Thursday, October 30, 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Safe Halloween on tap and much more!

It's almost Halloween time in Taylor, and there's plenty to look forward to as we move collectively toward the end of the week -- including some important tips from the Taylor Police Department.

The City of Taylor's annual "Safe Halloween Night" is scheduled to begin about 6 p.m. Friday at Heritage Park. There will be plenty of candy giveaways and family fun scheduled in a safe, secure environment around the Heritage Park Activities Building and Coan Lake. For more information, call (734) 374-8900.

The Taylor Eagles No. 3138 will host a Halloween Party Friday, beginning at 8 p.m. The Eagles is located at 23900 Goddard, just east of Telegraph. Featured will be Karaoke, food and a costume contest. For more information, call (313) 295-9644.

In a related note, Shwedel Dental (25650 Goddard Road) is featuring a "Halloween Candy Buy-Back" on Saturday, Nov. 1. It will run from 9 a.m. to noon. Those who want to exchange their Halloween candy for money can do so, with the understanding that Shwedel will be sending all of the candy collected to our military personnel. Shwedel will give anyone interested $1 per pound of candy, up to 10 pounds. For more information, call (313) 292-5590.

Halloween has been celebrated on October 31 since the early 1800s and is traditionally a family-oriented holiday when children get to dress up and enjoy candy and other treats. To assist the community in enjoying this holiday as safely as possible, Taylor Police have compiled the following Halloween safety tips for parents and their children:

Tips for Children:
  • Children should never be allowed to go out alone on Halloween.
  • Never eat any treats until they have been checked.
  • Never accept rides from strangers. 
  • Never take shortcuts through backyards or alleys.
  • Children should walk—not run—during their trick-or-tricking activities.
  • All costumes should be made of light-colored, fireproof material, with reflectors if possible.
  • Avoid wearing long, baggy, or loose costumes or oversized shoes to prevent tripping.
  • Children should wear proper fitting, comfortable costumes and shoes.
  • Props such as toy guns or swords should be made of pliable material.
  • Realistic replica firearms should never be used.
  • Do not wear masks if they impair vision.
  • Consider using face paint instead of masks.
  • Wigs should be fireproof and should not restrict vision.
  • Kids should always use sidewalks, not the street, for walking.
  • Children should look in all directions before crossing the street.
  • Cross streets at the corner, use crosswalks and do not cross between parked cars.
  • Kids should only go to well-lit houses and stay on porches rather than entering houses.
  • Know the home phone number in case an emergency telephone call is necessary.
  • Have their names and addresses attached to their costumes.
  • Trick-or-treaters should avoid crossing lawns where they may trip over lawn ornaments.

Pumpkin Carving Tips:
  • Make sure you carve pumpkins on a stable, flat surface with good lighting. 
  • Have children draw a face on the outside of the pumpkin and parents should do the cutting.  Do not let children carve pumpkins.
  • Place lighted pumpkins away from curtains and other flammable objects, and do not leave lighted pumpkins unattended.

For Parents:
  • The recommended trick-or-treat hours in the City of Taylor are from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Prepare your home for trick-or-treaters by clearing porches, lawns, and sidewalks and by placing jack-o-lanterns away from doorways and landings.
  • A responsible adult should escort children while trick-or-tricking.
  • Parents should know what route their children will be taking.
  • Don’t leave your home unattended on Halloween night.
  • Set a specific time limit for your children to be out on Halloween night.
  • Adult should carry flashlights and a cell phone if they have one.
  • If driving, adults should drive slowly and watch for children in the street or medians.
  • Adults driving Halloween night also must use caution when exiting driveways and alleyways.
  • Have kids get out of cars at the curbside, not on the traffic side.
  • Keep pets inside your home, or other safe place that night.
  • Advise children that they should never enter strangers’ homes.
  • Give wrapped homemade treats only to children you know.
  • Do not give choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies, or small toys as treats to young children.
  • Never invite children into your home.
  • Instruct children not to stray from their group.
  • All fruit should be cut and closely examined before eating it.
  • Inspect all of your children’s candy for safety before children eat it.

Contact the Taylor Police Department for information on candy checks at (734) 287-6611.

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