Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CAREER CENTER receives ambulance as donation, thanks to work of board president and company

Thanks to the efforts of Board of Education President Blaine Honeycutt and Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service of Michigan, last week, the Taylor School District took possession of a fully functional ambulance to help students who are enrolled in the Career Center's EMS and Public Safety courses learn their craft.

They now have the ability to apply their education on a real ambulance. Career Center Principal Jackie Lancina is excited to add the ambulance to its already impressive list of hands-on learning opportunities for students.


Eureka Heights Elementary School students participated in Jump Rope for Heart, which is great way to start heart-healthy.

JOHNSON EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER children develop skills

Gross motor development is important for children to develop small muscles needed for writing, cutting and many other fine motor skills. Children at Johnson Early Childhood Center develop their large muscles during gym time play on cold and rainy days.

ROBOTICS PARENT and former teacher donates items she made while caring for husband, who passed away

Mrs. Lisa Merwin, Robotics TNT 280 parent and former Kennedy High School teacher, donated 66 hats and several scarves to a recent clothing drive to help the homeless during the winter months.

Mrs. Merwin not only donated all of these items, she actually handmade each and every item. Some hats were crotchet while others were knitted.

All of the hats and scarves were made while Mrs. Merwin spent countless hours at home and in the hospital caring for her husband, Mr. Keith Merwin. Mr. Merwin was also a teacher at Kennedy High School.

Mr. Merwin sadly passed away on February 16. The Career Center staff and students would like to extend our prayers and support to the entire Merwin family. We would also like to say thank you once again to Lisa Merwin for her kind and giving heart.