing, but they don't lack for enthusiasm.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Homecoming Court Car #5

Here is Zena Yousef with Connor Zschunke.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Homecoming Court Car #4

Here is Violet Ramage with Hunter Rodden.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Homecoming Court Car #3

Here is Brianna Hardacre with Joshua Martin.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Homecoming Court Car #2

Here is Baylee Collins with Adam Jadallah.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Homecoming Court Car #1

Here is Lexie Banks with Ethan Harris.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Homecoming parade kicks off at Racho and Superior

The final Kennedy High School Homecoming Parade kicked off Friday evening from the corner of Racho and Superior. A list was posted to everyone knew where to lineup. We caught the West Middle School Marching Band ready to go!

Monday, October 2, 2017

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: During homecoming game tour, please do not remove any items from the building

Everyone who is going to be at Kennedy High School for the homecoming on Friday, if you are going through the building for the walk-through tour, please do not remove anything that is the showcases, on the walls or anywhere around the school.

All memorabilia is owned by the high school and the Taylor School District. The Taylor School Alumni Association will be gathering the items at the end of the school year and housing it until a museum is created.

We invite all Kennedy alumni to attend the Homecoming Game and cheer on the team. Support the school and the students who now attend.


The Eureka Heights Elementary School P.T.A. has helped create a P.B.I.S (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports) store.

Every day that a student stays "on green - making good choices", they receive a point. Each month, the students can use their points to shop for items in our P.B.I.S. store.

Hats off to the Eureka Heights PTA and great job to all of the students for making good choices and treating one another with respect.

CHOPPING BLOCK opens officially on October 5

The Chopping Block Restaurant rolled out a soft opening on Thursday and Friday.  Staff, friends and family came in so the students can practice before it opens to the public. 

Thursday, October 5, is the official opening with the special being Lasagna.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL homecoming tickets on sale through principal's office

If anyone would like to buy a Kennedy High School homecoming game tickets prior to the Friday date of the game, they will be on sale for $5 (cash only) in the Assistant Principals office. You can buy them through October 5th from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Office is closed 11:30-12:30.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL: Here is the 2017 Homecoming Court

Kennedy's Final Flight
2017 Homecoming Court
From left to right
Candidates for King - Joshua Martin, Conner Zschunke, Adam Jadallah, Hunter Rodden, and Ethan Harris
Candidates for Queen -  Zena Yousef, Lexie Banks, Baylee Collins, Violet Ramage, and Brianne Hardacre