Saturday, December 28, 2013

CAN YOU SPELL RESPECT? Here's two versions to have some fun with on the holidays!

Want to teach your children some ideas about respect ... and have some fun, too? 

Check out this short video at the top.

Then, if you REALLY want to have some fun dancing around the Christmas Tree, check out Aretha Franklin's Blue Brothers' version of "Respect" below. It's one of the all-time great movie blowouts ... 

BULLYING? Do you really know what it is? Here's a short video that discusses the subject on students' terms

Just what is bullying?

The issue has received plenty of concern in Michigan schools during the last decade. 

But is it often misunderstood. 

What is the difference between bullying and just an argument between two friends? Why is bullying often overlooked? What are the different forces of peer pressure. 

This 6:20 minute video provides a lot of answers.

SCHOOL BUS SAFETY: Don't take it for granted!

School bus safety tips are something often ignored around the household. 

This video provides guidelines for safety and even during an emergency.

Families might want to get together and watch this relatively short video during the holiday season before children have to return to school in 2014.

THE NUMBER TRAIN: Great short video for children learning their numbers

Here's a great little video for young children learning their numbers. And parents can play right along during the holidays.