Saturday, September 30, 2017

TRUMAN-KENNEDY STUDENT COUNCILS meet to begin planning for next year

Recently Truman and Kennedy “Class of 2019” Student Council students met with their advisors, Carly Lundgren and Joe Maudlin, and showed they have real "Unity in our Community.”

Students started the day volunteering at our local Gleaners in Taylor. The Truman and Kennedy students mixed together and worked as a team on tasks for the organization.

They then went to Heritage Park and had lunch. Knowing they will be together next year as the first graduating senior class of the newly combined high school, the students wanted to take time this year to get to know each other so they can be leaders and instrumental in making the change a harmonious one.

After lunch, they were led through a series of team building activities to learn more about each other and to learn to work together as a team to accomplish goals, capped off with exchanging social media handles, and even phone numbers if they wanted to.

After team building, they went to the Taylor Community Library and broke into committees to brainstorm ways that the student council can help make the change a positive one for next year.

Today was a huge success. The classes want to thank the administration and Board of Education for allowing them this chance. They look forward to more "Unity in our Community" activities this year.

MYERS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL happy to receive donated backpacks

This is Mrs. Jackson with all of the backpacks filled with school supplies that St. Constance Church in Taylor donated to Myers Elementary School recently. 

St. Constance does this every school year and also donates gift cards for needy families and misc school supplies.  Myers Elementary appreciates the members of St. Constance Church very much!

WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL works to understand nature

West Middle School sixth-grade science curriculum includes understanding nature and its various ecosystems. A goal that is also included is that students should appreciate the changes in nature occurring in their own backyard.

In September, the students made a nature journal. By observing nature in our field at West Middle School, the students wrote about the nature they saw. In conclusion, the students also illustrated their observations.
Stay tuned for further installments as the students continue to appreciate and understand the relationships in nature found in our own neighborhoods and beyond.

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL marketing class attends forum, thanks to City Councilman Garza

The Truman High School marketing classes want to thank City Councilman Alex Garza for sponsoring our table at the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber business forum recently.

Nine Truman marketing students attend and heard guest speaker Mary Zatina, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Community affairs for Beaumont hospitals. 

Truman's Cindy Nyarko was recognized for her outstanding question during Q&A session and was given time to speak with Mary Zatina one-on-one after the event.

Truman students dressed professionally, acted responsibly, and got a chance to network with chamber members, business CEOs, and other marketing students.  

Thank you Principal Skopczynski for this amazing opportunity. 

CALLING ALL TRUMAN ALUMNI: Let's get together for a special Homecoming

Calling out Harry S. Truman Alumni!

This year, 2017, will be the final Homecoming Game at Truman (as it now exists). In 2018 Truman may be re-named when they close Kennedy High School.

Alumni know that they will always be “Truman Cougars,” no matter what happens. Many are asking that Truman High School graduates all converge on Truman and show loyalty during this last Homecoming Game. The game is on October 13.

Afterwards, an Alumni Bonfire is scheduled at the Norris Garden on Holland Road and Goddard, very near Truman.

There will be no food or beverages provided. However, the group would like to have some food trucks and you are more then welcome to bring the beverage of your choice.

Also, we will be charging a small amount per person to provide for a DJ, porta potties and the electricity that will be used.

Tentatively, plan on $10 per person. And see you at the game.

KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOL announces finalists for Homecoming King and Queen

Kennedy High School students voted during their lunch hours recently for this year's final Homecoming Court.

The five ladies nominated to the court who will vie during another vote for Homecoming Queen are Lexie Banks, Baylee Collins, Brianne Hardcore, Violet Ramage and Zena Yousef.

The five males nominated to the court who will vie for Homecoming King are Ethan Harris, Adam Jadallah, Joshua Martin, Hunter Rodden and Conner Zschunke.

TAYLOR SCHOOLS: Name, mascot and colors of 'new high school' remain undecided

Superintendent Ben Williams told The News-Herald Newspapers last week that a decision on whether or not to rename and rebrand what is now Truman High School has not been made yet. The district could even decide not to rename the new high school at all. A decision is expected soon.

Kennedy High School will close and all high school students will attend Truman beginning next school year.

In an attempt to help smooth the transition of students moving from Kennedy, several changes will take place over the next year. Truman Principal Melissa Skopczynski said a full plan could be in place by December 1.

The Kennedy freshmen were already added to Truman’s classes this year, bolstering enrollment. One of the biggest changes for the students and staff after the merger may be a new school name, mascot and possibly school colors, if the district decides on that course of action.

Mergers similar to this are nothing out of the ordinary. In Southgate, when the old Southgate and Schafer high schools merged into the Southgate building, the district renamed the new building Thomas Anderson High School, after one of the city’s historic political figures. Anderson took on an all-new nickname (Titans) and new colors (burgundy, gray and white).

As of right now, everything remains up in the air, but as the Truman principal told The News-Herald, if the new building is renamed, “All of our sports uniforms (would) have to be changed over,” Skopczynski said.

As to a new nickname and colors, talk around Taylor has offered a variety of ideas: A mascot that is come type of combination between Eagles (Kennedy), Cougars (Truman) and Rams (the told Taylor Center High School). Some people would like to see the colors reflect the historical colors of the district’s old three high schools.

But, as Supt. Williams stated, the new school name and mascot remains up for discussion – even to the point that it may not be changed at all.

Meanwhile, Truman DECA students, who run the school store, are designing and soon will be selling merchandise to commemorate Truman High School before the name is changed, so keep an eye out for that, and other special occasions like this year’s homecoming games, which are of special interest to alumni.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

KIDS AGAINST HUNGER: More photos from DECA campaign

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL DECA packs 20,000 meals for needy

(Story via Dave Herndon, The News-Herald Newspapers)

Students from Truman High School’s DECA program worked together to pack 20,000 meals in conjunction with the Kid’s Against Hunger group on  Saturday.

DECA students lead the charge, but any student from Truman was allowed to participate.

The group gave 20,000 meals to the high school for their food pantry, 20,000 more to Taylor Fish and Loaves and another 20,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief.

“It’s usually a Rotary Club thing,” DECA advisor Carly Lundgren-Barnard said. “Our Rotary doesn’t do it so the school decided to take charge.”

She said the event, which was Sept. 23 at St. John’s Church in Taylor, is good for marketing and business students as well.

“They learn teamwork, production and packaging,” Lundgren-Barnard said.

The meals just need to have water added before being cooked. It included nine essential nutrients that are needed for a meal.

“This is just a small part of a big project we’re doing,” she said.

Her students started a food pantry last year for the homeless students in the building. This year they are expanding the pantry to include clothes.
“It’s been a huge success so far,” Lundgren-Barnard said.

The pantry takes food donations, or cash that is then used to buy the most popular items taken from the pantry.

The pantry is run anonymously through the school social worker, even the DECA students who run the program don’t know who the students who use the pantry are.

DECA is a business and marketing organization where students compete against others from across the world.

CAREER CENTER: Everyone joins in the learning fun

Mr. Murray's Home Remodel and Repair class at the Career Center took advantage of the sunny weather and learning about ladder safety. It's not just teachers that motivate the students at the Career Center.  Kim, from maintenance, brightened up the lobby with a festive Halloween tree.

RANDALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL open house had variety of activities

Randall Elementary School had its open house on September 5. Parents were able to visit their child's classroom and meet the teacher.

In the gym parents could sign up early for parent/teacher conferences and the PTO set up a photo booth for those who wanted to get their pictures taken of the first day of school.

In front of the library was a display in regards to Boxtops and Kroger Community Rewards. Also, students were able to choose from a variety of free books to take home.