Saturday, March 15, 2014


Pupils at Blair Moody Elementary School created dioramas depicting Native Americans in early Michigan history.

Here are three dioramas from Ms. Harig's third graders.

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Third-graders learn about Native Americans

Mrs. Wolney's third graders at Blair Moody Elementary School created dioramas depicting Native Americans in early Michigan history.

Children were assigned one of the three main tribes from Michigan, the Potawatomi, the Ojibwa and the Odawa. They were then asked to create a scene that showed attributes of their tribe.

The pupils did an amazing job while they had fun learning about Michigan history.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Fire marshals make a stop

At Myers Elementary School and elsewhere, March is Reading Month.

Myers had the honor of having Taylor Fire Marshals John and Troy take time out of their busy schedules and stop in to read to pupils.

They not only took time to read, but they also reviewed some very important fire safety rules including, "Stop, drop and roll!"  

From everyone at Myers, a big “thank you” to John and Troy.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Playin' minute to win it!

Myers Elementary School students play "Minute to Win it" for their PBiS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) monthly behavior celebration.  

Congratulations to all of the students who stayed on green for the entire month of February and were able to attend!

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Truman students lend plenty of support

Myers Elementary School and Truman High School partnered together this year to offer fourth-grade students extra math and reading support.

The high school students visit Myers weekly and work with pupils in small groups. They also support Myers’ annual Career Day event.

When Myers was made aware of the 2014 JROTC Military Ball, the school wanted to do something special for them. We decided to have a school-wide St. Patrick's Day gram sale.

All of the proceeds will go towards supporting the Truman JROTC Military Ball in May. Myers staff and students can't wait to surprise the high schoolers with this gift of money and hope they have a great time!

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Game club teaches the basics

In game club at West Middle School students learn the basics of some of today’s favorite games.  

The club also offers students a chance to socialize, work together, practice following rules, and the art of being a good sport!

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Grandparents event is a special day

Grandparents Day at Taylor Parks Elementary School is always a special day.

It was March.  Kindergarten and first-grade students were able to invite their grandparents, or a very special person, to their school to spend a few hours with them doing very special things.  

Students, taking their guest by the hand, showed them their classroom, introduced their teacher and friends and together they created a craft project that will become a keepsake.  But there was so much more.  

Lifetouch Pictures were on hand to create a photograph that will definitely find a place on grandma's wall. A tour of the building came next with students proudly saying, "This is my computer lab" or "Meet my music teacher."

A big part of the visit was the Taylor Parks Book Fair. Together, students and their guest shopped in the library for that perfect book to read together. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, older brothers or sisters, all know that reading is the foundation of education.

It was a perfect day for all involved, and they walked away with memories to last a lifetime.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Pirates set sail during reading month

The walls of Blair Moody Elementary School are lined with swashbucklers off on reading adventures.  

March is reading month and the staff and students have jumped ship and are setting sail to read, read, read.

Reading goals have been set for each grade and a treasure chest of good books can be found throughout the building.  Whether holding a parrot, wearing an eye patch or sporting a hook, kids can be found curled up reading to each other, with volunteers, teachers and to themselves.

Buccaneers who reach their reading goals will attend a gala event planned in their honor later this month and a "Golden" time sure to be had.  So grab your treasure map and come read along with your favorite little pirate at Blair Moody.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Making masks for the carnival

Mrs. Schulte's second-grade class at Myers Elementary School was caught making masks for carnival during their study of South America.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Math moves into the 21st Century

The math enrichment class at West Middle School is now taking all assessments online.

Normally each student would receive a scantron on which they record their answers.  After the test the teacher has to scan the scantrons into a machine and import the results.  

Taking tests online will eliminate the need to print scantrons sheets and eliminate the entire process of scanning the sheets into the computer and importing results.  

This new ‘21st century’ method of test taking will save time and resources.  West Middle School is preparing students for the future when all assessments will be taken online.

Another perk: Students receive their results immediately!

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Fundraiser pushes school over $21,000 mark for three years combined

Randall Elementary School again posted a very successful annual “Jump Rope for Heart” event this year that was held on Friday, February 14.

Randall raised $7,286.39 and is now well over $21,000 the last three years combined.

