Thursday, June 26, 2014

TAYLOR SUMMER ACADEMY: Children learning year-around

Learning is going on year round, thanks to the Taylor Summer Academy. Students had the opportunity to choose classes based upon their personal interests over two sessions, each lasting two weeks.

Ms. Farkas is teaching Wild & Wacky Weather, and her group of second-fourth graders is very excited about the weather station they have set up on the tennis courts.  Here is fourth- grader Bryan Morones' personal weather report for the morning of June 24.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Mini-relay raises $2,500

Hoover Middle School hosted a mini Relay for Life in May organized by teacher Tracy Henderson.  

Students participated in various activities in the afternoon and purchased homemade goods.  All proceeds went to the Taylor Relay for Life that took place at Heritage Park.  

Students and staff raised over $2,500 to give to the Taylor Relay for Life.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Great farewell for the eighth-graders

The eighth graders at Hoover Middle School had a field day and farewell before school ended.  

High Velocity from Canton came to Taylor for the day with all of the equipment to engage the eighth graders in out-of-the-normal activities such as tug of war, capture the flag, hide and seek, sack races, soccer games, balancing games and more.  

Students received treats throughout the day provided by staff.

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: More photos from honors night

HOOVER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Honors night held

The eighth graders at Hoover Middle School had their Honors Dinner/Banquet at Crystal Gardens in Southgate before the end of the school year.  

Students were invited to attend if they were nominated to receive an award in one of the following categories:  
  • ·      MEAP excellence
  • ·      Perfect Attendance
  • ·      Honor Roll
  • ·      Teacher/Subject Choice
  • ·      Principal Award

All were entertained by the Jazz band led by James Bergler and enjoyed a delicious meal as well.