Sunday, March 29, 2015

TRUMAN HIGH SCHOOL: Annual ping-pong tournament v. Senior Center players (with tons of photos)

(Here's one I think I forgot to post here)

The fifth annual Taylor Ford Center Seniors-Truman High School Ping Pong Team tournament took place in February -- and the results were very similar to the previous outings.

The winner's trophy remained in the high school while the wily seniors walked off with a victory. Who knows what the final scoring was ... that isn't important in this series. The only thing that is important is that the seniors ALWAYS play the high schoolers, and everyone always walks away with a smile.

The play features a lot of cat-quick teenagers who love to hammer the ping pong ball against, well, a bunch of experienced dinkers and dunkers. The Taylor seniors' game features as much spin as it does power. 

And, as the high schoolers will tell you, spin is hard to hit.

The series started years ago when when Taylor senior Pat Woolley, never one to shy away from a challenge, got into a trash-talking session with then-Truman student Zyke Bailey.

"Zyke was a good athlete," Pat said Tuesday, "but we got to talking and the discussion turned into a challenge. So we decided to set up a match."

Pat Woolley put together the traveling trophy for the tournament, which always remains at the school. It's a homemade job, topped off by part of an old baseball trophy. But it still works for everyone involved.

And the rest is history. Every year, the Taylor seniors put their experience, saavy and -- above all -- spinning shots on the table against the youth of Truman high.

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