Mrs. Bordeau's class raised the most amount: $1,012. That effort earned her class an extra PE class.  Mrs. Holstein/Mrs. Filiccia's, Ms. Solgot's, Mrs. Szwed's and Ms. Blair's classes had a 100 percent participation in wearing red, so they all are also awarded an extra PE class.

The school had two students raise over $200 each: Aubrianna in Mrs. Holstein's class and Brooklyn in Mrs. Vellmure's class.

The staff is so proud of these students for working so hard with this awesome event.

BLAIR MOODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Preschoolers match reading with writing

Blair Moody Elementary School preschoolers in Mrs. Pickell's class are not only celebrating the month of March with new books and reading activities, but also with writing activities.  

"March Madness" applies to more than just basketball this time of year.  In preschool, children are getting ready for the Kindergarten experience with fun learning activities centered around undersea stories such as "Seaweed Soup" as a springboard for activities in dramatic play, art and math, science and discovery.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SIXTH GRADE ACADEMY: Gearing up for Spirit Week and March Madness!

The Sixth Grade Academy students and staff are preparing for the seventh Annual Spirit Week and March Madness.  

Spirit Week/March Madness will begin the week of March 24 with daily events throughout the week, ending with the “Staff vs. Student Basketball Game” and “Minute to Win It” activities on Friday afternoon.


LITERACY AND LANGUAGE LUAU: Scheduled at Kennedy March 25

The "Literacy and Language Luau" is scheduled for Tuesday, March 25, at Kennedy High School. It is a can't-miss event for parents and friends of the Taylor School District.

Every year the district puts on a large-scale family event. It marks and opportunity for students and families to come together and learn about the community and services available to them, as well as learn about the positive things going on in the Taylor School District.

Local agencies are also involved and set up tables to highlight their own organization's work in the area of literacy.

The luau will feature face painting, free blood pressure and glucose screenings, free popcorn, free dental work, balloon animals, student musical performances, a photo booth, games, a free bagged dinner and more.

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Men In Black tear up the competition at Whitmore Lake

The West Middle School Choruses recently all performed at Michigan School Vocal Music Association (MSVMA) District Choral Festival in Whitmore Lake.

The choirs each performed two contrasting pieces (several in foreign languages) and sight-read a new piece.  

Adjudicators awarded points for tone, pitch, rhythm, diction, interpretation, presentation, and sight singing ability and procedure.

The Cadet Choir and Cardinal Singers were both rated "Good," and the Men in Black was rated "Excellent."  With their rating, the Men in Black are invited to perform at the state festival in Holt next month.  

All three choirs rated nearly perfect sight-singing scores: the Cardinals, Cadets, and Men scoring 26, 27, and 28 points out of 30, respectively.

Congratulations to Mr. Martin and the West Chorus performers for representing their school!

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Choirs make a sweet sound at Whitmore Lake High School

On Friday, March 7, the Concert and Choralier Choirs from Hoover Middle School traveled to Whitmore Lake High School to compete in the Southeast Michigan School Vocal Music Association Choir Festival. 

The Concert choir, made up of eighth-grade girls, took an overall second-place rating, while the seventh-grade (Choraliers choir) brought home a first-place rating. 

The Choraliers Choir will move on to the state competition that will be held in Commerce Township in April.  The Hoover staff is very proud of their girls!  Job well done.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Talk about exploring the No. 100 ...

The kindergarten children in Mrs. Barnard's and Mrs. German's class at Randall Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of school on Feb. 25.

Pupils explored the number 100 in a variety of ways.

  • listened to books about the number 100.
  • read 100 words.
  • counted to 100 by 2's, 5's, 10's, 25's and 50's as we read our 100 book.
  • popped 100 balloons.
  • did 100 exercises.
  • made gumball machines with 100 gumballs.
  • made count by 10's to 100 headbands.
  • made necklaces with 100 fruit loops divided by count by 10 dividers.
  • ate 100 day trail mix.
  • we made 100 living things from symmetrical hearts.

They predicted...
  • how long 100 seconds of silence would last.
  • if 100 pieces of popcorn would be enough for our class to share for snack. We learned it wasn't.
  • which jar had 100 things in it...the pennies, the cotton balls or the mini chocolate chips. The cotton balls tricked 'em!