Sunday, April 6, 2014

TAYLOR PARKS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Reading month ends with a fiesta ... and a siesta?

March is Reading Month ended with a fiesta as Taylor Parks Elementary School celebrated the end of reading month with a celebration for all.

The month long celebration of reading fiesta was a huge success.  The students and staff incorporated every aspect of fiesta with reading. Classroom doors where decorated, pinatas were smashed, the Scholastic Book Fair was a big success getting books into the hands of kids and children spent the entire month catching up on that perfect book.  

To cap it off, the school staff did a TexMex luncheon, with each person bringing something that fit into the theme.

After the lunch, a siesta was suggested. The students, for their PBiS (Positive Behavioral Interventions Support) celebrations on Friday snacked on nachos with cheese, played sombrero toss, did a little limbo and added rub-off tattoos to their arms and hands.

Everything took place with the lively beat of festival music playing in the background.  After that, maybe a siesta is in order …

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